Should You Keep Shoes in Boxes? Read on To Find Out

Do you like pairing up the right shoe with every attire? Are you in love with shoes and attires? Does your room look like a cupboard of shoes? Or maybe all the shoes are piled up at a corner of your room? If this is the scenario then you must consider arranging the shoes properly.

Should You Keep Shoes in Boxes
However, does arranging shoes means keeping them in boxes? Not always. Shoes can be kept in boxes as well as shoe racks and cupboards, anything you are comfortable in. Shoe boxes come in handy and help you organize the shoes separately. However, there are certain drawbacks as well.

Why is it so important to store your shoes properly?

Shoes are very delicate especially the ones made from leather. Leather can get cracked and damped if not properly stored. If you use the shoes after a long time, you can see a white dusty look over the leather shoes. With other shoes as well, if you are not keeping them away from the sunlight or dust, they can get trampled and trashed easily.

If you are not keeping the shoes in the right manner, then the shape of the shoes can also change over time. Generally, it gets de-shaped and the material can absorb the moisture in the room and get dampened.

If you keep your shoes properly arranged, then you do not have to look around your house when going to a party or a crucial office meeting where you want to put on your favorite pair of formal shoes. You won’t like lines/cracks on your favorite pair of shoes and thus you need to keep them correctly.

It is not only about storing the shoes, it is also about keeping them clean and in proper condition. Keeping a shoe for years in boxes can even ruin it completely.

Storing shoes in Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are often thrown out of our home once we start using the shoe. However, shoe boxes can be used to easily keep all the shoes organized and proper. Whether you have a shoe rack or not, you can just keep the shoe in the particular shoebox, and keep it.


Here are the benefits of keeping your shoes in shoeboxes –

  • It is a safe and secure storage option for your shoes
  • It keeps the dust away from the shoes. So, there is no building up of dust on your shoes. It in turn helps the shoes to be in proper condition as dust build-up often causes fading of the shoe’s color.
  • If you are keeping the shoes in boxes, the chances of getting dampened also reduce. Since it doesn’t come in contact with the moisture from the air. It in turn helps in reducing the chances of growth of mold on the shoes.
  • Sunlight causes leather shoes to get dry and warp. When you keep the shoes in shoe boxes, you are keeping them away from sunlight.
  • The overall life of the shoe increases if they are properly stored in the boxes. Since, there is no drying out of the leather, no dampening or getting moist and fading out.


Though keeping shoes in shoe boxes help to increase the overall life of the shoes, but there are certain disadvantages as well –

  • Without much of air-circulation, the shoes can also get dampened. As if the shoe box is in a hot and humid place, the inside of the box will get moist due to humidity. This in turn dampens the shoes. The shoes can also dry out as well, it depends on the material.
  • If you are keeping a high-ankle (supposedly) shoe in a box for years without using it, it will generally de-shape and get cracks on the places where it is folded. This is because of the limited space in the shoe box.

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Tips to keep your shoes perfectly in the shoeboxes

Here are few things that you can do to keep your shoes in the boxes without ruining them –

  • Before storing the shoes, make sure to clean them properly
  • Apply leather conditioner for the leather shoes
  • To maintain the shape of the shoes, stuff packing papers inside the shoes
  • You can also keep acid-free papers within the shoeboxes to absorb the moisture of the boxes.
  • For long-term storage, seal the shoe boxes.

Alternatives to shoeboxes

If shoeboxes are not your thing, then you can try these alternatives –

  • Wooden Shoe Racks – The best way to keep all your shoes arranged and also add to the aesthetics of your home, you can have a wooden shoe rack or cabinet. Wooden shoe racks may be a bit expensive but they can add to your home décor and keep your shoes safe and secure.
  • Zip-lock bags: If you are a frequent traveler, then using the zip-lock bags for your shoes can be a good choice. It will keep the shoe moist-free, clean, and organizes in your luggage.


Shoes are one of the most important parts of your attire and your personality. There is an old saying that if you want to judge someone’s character and evaluate their personality, look at their shoes. Shoes tell a lot of tales, isn’t it? Thus keeping the shoes clean and proper is a must.

Arranging them in the shoeboxes can be an easy and economical option at the same time. It can keep your shoes safe and also in proper form. So, next time, before discarding your shoe boxes, think about how you can use them to store your shoes.

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