How To Stretch Sandals Wide in 4 Easy Steps

We all want to have footwear that will let us do all our daily tasks without our feet feeling tired or sore. While there are many aspects that cause this, one of the main reasons for foot ache is that our shoes may be too tight.

How To Stretch Sandals Wide
You may have bought a pair of sandals online or have purchased them from the store on a cold chilly morning, but when you get to try them at home, you feel as if they were tighter than when you tried them on. This is a problem that some people face, and if you happen to be one of them, there is no need to fret because there are actually some practical ways to stretch out those sandals.

Smart Tips You Can Do to Stretch Your Sandals Wide

Just when you think it is impossible to have your sandals adjust to a bit bigger size, these techniques come your way. Try out one or more among the options below and see wonders.

Leave It to Freeze

The key to getting your sandals stretch out a bit is by using the concept of freezing. All you have to put effort into is to pick out a zip-lock plastic bag and pour water into it. Fill it with a volume of at least a quarter of water, just enough to cover the tight spaces or areas of your shoes. Once you have it ready, put it in an orientation that will keep the water in your desired areas and put them in your freezer. The amount of time needed would depend on the amount of time it takes for the water to freeze.

Leave It to Freeze
Once you see that the water has turned to ice, you can then take it out and let the ice melt in about 25 to 30 minutes. After all the ice has melted, remove it from your shoes, and get your shoes ready for drying. You can dry your shoes by wiping off the excess water or moist with a cloth or tissue paper. Try it on and see if you have widened it enough. If you feel that it is still too tight, repeat the process or try another method listed below.

Use the Mechanism of Heat

For this method, you will need to have a good and working hairdryer, plus a pair of thick socks. The first step would be to wear a pair of socks and put on your shoes. Once you have fit them properly, get the hairdryer and set it to medium heat, just enough to give you heat while not damaging your shoes’ material. Blast off the hairdryer while moving its nozzle around the areas for 30 seconds in each spot.

stretch shoes using hair dryer
As you do this, move your toes a bit to aid in stretching the shoes. After covering all the areas of your shoes, you can then wait for them to cool down. Do not remove your shoes, as this will help create the mold and size you desire. Check and feel if the method work, the science behind it is that heat can help soften the glue used in your shoes. Hence, heating it up loosens it, allowing it to stretch wider than how it was originally made. Do note that this method should not be applied to shoes that use PVC as it will not be effective, and toxic fumes may be released during the process.

Break It In, The Natural Way

If you do not feel the need to take on extreme and effort-requiring steps to widen your shoes, you can then resort to the traditional way of breaking them in. The trick is to wear your shoes for an extended period of time. Start off by wearing or using them for an hour or two as you do your daily tasks every day.

Break It In, The Natural Way
If you feel a bit uncomfortable doing this, you can resort to wearing a pair of thick socks for protection and a more comfortable feel for your toes. The reason behind this is that your toes move forward from time to time as you put them in use, hence, allowing it to stretch the material of your shoes or sandals over time. You have the option to only use it around the house or use it outside as you do your activities. The decision is yours; once you feel that the shoes are a better fit, take them out on a stroll.

Utilize a Good Shoe Stretcher

If you are the type of individual who wants to play it safe, you can resort to using a shoe stretcher. This is probably one of the easiest and safest ways to stretch your sandals without putting them at risk for any sort of damage. A shoe stretcher can easily be found in any online or physical store. This type of device can be utilized to stretch a pair of shoes or sandals by the process of wedging it in and adjusting its knob to fully extend your footwear.

Utilize a Good Shoe Stretcher
You can leave this for some time until it gives you the stretching you need. For best results, try to do it with a shoe stretching spray. The process would be spraying some of it in your shoes before putting or setting up the shoe stretcher. Do this as necessary, repeat the process as you deem needed.


It is never convenient for anyone to purchase or wear shoes that are smaller than their actual size. Since the structure of a person’s feet differs from everyone else’s, the chances of getting shoes that may be too tight are likely to happen.

Fortunately, there is no need to dispose of the shoes, resell them, or pass them on to anyone who finds them a perfect fit because the methods mentioned above can help. If you encounter the same problem anytime again in the future, try one or more of the ways of stretching out footwear. These are methods that can help you save more and make you feel more confident and comfortable with your pair.

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