Flat Feet Exercises | How to Fix Fallen Arches in 2021

exercise for flat feet and fallen arches

Flat feet are also known as fallen or collapsed arches. When the arch inside your foot is flat, this condition is known as flat feet or fallen arch. If you have flat feet, the sole of your feet will touch the ground while standing or walking.

Some people have this condition in genetics and others might attain it due to some other reason. Approximately 30% percent of the world’s population is affected by this condition and this makes Fallen arches or flat feet a common shape or dilemma of the foot.

1 out of 10 people has flat feet around you. There is another scenario where you’re on foot can be flat and the other one is normal. This is a case but yet such type of single foot fallen arch has also been witnessed by many physicians.

Most of the people who have a flat fleet choose to look for the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet.

Flat Feet Symptoms

Flat Feet Symptoms

There are many reasons for having flat feet, but the cause is the same. Look at the adult feet, you will see a slight curve in the center of the feet. This is the arch that absorbs the shock while you walk.

Observe the tendons- these are the tight bands attaching heels and the foot bones, there are several tendons that work together for arches. When these tendons are pulled in the sufficient capacity, your foot has a moderate arch.

When they don’t pull properly there is little or no arch. This formation of the arch through tendons is linked with the formation of flat feet.

Now with the following points, you can identify whether your feet are flat or not;

  • Wet your feet
  • Choose to stand on the surface where the footprints are visible. You can choose to stand on the concrete walkway.
  • Then step away and observe the footprint, if you look and those are visible to you then this means you have flat feet.

The reason for looking for the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet is because most of the flat feet or fallen arches are caused by injuries, accidents, arthritis, and obesity. In some other cases, this could also be the result of genetics, aging, and pregnancy.

Most of the females properly purchasing the best women’s running shoes for arch support even for normal active walking routine during pregnancy.

What Are Flat Feet Good For?

flat feet disadvantage

This is a common perception that flat feet are not good for people. There are not many people who have awareness regarding the advantages of flat feet.

Well, the grip of flat feet is really amazing when it comes to athletic performance. Hence it is said that flat feet athletes perform more hyperactively in running than the people with a significant arch gap.

With the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet, you can run many times better than any other person with normal arch distance.

Flat Foot Disadvantages

Flat foot disadvantages There are many disadvantages of having flat feet because feet are the most important part of our body because your feet carry the weight of your body.

Your feet also have another most salient function, which is shock absorption, while you walk or run. With one step we take 150 percent of the bodyweight is one single footstep by step. With the normal and regular arch, the shock is absorbed, but the case is different with the flat feet.

There is no space or lowering which can cause the risk of injury while walking or running. This can result in severe arch pain which is commonly witnessed these days on the clinics of specialists, this is known as plantar fasciitis.

With flat feet you can’t wear flat shoes, there has to be a little heel. This is the reason why the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet have a slight heel.

The same is the case when you purchase the best women’s running shoes for arch support, they also have a minimum but essential heel to maintain the gap.

How To Fix Fallen Arches?

how to fix fallen arches

Now as defined earlier there are many people who get a flat foot due to some accident injury, pregnancy or maybe obesity.

To fix the fallen arches there are few treatments that are referred by the physiotherapist. If your fallen arch does not hurt then probably there is no need for the treatment.

But if your foot starts hurting then you can use the following methods:

  • Rest ice for relieving the pain in the feet
  • Try physiotherapy
  • You can try fallen arches exercises
  • You can also make sure you wear shoes which provide fallen arches support
  • Choose arch strengthening exercises for flat feet

Importance of fallen arches support

Sometimes walking with flat feet becomes a painful task. The reason is that if your fallen arch is caused by any accident, aging or pregnancy then your feet will cause pain.

You don’t have to ignore that pain, because feet are an extremely important part of your body. In order, you give yourself relief consult your physiotherapist and they will suggest you best motion control walking shoes for flat feet.

These well fitted and supportive shoes will help you in getting relief from pain.

Flat Feet Exercises

flat feet excersies

Now talking about the exercise for flat feet or fallen arches there are many active exercises which are there, below the best two;

Stretching heel

  • Stand straight while resting your hand on the chair, wall, shoulder or any other support.
  • You need to keep one leg behind you and the other one extended forward.
  • Firmly, press your both heels on the floor.
  • Keeping your spine straight bend the front leg and push yourself into the wall or that support.
  • This will make you feel a stretch in your back, legs, and Achilles tendons.
  • Hold it for 30 seconds then shift.
  • You can repeat this in the set of 4 times each leg.

Tennis ball

how to fix fallen arches

  • Sit on a chair and keep a tennis ball under your right foot
  • Now keep your spine straight.
  • Roll the ball with your foot.
  • Repeat this action for both feet.

Arch strengthening exercises for flat feet

If you want to have a strong arch then follow the below exercise for strengthening your flat feet arches.

Arch Lift

  • Stand on your feet in the position of underlying your feet
  • Make sure your toes touch the floor each time
  • Roll your weight on the outer edges when you lift your arch up as far as you can
  • Then release the feet back down
  • This way you will be able to train your muscles and feet
  • Do up to 5 sets with 10 to 15 repetitions.

Flat Feet Exercises Before and After

exercises for flat feet

When you will repeat the exercises for flat feet or fallen arches and use the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet, there will be a major difference in your feet. You will feel more relaxed and pain in your feet will also disappear.

The major point of doing exercise is to see improvement in the daily walk. If you are a runner then first you need to get some certified best women’s running shoes for arch support or men’s running shoes.

Also, make sure your angles while performing these exercises are straight and as told above. Then you can hope for the best results with effort and motivation.

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