Why Do People Wear Shoes In The House? Complete Guide

We all have our preferences and reasons for having certain practices, especially in our homes. A lot of people have the habit of wearing shoes in their houses, and these are for specific reasons. If you are wondering why they do it, now is your time to get to know their purpose. Is it because of their customary beliefs? Is it for health reasons? Or is it for something else? Read on to learn more about it. Who knows? You may find some useful tips and identify with the same reasons they do it.

Why Do People Wear Shoes In The House

Common Reasons Why People Wear Shoes in Their Homes

Have you ever visited somebody’s home and ended up being surprised because you can just walk around with your shoes on? You may not have an idea of it yet, but there are good reasons why people do it.

Shoes for Better Support

People often have footwear at home because, in the absence of shoes, our feet pronate, and the structure of its parts collapses due to the lack of support. While this is reasonably good as the feet get to rest from time to time, prolonged walking barefoot on floor surfaces may actually strain and lead to our feet developing deformities and pain over time.

Plantar Fasciitis

There is such a thing we call plantar fascia; it is the bowstring-like ligament that puts together the toes and the heel. This is in charge of absorbing shock and providing support to the feet when at work. In a stance where a person is standing, this stretches out and develops micro tears from overtime use, resulting in irritation, weakness, and swelling. When a person walks barefoot, there is more stress.

Plantar Fasciitis
Hence, the occurrence of bunions, hammertoes, arch pain, Achilles tendonitis, tibial tendonitis, and heel pain. For people who stay home for prolonged periods of time, wearing shoes is recommended to avoid these conditions.

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Prevention of Infections and Foot Ailments

No matter how much cleaning we do bacteria, dirt, dust, pollen and some forms of viruses will be present in our homes. While regular cleaning helps, wearing footwear to prevent our feet’s transmission and contact to the contaminated floor is effective. Studies have mentioned the presence of bacteria in the soles of shoes that may cause pneumonia, intestinal infections, diarrhea, meningitis, and urinary tract infections. With this being said, wearing a separate or entirely different pair of footwear inside the house is recommended, especially for those who have houses that allow people to come in and out of the premises while wearing shoes or for houses with windows and doors usually open.

Prevention of Infections and Foot Ailments

Plantar Warts

The HPV or Human Papilloma Virus causes this condition. There are different HPV strains present, and one may cause the development of warts in the bottom of your feet. While not everyone acquires the virus quickly, those with a weakened immune system or those who have open wounds or cuts in their feet can get it from simply walking barefoot around the house. Hence, it is advised to wear a form of protection even when staying indoors at home.

Fungi or Athlete’s Foot

This is one of the most grueling forms of infection that you can get as you walk around your house barefoot. This fungal infection affects your feet, soles, nails, and the areas in between your toes. The occurrence of this condition can lead to dry, scaling, and itchy skin. Worsening of the condition may lead to the presence of blisters, inflammation, cracks, or brittle and discolored nails. The danger of acquiring this not only applies to the person but also to those in the same household as his. Not wearing footwear at home while suffering from the condition can easily transmit the infection to others. Hence, it is recommended that this be treated immediately and that footwear be worn inside the home to prevent its spread.

Comfort and Convenience

For some people, not having to remove their shoes when they are at home or when they are to go outside gives them more time and convenience. This is because they will not have to spare minutes changing their footwear whenever they need to go outside or to enter a specific part of their home. Those who are always on the go see this as a norm that is beneficial to their everyday lives. Since most people spend their time walking around the city, working in their offices, or driving in their cars, they feel that their shoes are not that dirty. Hence, this becomes a habit that has been accepted in a lot of American homes.

Pet-Friendly Homes

Households with pets would usually be okay with wearing shoes inside the house because their pets roam around freely indoors and outdoors. To them, it is more of an additional protection from the things their pets bring along with them when they go back home. And since pets sometimes shed, urinate, or defecate on floors, it protects their feet from harboring all those in their soles or in between their toes.

Pet-Friendly Homes

Personal Preferences

The act of wearing shoes in the house somewhat goes back to a person’s upbringing. Some people are used to having shoes inside the house as they would not want to offend their guests by imposing a no-shoe policy in their homes. Apart from all the other factors mentioned above, the difference between the practice of not wearing shoes at home lies in culture and lifestyle differences.


Every person is entitled to practice what he thinks is beneficial or comfortable for him. While some people have the practice of not wearing shoes in their homes, there are those who continue to use footwear freely inside and outside their homes. The reasons for keeping them on while inside the house proves to be a bit beneficial to their physical state too. If you identify with some of the reasons we mentioned above, go ahead, and try to have a feel of it. Who knows? This practice may actually work for you.

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