Is Mink Oil Good for Leather Boots?

Have you ever heard of mink oil before? Every leather boot owner will want their boot always to look nice and last long. To achieve this, people make use of different products ranging from oils to pastes. One of the most popular leather conditioner in the market today is the mink oil.

Is mink oil good for leather boots

Mink oil is a leather conditioner that is deeply rooted in the Native American material culture. The use of this skin conditioner dates back to several years ago when it was discovered that skin absorbs the oil easily and becomes extremely soft.

People in different parts of the world now use this oil for their leather boots, but is mink oil good for leather boots? You’d find out in this article. Read on!

For short term use, mink oil is good for leather boots. However, the oil might not be ideal for long term use on leather boots. Therefore, the amount of mink oil and the frequency of use are the two main factors determining whether it is good for leather boots.

Leather boots tend to dry out and crack with continuous use, and this is where the mink oil comes in handy. The oil replenishes the natural oil of leather that is lost during the manufacturing process or during use. Mink oil also lubricates the fibre to make the leather boot more durable and flexible.

However, that’s not all there is to this oil. Excess mink oil can make the leather extremely soft, leading to the clogging of pores. This won’t let your boots breathe normally.

Benefits of Mink Oil

Mink oil did not become popular overnight. Different workers have used it to maintain their leather boots for a while now. This includes workers in farming, construction, and other industries. Constant friction left their leather boots dry, and mink oil was a handy solution to this problem.

Benefits of Mink Oil
Another interesting point is that people also use oil to darken their leather boots. As stated earlier, prolonged use and use in excess amount can clog the pores of these boots. This is not totally bad because it helps create a protective barrier that leaves the shoe darker for a period of time.

Can Mink Oil Make your Boots Waterproof?

Mink oil offers so many amazing benefits, and one of these is that it will make your boots more resistant to water. Therefore, with mink oil, you can walk in both heavy and light rains for a short duration. This benefit is because of the ability of the oil to fill pores of the shoe and creating a layer that can repel water.

Another notable reason by mink oil can make your boot waterproof is that oil is non-polar, and water is polar. Therefore, the two will separate if they come in contact with one another.

Can Mink Oil Go Rancid?

A common problem with oil is that it will go rancid if left for a long time or not properly stored. The fatty oils present in mink oil are very stable and will not react with oxygen, unlike other animal fat and oil. Therefore, mink oil is stable to oxidation and will not go rancid easily.

To further ensure that the oil does not go rancid, it is important to store it in a cool place. High temperatures can make the oil go rancid fast.

How Often Should You Use Mink Oil?

As mentioned earlier, prolong use of mink oil can be bad for your leather boots. This leaves the big question; how often should you use mink oil on your leather boots?

For best results, use mink oil only one time in two weeks. This is sufficient to keep your shoe shiny. Using more will make your leather boot dull, and a smaller amount will make it hard and dry, which can lead to the formation of cracks on your boot.

Using mink oils the right way is important for best results. Always leave your boots for at least 12 hours after applying mink oil. This is to let the oil dry properly and leave the desired results.

Alternatives for Mink Oil

Mink oil is undoubtedly a popular product in the market, but many have resorted to other options. This is because of the unwanted effects it has left on some leather boots. If you ever consider replacing mink oil with another oil, here are some options you can opt for:

Alternatives for mink oil

  • Obenauf’s Leather Oil: This oil is made from natural conditioning oils and beeswax. It is a great option for hydrating leather boots, which is ideal for boots used for a long time in the sun. The oil is made for vegetable tanned leather and oil-tanned leather. It can heal discolouration and cracks caused by sunlight.
  • Bickmore Bick 4: This is another precious product for leather boots, and it has been around for a while, which further proves that it is an efficient alternative for mink oil. It will also preserve the colour of your boots to improve its lifespan.
  • Fiebing’s Neatsfoot Oil: This is a 100% pure oil that is also ideal for leather shoes. It is also perfect for boots that are prone to daily outdoor exposure and rugged use. Fiebing’s Neatsfoot Oil also has water-repelling properties to protect expensive leather boots. The oil can also extend the lifespan of leather boots.


Like it or not, mink oil is still loved by many, and this is because of its ability to be used in the working environment. There are dark sides to using this oil, but this is not a big deal, especially for people who don’t place much importance on their boots’ colour. You can give mink oil a chance if you fall into this category.

Despite all the good things about this oil, the negative effect it leaves cannot be ignored. Therefore, you can choose any of the alternative mentioned above if you want to use your leather boots for a special occasion.

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