How To Keep Shoes From Dry Rotting? [Simple Methods]

You are getting ready for a special occasion, and after getting ready, you find your shoes in poor shape and dry rotten. Isn’t that the dreadful feeling, turning off your mood right away?  Why not avoid such a situation by taking proper care of your shoes.

How To Keep Shoes From Dry Rotting

What is the dry rotting of the shoes?

Have you noticed the damps and dusts accumulated on your shoes? There is no shine on them. Why does this happen? You leave your shoes in an open and humid environment for a long time, the fungus starts to get over it, and your favorite shoes get wrecked.

It usually happens with rubber or low-quality leather shoes. Indeed, rotting does not occur over a short period. Your leather shoes have oil. Over time, oil starts to deplete, and moisture seeps into them.

As the moisture starts to enter into them, your shoes start to damage.

The dry rotting process is natural. You cannot stop it, but with few steps, you can slow the process. Here are some tips that will increase the lifespan of your shoes.

How’s the idea of cleaning your shoe the moment you remove them from your foot?

Shoes are one of the most overlooked accessories that people take for granted? How many of you come back home, remove your shoes and throw them at any corner of the room? Many of us do it. Isn’t it a fallacious approach!

Clean your shoes with a dry cloth or paper right after you remove shoes from your foot. Try to place them in a dry and cool place so that the moisture can evaporate from them.

It will give your shoes long-lasting life, and the sweat will evaporate and make them odor-free.

Try shoe organizers!

Do you love to place your shoes in the living room or bedroom? Leave this habit right away! It not only gives your place an ugly look but deteriorates your shoe as well.

Here’s a list of shoe organizers that you can use according to your convenience.

  • Shoe Racks – What do you think, only living beings need fresh air to breathe? Even your shoes need air circulation for longevity. Nowadays, shoe racks are available with an aesthetic appearance and modern style. It protects your shoes from dust and moisture, provided you opt to keep them neatly.
  • Say no to plastic Boxes – Plastic Boxes are a terrible option for your shoes. It will stop the passage of air and hence enhance the process of rotting.
  • Shoe Tree – It’s time to invest in a shoe tree. What is a shoe tree? Is it a plant to grow shoes? It’s a useful mundane device to place it inside a shoe. It keeps your shoes in better condition and absorbs extra moisture from shoes. It increases the durability of shoes by protecting the leather from dampness.

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Polish them frequently

Do you gently take care of your favorite wardrobe? Why not your shoes? It’s time to revamp your shoe collection. After all, it’s your hard-earned money.

How’s the idea of polishing your shoes even if it is not in use? Many people will think it is only a wastage of time. Is that so? Polishing shoes will help them to hold the oil for a prolonged time. It stops the evaporation of natural oil from the leather.

You can also use a salt-like substance called the silica packets to place into your shoes if you are not wearing them for a prolonged time. It is the best way to keep them dry and increase the life of shoes.

Protect from harsh weather.

Can you tolerate the harsh weather, be it hot or cold? Probably not! Similarly, your shoes cannot withstand either direct sunlight or a humid climate.

A humid climate will enable the fungus to seep into your shoes, whereas sunlight will steal the natural oil from shoes.

Choose the right place for your expensive collection in your house, and you will be amazed to see how they became your friends for a lengthy period.

Invest your money in pure leather rather than cheap stuff!

How embarrassing do you feel when your shoes wear and tear in public? One of the prominent reasons for that is the quality of the material you purchase.

Artificial leather dries rotten quickly as compared to pure leather. Anyways, there are ways to find out the difference between authentic and unreal products.

Do you know economic ways are also there to prevent shoes from dry rotting?

You may have budget constraints; you are unable to purchase fancy accessories to keep your shoes. No worries! There are economical solutions you can always use.

  • White Vinegar – You can clean your shoes from white vinegar. It is available in the market at a reasonable cost. It helps to retain the natural oil of leather and protect from the harsh climate changes.
  • Baking Soda – Are you surprised to know how baking soda is helpful? Yes, you can remove the rasp and unwanted dirt from shoes. Apply the paste to the damaged area, and wipe it off from a clean cotton cloth. You are getting late for the office meeting or any occasion. You don’t have any other option available at home. Don’t lose your calm! Try this remedy; baking soda is generally available in the kitchen.
  • Newspaper – The perfect way to safeguard your favorite pair of shoes. Stuff your shoes with the newspaper. It stops extra moisture from getting into it and hence delays the process of dry rotting.


You picked the best-loved pair of shoes from the collection after a long time. What did you see?  Leather coming out from the shoes, and it has disintegrated due to the dry rotten process. The area pasted with glue turned yellowish. It is an awful feeling, right!

So, if you want to escape these terrible feelings, stop the procrastinated approach! Start to arrange your shoes with caution. A little effort will give peace of mind at the last moment, especially when you get ready and find your shoe in terrible condition.

Clean and tidy shoes can tell if you are gentle or not. Be a gentleman!

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