What is the Average Shoe Size For Men?

There are many reasons why knowing the correct shoe size for men is important. Maybe you’re planning to start a men’s footwear business or maybe you’re a woman planning to surprise your man with a pair of classy shoes on his next birthday. Other times, you might be looking to know your footwear size to determine the exact shoe size to order online.

Average Shoe Size For Men

Now, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the average shoe size for American men is 10.5 while that of men across the globe is 9 to 12. For men in the UK, the average shoe size is 9.

Now, when shopping for footwear, it’s always recommended that you buy a shoe that fits your feet perfectly. Since shoe size varies from one person to another, this short guide has come to the rescue to discuss everything you need to know regarding shoe size for men.

But First, Does Shoe Size Matter?

Now, if you’re out there buying a new pair of shoes, there’s a greater chance you’ve asked yourself this question. You see, according to a study (1) conducted on several old men, nearly 70% of these men were found wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Does Shoe Size Matter

From this study, it’s clear that most people wear the wrong shoe size in terms of width and length. In fact, wearing the wrong shoe size can cause a serious impact on your health. For instance, trying to squish your feet into tight shoes can cause discomfort and the occurrence of blisters.

In the case of older people, wearing too big or too tight shoes can cause foot problems and other serious conditions such as ingrown toenails, bunions, and hammertoes.

So, to avoid any of these issues, it’s better if you wear stretchy shoes that are not too tight. Also, wear shoes that fit your feet perfectly regardless of the brand. Lastly, make sure the shoes have a shape similar to your feet.

Does Foot Size Change Over Time?

Now that you’re aware of how important it is to wear the right shoe size, our next discussion will focus on answering the question of whether your foot size can change over time. Now, the simple answer to this question is yes. But, despite that, which are some of the factors that can determine the size of your feet?

Does Foot Size Change Over Time

  • Age: You see, as you age, your feet tend to expand and grow bigger. The reason for this is simply because age causes your ligaments and tendons to lose their elasticity. Since your feet will have nothing to hold on to, they’re likely to expand.
  • Weight: Weight is another common factor that can cause you to increase the size of your shoe. If you increase your weight, you’re likely to apply additional pressure on your feet that can cause them to flatten and become bigger and wider. This happens a lot with obese men and pregnant women.
  • Swelling: Bunions, arthritis, and edema are just some of the conditions that can cause your feet to increase in size. If arthritis occurs in the middle of the foot or on the big toe, then it’s likely to cause a painful swelling on your foot. The same happens to bunions or any other swelling on your feet.
  • Height: Finally, height is another factor that can increase the size of your feet. If you’re a tall person, then it’s possible to experience enlargement of your foot size. That’s because your height will need a firmer base to hold and balance your body on the ground.

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So, How Do You Determine Your Shoe Size?

Previously, we discussed some of the factors that affect the size of your shoe over time. We’ve mentioned factors such as age, weight gain, height, and various feet conditions such as swelling. Now, how do you determine the size of your shoe? Well, the first thing you need to do is to measure the size of your foot.

Determine Shoe Size

To do this, you can either use a Brannock device or simply use a ruler to measure the length and width of your shoe. Secondly, and importantly, make sure that you measure your feet during the day when they’re swollen. This way, you’ll get a shoe that’s slightly larger hence comfortable to wear.

Although we mentioned this earlier, the average shoe size for men varies from one region to another. In the US, the average shoe size for men is around 10.5. In the UK, the average shoe size for men is 9 while in the rest of the world, the average shoe size is 9-12.

How Do You Calculate Your Shoe Size?

If you’re looking to calculate your foot size, here’s a simple formula you can consider. First, you’ll need to use a ruler to determine the length in inches. Next, multiple the figure by 3 and subtract 22 (3 x length (inches) – 22).

So, assuming your foot length is 10 inches, then your shoe size is likely to be: 3 x 10 – 22 = 8

Lastly, when figuring out the average shoe size for men, you need to think about the width. In most cases, the numbers you see on your shoes represent the length. However, some shoe brands indicate a letter just beside the numbers that represent the width. So, some of these letters include:

  • A or 2A represent Extra Narrow
  • B represents Narrow
  • D represent Medium
  • E or 2E represent Wide
  • 4E+ represent Extra Wide

In general, most men’s shoes have a medium width. This means that the average shoe size for most men will have a D besides the shoe number.


So, there you have it. As you can see, the average shoe size for men varies greatly depending on the geographical location and genetic origins. In the US, for instance, the average shoe size for men is 10.5, 9 for the UK, and 9-12 for the rest of the world.

But, despite this, various factors affect the average shoe size for most men. These parameters include age, height, weight, and pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, Bunions, and foot deformities.

So, with that said, we believe that this short guide has shed some light on today’s topic. In case you’d like to share some thoughts, then you’re free to do so in the comment section below.

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