6 Effective Tips on How to Fix a Cut in Leather Boots?

Whether you’re in for a constant adventure like hiking or travelling, or you’re someone who just loves every bit of fashion, it must have been most likely then that you own a pair of leather boots.

Leather boots always hype our sense of fashion with its strong and empowering look. Anyone who wears a pair is given an extra boost of confidence and appeal because of its stature and design. In some occasions, whenever a leather boots kisses your foot, it gives you a feeling of being a different and stronger version of yourself.

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Boots
Just like everyone else who owns a leather boots, you most probably share the same feeling of irritation and frustration whenever your favorite leather boots get a cut, right? In case your boots accidentally get a cut (it’s always an accident of course because no one will EVER intentionally cut their favorite leather boots), the last thing you should do is to panic because this article will give you helpful ideas on how to fix a cut in your leather boots.

Useful Tips to Fix a Cut in your Leather Boots

  1. Examine how serious and deep is the boot cut.

Your first step in fixing your boot’s cut, aside from not panicking over it, is to examine the cut first. Good quality boots always last longer than those of a lower quality. If these boots get a cut, they usually are reparable. Now, examine how deep is the cut of your boots; if it’s not that deep, you can repair it yourself. But, if it cuts through the leather and penetrates the inside of the boots, then it’s time to call for a professional help. This is why you should never panic whenever your boots get a cut because you must first identify whether you can do the fixing by yourself or you should hand it over to a professional shoe maker.

  1. Prepare the tools you need for the repair.

Once you have decided that your boot cut is manageable or can be fixed on your own, you need to prepare the tools you need for the do-it-yourself boot fixing. Sand paper, superglue, and a leather that is of the same color of your boots are the essential tools you need for the fixing.  Always choose the best quality of superglue that flexibly dries clearly.

tools for shoes repair

  1. Clean your boots before repairing.

Cleaning your boots before the repair session is always necessary, whether you decided to fix it yourself or let a professional fix it. Aside from hygienic reasons, cleaning and polishing your boot clean is the best way to prepare the leather for the fixing. If repairing requires an adhesive, then the boots must be squeaky clean because dirt lessens the gluing strength of the adhesive.

  1. Rough the hole or the sides of the cuts.

If the cut of your boots is large enough to patch a leather, you need to rough all the boot part where you’re going to glue in the leather. However, if the cut is small enough for the leather to meet, you need not to rough the edges or sides of the cuts. 

  1. Patch in the leather.

Always choose the right color or the closest leather color of your boots to patch in order to create a seamless patch on the cut of your leather boots.  In gluing your leather patch on your boots, make sure to measure the cut first. Make sure also that your superglue is the best quality superglue so that the leather patch will immediately stick on your leather boots.

  1. Dry it overnight before using the leather boots again.

Once all the steps are followed in fixing the cut of your leather boots, make sure to give it a good overnight rest first before using your boots again. This is to ensure that your patched leather is glued properly on your leather boots. Also check out our article on how to dry boots in dryer.

Alternative Fixing Tips

If the cut on your boots is small enough not to need another leather patching, you can try this alternative fixing tricks below to fix your boot cut.

Alternative Fixing Tips

  1. Acrylic Paint

Boot cuts comes in different sizes as it is acquired in different circumstances. If the cut is scratch-like and does not penetrates deeply through the leather, you can try to use an acrylic paint to hide the blemish of your boots.

  1. Permanent marker

You may opt to try this trick if the cut is almost not visible. Look for a fabric or permanent marker that matches the color of your boots and conceal the cut. Always remember that this is only advisable to cuts that are very much not visible to the eyes.

  1. Time to call in for a professional.

If you love your boots so much that you wanted it fixed, and you’re not that confident in your fixing skills, then this is the perfect time to call in for a professional shoe maker or someone who is really good and skilled in fixing boot cuts. This method can save you from all the stress of “what if it won’t work, what if it looks bad”. Hand in your leather boots to someone who knows well how to fix the cut of your leather boot to save time of worrying and at the same time being at peace of the thought that your boots will surely get fixed as good as new.

Final Thoughts

We all loved our pair of shoes, especially the leather boots type. Every single time it gets a tear or a cut, it surely worries us panicking over what to do and how to fix it. But the best way to solve any shoe problem is to first identify the problem. If it’s a leather boot cut, follow the steps mentioned earlier so you can walk again on your favorite boots with unnoticeable cuts. Tons of alternatives are searchable on the internet, too, to fix whatever kind of cut problems we have on our leather boots.

However, you can also try the alternatives listed above to save yourself from the hassle of searching new good alternatives. But, if you’re still afraid of trying to fix you leather boot cut on your own, then follow the 3rd alternative given so you can sleep in peace while your fancy leather boots are getting fixed.

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