How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

how to choose running shoes for beginners

While there is no single running shoe that is perfect for everyone, but these tips will help you find a shoe that will be perfect for you.

If you are a beginner who is thinking about buying a new pair of running shoes, then you have landed at the right place. We will guide you on how to choose the best running shoes for beginners.

Although most people might consider using their old sneakers for running, actually you need better than that. There are no sneakers in the world that are perfect for every runner. You have to keep other things in mind before paying for a new pair.

If you think that your running speed depends entirely upon your energy and capability, then you should consider changing your thinking because an uncomfortable pair of shoes can prove a disaster for even running experts.

Why Do We Need a Different Pair Of Shoes For Running? 

Those who have been hitting the pavements for years know the answer to the above question. Sneakers might feel comfortable for an everyday walk or school or college use.

But when it comes to hitting the pavements, you have to admit that running shoes must be according to your shape of foot and running style. We often face the question “Which Shoe is the best for running?”.

Well, no shoe or brand is perfect for every type of foot or running style. If you do not want to end up in a hospital room with bruises or splinters, then you should play nice instead of saving money. A perfect pair of running shoes are the ones that fit you perfectly.

Therefore you should consider buying running shoes for the following reasons

  • If you are a beginner and enthusiastic about running, then start by buying a pair of running shoes. Else you will end up hating your run instead of enjoying it.
  • Most people hesitate to spend money on an extra pair of shoes. But actually, it is an investment. Unlike your sneakers, running shoes can last for months to years. So you do not have to go through the trouble of spending money on shoes every month.
  • Unlike Sneakers, running shoes are specifically designed for giving support and protection during the run. They help you to move smoothly on an uneven path.

Things That You Should Consider Before Buying Running Shoes For Beginners

best running shoes buying guide Whenever you go for running shoe shopping, it feels like you need to have a degree for this. Well, you have landed at precisely the right place if you are planning to buy a new pair of running shoes.

Just follow our guide to choose the running shoes for beginners, and this will give you a head start before visiting a shop.

Perfectly Fitted

perfect shoe size The most important thing while shopping for running shoes for beginners is their size and fit. Make sure to buy the perfectly fitted shoes. There should be a gap of 1 finger at the end of shoes to give your feet room to breathe.

If you feel any kind of pinching or uncomfortable rubbing in your shoes, then move towards the next pair. Else your shoes will give you bruises and force you to hate your running routine. Such shoes that flex and roll along with the movement of your feet and provide maximum support are the ones that you need.

Take your workout shoes with you to ensure the best fitting. If you are unsure about the comfort level of shoes, then ignore that pair. Because you can not afford to compromise on that step.

Know Your Foot

You should have a piece of knowledge about the type of your feet. Most people keep on complaining that the shoes are not comfortable once they start running.

Well, it is not the shoes. It is your feet that have the problem. Some people have flat, and others have arched feet. Different varieties of shoes are available for different feet. All you have to do is to know your feet and then look for shoes accordingly.

Flat Foot

Usually, the foot is curved upward from the inner part of its base. But about 20 % of people have flat feet i.e. their sole is flat. Thus, particular kinds of shoes are designed for such people, that has an arched bottom. Stability shoes and motion-controlled shoes are most recommended for such people.

Those people who have flat feet mostly overpronate. Make sure to find such shoes that give maximum stability to your feet. Else your feet will roll inward with every run, and you will end up with backaches and joint pains.

Arched foot

Those people that have arched feet do not face support problems. But their feet supinate while running. Any pair of cushioned shoes in which their feet are comfortable can do the job for them.

Running Shoes For Different Paths

running shoes for different paths

The type of shoes you want also depends upon the nature of the road you are going to move to. There are three categories which are as follows.

  • Cross-training shoes serve all in one purpose, but they are specifically designed for gym workouts and aerobic exercises. They do not have thick sole but provide greater flexibility for allowing your feet to supinate and pronate whenever needed.
  • Road Running Shoes are designed to bear upward and downward force while running. They provide necessary cushioning to help in shock absorption while running on the hard pavements.
  • Trail running shoes have thick soles for moving smoothly on muddy or rocky surfaces with different obstacles.

Breathable Material:

Try to make sure that your shoes are made up of breathable material. Some shoes have leather uppers. Although they look very trendy and modern they are not suitable for regular use. Your feet will feel suffocated in such kind of tight shoes.

Moreover, those people who produce more sweat than usual can face the risk of foot diseases. Synthetic leather is preferable over real leather. Additionally, nylon and nylon mesh shoes provide more breathability.


Do not stop shop unless you find perfectly stable shoes. Know your feet and choose the design accordingly. If you happened to have expanded fingers then never go for a narrow design.

Only after 2- 3 days of running your fingers will swell because of tight-fitting. Even with the proper size, tight shoes are not a perfect fit for people with wide feet and vice versa.

Brand name and Design:

Running shoes are available in different designs and brands. Most people prefer a trendy design over a comfortable pair. But your primary focus should be comfort and fitting.

No matter how much you adore the design, do not spend money unless you are completely satisfied with fitting and support to choose running shoes for beginners.

Guide to Buying Online:

A simple picture or brand name is not a delineation of product comfort level. That is why our website does not rely on it. We offer a complete description of the shoes, its comfort level and material used.

In addition to giving a picture of the design, a complete description of materials used in shoes is present. You can also check the size charts given for each design. This will help you better while selecting your ideal pair of shoes.

Take The Help Of Our Support System:

Although our tips and guides are enough for giving you a head start before visiting any shop or online shopping. But it is always wise to take the help of an expert. Our associates have years of working experience to guide how to choose running shoes for beginners. They know about the kind of problems their customers face.

So discuss your running routine with them and take their advice. Tell them about the type of your feet and they will guide you throughout your shopping. Our associates are available for your help 24 /7.

Last Words:

Do not forget our guides and tips before visiting a shop. This will give you a head start, and you will have an idea about what you are looking for. You should start looking for a new pair of shoes before your old pair has completely worn out. Happy Shopping

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