How to Clean Mud Off Suede Shoes-Tips That Really Work

If you are someone who has fancy things with a napped finish, then the chance of you owning a pair of suede shoes is very likely. We all know that suede is a very delicate material as it originates from an animal’s underside skin. It may vary across the choices of a calf, lamb, deer, or cow; the differences may lie in its pliability, softness, or thinness. A pair of suede shoes is a closet staple for many as it is a classic. However, its textured nature makes it a handful to maintain and clean.

Useful Tips to Get Mud off Suede Shoes

Just when you think the only option to clean dirt, mud, or stains of your suede shoes is a professional cleaning, we have come up with a few ways to help you save money by doing the cleaning process on your own. Check out the following steps and be guided in removing those nasty things from your shoes.

How to Clean Mud Off Suede Shoes


Before you can proceed to any sort of cleaning method, you have to know the basics. While there are alternatives for a proper suede-cleaning brush, the choice of investing in one is priceless. This small tool can instantly scrape off dirt or mud that is to lodge into your shoes or help you effectively clean it off your pair. It is also good to have the habit of filling in the shoes with any form of paper like newspaper or bond papers to make sure their shape is retained during the cleaning proves.

Mud is on suede shoes is a problem. However, with some effort thrown in the bucket, it may be possible to get your shoes looking clean and new again. If, by any chance, you dip your shoes in a muddy slope, immediately wipe away the mud out of it. Be cautious when doing so, and do not press on your shoes hardly. After wiping excess mud off, leave it to dry under the sun until it is completely hardened. From there, you can get rid of it by manually removing it with your hands and then using a suede brush to get and brush off its remnants.

Brush, Knife, and Eraser

While some people are comfortable using any type of brush to clean their shoes, suede has a unique texture and fragility that a specific type of brush is needed to make sure that your shoes are cleaned without damage being done to them. Suede brushes are somewhat the same. However, some footwear manufacturers have recommended brands suggested in their product care labels. In this situation, it is best that you go for the recommended brand.

The first part of the process will be to use the brush to get rid of the accumulated dirt, dust, and mud in your shoes. The key to cleaning your shoes nicely would be by brushing in only one direction and going back and forth in a light manner. This process is only recommended if the mud on your shoes is on the verge of drying up. If your shoes are drenched in mud or is drenched in water, damage because of too much moisture may occur.

In any case, where you encounter the presence of stubborn marks, you can then resort to using an eraser. If you need an instant remedy for marks and scuffs in your suede shoes, you can go ahead and use a pencil eraser because it works to remove those in an instant. However, it would still be best to opt for a special suede eraser as this is going to give you the best results. If you are to brush your shoes in a stronger manner, make sure that you are after removing scuff marks in your shoes and not damaging them further.

The movement and intensity of these steps help lift the grain higher. Hence, your shoes will be looking good as new again. If in case this method does not work, you can resort to scraping the area with a knife to help raise the nap again. You can do this by holding and securing your knife at a 45-degree angle while scraping the suede shoes’ surfaces. Brush the excess mud or dirt, and then wipe away its remnants with a damp rag.

Extra caution should be taken as suede does not do well in moisture, so if you are to use any type of cloth to wipe it clean, make sure to squeeze all the excess water off and dampen it with cold water before removing all the remnants in the shoes. Once done, you can then proceed to have your footwear dried in an open-air setting.

Professional Care

There is no guarantee to the effectiveness of the mentioned methods above as every person’s suede differs. If you have tried doing one or all of the methods above but have not yet removed the mud from your shoes yet, try calling a professional care service. The best thing about having a professional store to do it for you can take care of your shoes is that you know you are banking on your shoes’ quality, and it is something that they are actually good at. Skills and talents go well with professionals who have been trained and experienced with the craft, in this way, you will surprisingly see your money’s worth.


Being able to walk around and travel to places without worrying about the possible load we may have for cleaning our shoes is always the best feeling. Suede shoes are a staple for any person’s closet, and knowing how to manage it excellently in case dirt, dust, or mud taints it is somewhat assuring. Apart from not being scared of paying for expensive professional cleaning fees, you also know that you can do immediate interventions to prevent costly and more problematic issues in the future.

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