How To Clean Timberland Boots With Vinegar? All You Need to Know

Timberland boots have become everyday footwear for many people because of their style, comfort, and protection. However, cleaning such footwear appears to be challenging, especially if you are wearing it outdoors. Besides professional cleaners, there are many alternative solutions, including vinegar, available. Now, you may be wondering about how to clean Timberland boots with vinegar. Thus, read further to see how it’s done.

How To Clean Timberland Boots With Vinegar

Things to Know Before and After the Actual Cleaning Process


As much as you want to clean your boots swiftly, there are a few steps you must do before you proceed to the actual cleaning process. Don’t worry, because the preparation process won’t take long.

Step 1 

Grab a clean brush and dust off any dirt or excess mud on your boots surface. Don’t forget to include the bottom of your boots when doing this step. This step ensures that what you are cleaning are stains that cannot be removed by a simple wipe.

Step 2 

Once done, you can now remove the laces. Wash them with warm water and soap after detaching. After that, make sure to rinse them thoroughly, and then hang them to dry. You are removing the laces before the actual process makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas of your boots.


It is entirely normal for your boots to have a vinegar smell after cleaning. However, do not fret because the odor will automatically dissolve after a couple of days. Thus, it is advisable to clean your Timberland boots during the weekends or time when you will not use this footwear. Moreover, you must observe proper care and maintenance after the cleaning process. As much as possible, invest in professional leather conditioners, or make one using vinegar and linseed oil.

Method One: White Vinegar & Water

White Vinegar & Water
This method is the most common and simplest procedure used in cleaning boots using white vinegar. You can remove stubborn stains and light dirt using the vinegar solution – you will see how to make one below.

Items Needed

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Cotton cloth
  • Soft bristle brush or toothbrush
  • Measuring spoon and cup
  • Mixing bowl or container

Cleaning Process

You can follow the quick and straightforward procedures below to clean your Timberland boots:

  1. Pour one (1) tablespoon of white vinegar into the mixing bowl or container.
  2. Mix one (1) cup of water to the white vinegar.
  3. Now that you have your vinegar solution dip the cotton cloth into the mixture. Let it soak for a minute or two.
  4. Once the cloth has absorbed enough mixture, you can now gently rub it onto the boots.
  5. Focus on rubbing on areas with more stains before leaving the boots to dry. Make sure to place your boots in a well-ventilated space, but not on areas with direct sunlight or heat. Let it dry naturally. This step is done to avoid damaging your boots permanently.
  6. When the boots are dry, use a clean, soft bristle brush or toothbrush to rub your boots’ surface in one direction softly.

Method Two: White Vinegar, Talcum Powder, Baby Wipes, & Bread Slices

This method is ideal for greasy stains on your boots. Additionally, the items you need in this method are easily seen at home. Baby wipes, bread slices, talcum powder, and white vinegar is a perfect combination to eliminate dirt and stains on your boots without damaging their materials in the long run.

Items Needed

  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Baby wipes
  • Talcum powder
  • Bread slices
  • Cotton cloth
  • Measuring spoon and cup
  • Mixing bowl or container

Cleaning Process

Here’s how you can clean your Timberland boots using the items mentioned above:

  1. Gently rub the baby wipes onto your boots’ surface.
  2. After using baby wipes, grab a slice of bread, then scrub it onto the stains gently. You can continue rubbing the slices of bread onto the stains for a few minutes.
  3. Now sprinkle the talcum powder on the areas with tough stains. You can also put some talcum powder on your boots’ surface with visible scuff marks.
  4. Let the talcum powder dwell on your boots’ surface for at least three (3) hours. You can leave it overnight for the best results.
  5. After letting your boots rest, mix one (1) tablespoon of white vinegar to one (1) cup of water in a mixing bowl or container.
  6. Soak the cotton cloth into the mixture for a minute before rubbing it on your boots.
  7. Let your boots dry for a couple of hours. Like the first method, never place your boots near a heater or directly under the sun.

Method Three: Pure Vinegar

Pure Vinegar
You can use this approach when your boots suffer from excessive and rigid dirt or stains. However, this method must be your last resort. Never use this technique if you have not tried all other possible cleaning solutions.

Items Needed

  • Pure vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Suede brush
  • Measuring spoon
  • Cup, bowl, or container

Cleaning Process

Below are the procedures you can do to clean your Timberland boots:

  1. Pour one (1) tablespoon of pure vinegar into the cup, bowl, or container.
  2. Soak a clean and dry toothbrush into the vinegar for at least one (1) minute.
  3. Now, gently but firmly rub the toothbrush on the stubborn stains on your boots’ surface. Continue doing so for two (2) minutes.
  4. Let your boots naturally dry for a few minutes.
  5. Once dry, use your suede brush to remove the remaining stains.


Many Timberland boots’ owners use vinegar as an alternative cleaning solution for various reasons. First, vinegar proves to be one of the best household cleaners as it does not deteriorate different surfaces like fabrics and leathers. Second, finding and using vinegar is easy and convenient. All you need to do is check your kitchen cabinets or buy one at a store near you. Plus, it only takes a few and simple cleaning steps.

Last, vinegar is economical. Its price is not even close to other specialized shoe cleaning products, but it can still give your desired result. So, if it is time to clean your Timberland boots, you can utilize the procedures above and restore your boots to their presentable condition.

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