How to fix Slippery Basketball Shoes? [5 Amazing Steps]

Jumping out of nowhere with sharp foot movements to raising the level of audience excitement par imagination is one of the top signs to look for in an expert basketball player. But there is something more than skills that a basketball player relies on to gain name and fame, that is – shoes, rather shoes with perfect grip or without slippery issues.

fix Slippery Basketball Shoes
Being a game of high energy and movement, basketball shoes have a high tendency of losing traction over time and thereby tend to slip increasing the chances of injuries and accidents.

So, if you are also wondering about how to fix slippery basketball shoes without spending extra dollars on new pair, every time you game on, read on the most basic and important tips that can help you as a basketball player and your shoes to last longer in the game with both – confidence and safety.

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Here are the most useful tips for fixing slippery basketball shoes –

Cleaning the shoes –

Cleanliness makes things age efficiently. It is true for basketball shoes as well. Keeping your shoes clean off any dust, dirt, and debris can help you greatly in saving its traction on the floor. So, make sure to clean your shoes after every game or whenever you wear it either with water or with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the shoes
In case, the shoe sole is having tiny stones stuck in it, you can also use pointed equipment to get them out, but make sure you know how to handle that first. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself. This all will greatly help in removing the unnecessary from the base and sides of the sole of the shoes thereby keeping the original grip of the shoes intact to a large extent.

Using grip enhancers –

Grip enhancers/gels/lotions/sprays are often used for improving the grip of the basketball shoes. Although their effect doesn’t last much they can in case you need an additional grip or if your shoes have just started slipping a bit. The layer provided by the grip enhancers sticks with the sole of the shoes thereby minimizing your chances of slipping while walking and playing. So, you can also use them as an aid in urgency.

best shoes for basketball

Footing on sticky mats –

Basketball players stepping on some mats before entering the court is one of the practices followed in basketball for reducing dust and keeping the floor clean for an accident-free game. Yes, they are the sticky mats. As the name explains, sticky mats take off the dust attached with the soles of shoes so that players can enjoy their game worry-free because the shoes you are wearing are perfectly alright, which means they have enough traction and grip.

Footing on sticky mats
So, if you have slippery basketball shoes and don’t want to buy any new ones instantly, practice stepping on sticky mats before the game. It can help.

Wearing on right flooring –

It is well known that basketball shoes are made considering hardwood surfaces where basketball games are played professionally. So, if you wear your basketball shoes on other floors apart from hardwood surfaces, your shoes are bound to lose grip and will become more prone to slipping.

It is highly advised not to wear basketball shoes otherwise playing and more specifically on other floors except hardwood. There are some rules in every game. You must follow to play well.

Discarding timely –

Nothing lasts forever so does your basketball shoes will. After all, it is just a pair of shoes. So, if you are feeling that there is no benefit of applying any of the above tips to your existing basketball shoes, think of discarding them as it is the right time to do so otherwise you may call for yourself some troubles or unfortunate falls.

If this also seems difficult, then at least try getting it repaired with new soles either from a genuine service center or from a wise cobbler that can understand both – your need and deed, only then, it will work for you.

Final Wordings

As winning and losing is a part of every game, so does the wearing and tearing off the games’ equipment, in this case, of the basketball shoes. You can’t stop playing just because your shoes slip. Rather from a list of above-given tips for fixing slippery basketball shoes, try for yourself the one that seems true to your requirement and if you still feel, there is something more than can be added to renew your slippery basketball shoes, don’t hesitate to add to our knowledge as well. We would be glad to share with others too.

Till then, play as if nothing feels better than that and no one can catch you but make sure to wear the shoes that support, not slip.

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