How to Dry Wet Uggs Without Ruining Them!

We all know how amazing Uggs are. You can use them on practically all types of occasions and events. They come in varying materials such as sheepskin, fur, suede, and wool. These make Ugg boots stand out among other brands. However, they are not immune from getting dirty or wet when it rains or snow. This means you must either clean or wash it when it happens. While the cleaning process is easy, drying them is where the challenge lies. If you have a pair of Ugg boots and have trouble letting them dry properly, here are a few methods you can try.

How to Dry Wet Uggs

Different Methods to Dry Wet Uggs

Believe it or not, many people have tried drying their Ugg boots on their own but ended up ruining them. While the concept of drying shoes is easy, Ugg boots require more care than how you do other boots. Before we go on to learning about ways to dry them, let’s clear the confusion on whether Ugg boots are waterproof or not.

Ugg Boots Waterproofing

The answer to this query will be different because not all Ugg boots are waterproof. The classic ones are not 100% waterproof. However, they are designed for snow, rain, and winter, so their material won’t absorb too much moisture. Since the classic lineup is made of suede, they can offer a bit of protection, but this material is hard to clean.

With this situation at hand, the company decided to upgrade the classic lineup into something that promises better material. Therefore, they upgraded the existing model into one with a waterproof feature. Unfortunately, this does not last for a lifetime because you have to waterproof them every six months unless you don’t see the need to.

Waterproofing Ugg Boots

Since Ugg boots waterproofing disappears in six months, you have to re-do it on your own. You can go for the kit that Ugg boots offer. It usually comes with brushes along with solutions. This contains a conditioner and a cleaner. It is important to use them in their proper order. Doing this will help keep your boots in their best condition.

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Things to Do Before Drying Your Boots

This should be a priority if your boots have particularly been wet by rain, snow, or mud. Carefully look at the steps and consider if these are necessary before you dry them.

Dry Wet Uggs

  • Place a Towel Under Them

Regardless of which method you opt to use, make sure to place towels under your boots. This prevents droplets from staining your floor or the area in which you are to do it. This applies to all occasions, especially if you have muddy boots.

  • Get Rid of Dirt or Mud

This is essential to ensuring that your boots do not end up with marks from mud or dirt when they dry. If you notice your boots with these, use a soft brush or a dry, clean towel to clean them with. This will help avoid any form of discoloration after the process.

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  • Remove the Laces

Before doing anything, make sure to remove your Ugg’s laces. If you clean or dry your boots with laces, you put these at risk for discoloration.

Methods to Dry Wet Ugg Boots

These techniques have been proven to dry Ugg boots effectively without ruining them, so follow the instructions carefully.

Dry Wet Uggs Without Ruining Them

  • Use Rolled Towels

It is always wise to use clean white towels instead of dark-colored ones because the dye can be transferred to your boots. Some people recommend newspapers as it works with other types of shoes, but its ink can get transferred too. With this technique, you start by rolling your white towels and stuffing them in each boot. This is essential to make sure it remains in good shape. Stuff them into the boots until they are filled up, and then wrap their exterior with the same kind of towel.

  • Air Dry Them

Once you are finished cleaning, you can leave your boots to dry. Leave it to air dry at least overnight or more, depending on your environment. Do not leave your boots in an area where they can be hit with direct sunlight, as this can damage their material. Your boots may end up shrinking, cracking, or discoloring if left under the sun. You may be tempted to use artificial heat to dry them. Stay away from using hair dryers because these can damage their material too.

  • Use Butcher Paper or Tea Towels

After cleaning your boots, you can use butcher paper or tea towels to dry them to retain their shape. Usually, putting two pieces of large butcher paper on the front and three on the back can finish the job. These are better options to help dry your Ugg than newspapers that can bleed out ink that can ruin the Ugg’s interior and your socks when you wear them.

  • Utilize Fans

If you want to use another alternative using available household items, you can try using a fan. Since extreme heat can damage the Ugg’s exterior, you can’t use hair dryers of any sort. Hence, you can use a fan to facilitate faster drying. All you have to do is take out a wire coat hanger and shape it into an “S” shape. Use this to hang the boot in front of the fan as you leave it on until your boots dry. A cautionary method would be to put a towel beneath the fan, so it can absorb water that may spray or drip away from it.


Ugg boots are designed to provide optimal function and comfort with style. They have lines that cater to different uses, styles, and settings. However, with this comes the responsibility to care for it properly. Knowing how to dry them correctly is essential because Ugg boots, like any other type of footwear, have to be washed and are prone to getting wet. If you are having trouble with keeping your Ugg dry all the time, you can follow the steps we mentioned above. Make sure to keep the guidelines and considerations in check all the time.

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