Effective Tips on How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe?

When talking about “shoes rubbing my little toe,” it means that the shoes you are wearing do not perfectly fit your feet. When you wear tight shoes, your toes and even feet get blistered. Having a blister can affect your mobility, thus subjecting you to discomfort.

Worry no more if this is the case. You are in the right place because this is something normal. Here, you’re going to find the best remedies about How to Stop Shoes Rubbing Your Little Toe. Keep scrolling!

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe

Wear a Perfect Fit

Wearing a shoe that perfectly fits your feet is not only a remedy to your little toe, it also enables you to enjoy the comfort of your shoe. Shoes that fit you properly do not have any friction against your small toe. You can comfortably walk all day long without experiencing any friction on your little toe. Consider the following tips to ensure you get the best possible fit.

  • When shopping for a shoe, always have the measurements of your feet. Do not just buy a shoe without being sure that it will fit your feet properly.
  • Always purchase shoes with a wider toe box. A toe box is just the front part of a shoe surrounding the toes. Shoes with a wider toe box cannot rub against your small toe.

Use Blister Plasters and Cushions

Another way to prevent shoes from rubbing your little toe is wearing blister plasters. Blister plasters cover your little affected toe, thus preventing further damage. You can get them from your nearest chemist or health center.

Use Blister Plasters and Cushions
On the other hand, when blister cushions are fitted to your toes, they act as a second skin. They, therefore, offer you cushioning and comfort for your toes.

Reduce Friction in Your Shoes

Friction is among the leading causes of blisters that hurt your small toe. Therefore, before taking other measures, you can employ the following hacks to reduce your shoes’ friction.

Reduce Friction in Your Shoes

  • Use toe protectors. They protect your toes from the shoe, thus preventing friction.
  • Normalize wearing socks. If you need to prevent your small toe from being rubbed by your shoe, always wear socks. They help to reduce the friction between your feet and the shoes.

Stretch Your Shoes

If you need your shoes to loosen and stop rubbing your little toe quickly, then consider stretching them. Even if your shoe is small, stretching them can save you the tussles of considering to buy another pair. It is an effective and economical measure that can help you immediately. However, if you might have the right size and your little toe is still being rubbed, the following hacks will help your shoe stretch.

Stretch Your Shoes

  • Ensure you wear thick socks with the shoes that rub your little toe. This will enable your shoes to stretch easily.
  • Apply steam to the front part of your shoes that covers your toes. Steam works like magic. Your shoes will stretch almost instantly. However, be guided when using this method.
  • Place some ice in a bag and insert it into your tight shoes. Ice is useful since it will enable your shoes to expand and stretch.
  • You can also stretch your shoes by wearing them around your compound for a short time. Please do not wear them for long hours because they will still rub your little toe. If you continually wear them for short periods, they will eventually stretch, and you will feel more comfortable.

Apply Moleskin Paddling Rolls

When used regularly, moleskin paddling roles can prevent your little toe from being rubbed. To prevent friction while walking and running, apply it to your little toe. You will never experience any rubbing on the toe.

Apply Moleskin Paddling Rolls
You can also apply the moleskin at the part where your little toe is being rubbed to prevent friction. The moleskin is designed so that it conforms easily to your foot, regardless of the type of footwear you have.

Oil Your Shoes

Oiling your shoes can also prevent your little toe from being rubbed. Oiling makes shoes soft and less abrasive, thus providing a serene environment for your small toe. You can apply massage oils like mink oil, olive oil, neatsful oil, or coconut oil into the parts that are hurting your small toe.

Tighten Your Shoes

If your shoes keep rubbing your little toe, take your time to check the tightness of your shoelaces. Mostly, shoes can rub your little toe when the laces are loose.

Tighten Your Shoes
When you wear loose footwear, your feet tend to wobble forward and back when you make movements. In such a process, your small toe ends up being rubbed continuously, thus developing blisters. The constant wobbling is disturbing and dismaying to your little toe.

Keep in mind the following things.

  • When you are preparing to wear shoes, ensure that the laces are adequately tight to prevent your little toe from being rubbed.
  • Consider buying shoes with many lacing holes.
  • Apply a variety of lacing styles to tweak the required tightness.
  • Ensure that your laces are not too stretchable.

Use an Anti-friction Stick and Powder

If your shoes keep troubling your small toe, apply the following before wearing them.

  • Apply the anti-friction stick into the inner surface part that surrounds your toes. They are just like deodorant, with the primary purpose of creating a slippery environment between your skin and the shoes. The anti-friction stick will fight the friction that rubs your small toe. ONLY apply it on the part that is rubbing your little toe.
  • Powder prevents sweating within your shoes. Mostly, sweat is the main agent that facilitates friction within your shoe, thus rubbing your little toe. The powder absorbs the sweat, blocking it from generating friction in your shoes.

Final Word

If your shoes have been troubling your little toe, one of the above methods will for sure help you prevent rubbing of your little toe. The above methods are easier, effective and economical to try at home. Embrace one or two methods, and you will solve your small toe rubbing issue immediately.

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