Neutral vs Stability Running Shoes | Ultimate Guide (2021)

If you know the nature of your feet and your running behaviour then buying a pair of shoes would be a cup of tea for you and fun too. But if you don’t have any idea about your feet and walking style then you would surely face problems while selecting comfortable shoes. Let me explain the difference between neutral and stability running shoes.

That’s why you need to have research first about your feet and what sort of shoes would be better for you. It will be crucial, time taking and deliberate decision. But you have to once take time out for your feet to evaluate the nature of them either they are neutral or not.

neutral vs stability running shoes

The things which will ensure your comfort and will minimize the risk of injuries while running for a long time are not the colour, looks, and design of your shoes that we observe most of the time. But by analyzing the difference of neutral and stability running shoe you can run comfortably as well as safely.

To find out the proper information of neutral vs stability running shoes, stick to this article till the end. We will also tell you some methods for understanding your foot structure, arch, and landing impact while running. 

Because different people have different foot arch, and if you are ignoring your arch type while buying new shoes you might be indulging yourself in the risk of arch pain and most commonly reported foot pain “plantar fasciitis”.

So let’s check the first benefit of arch support.

What is the benefit of arch support?

benefits of arch support

Mostly it is observed that the arch support shoes in the market are quite expensive and they should be because they are more beneficial than the shoes without having arch support. To spend some extra money for your comfort is no waste of money. 

The arch support shoe controls the motion of foot, support body weight and also reduces pronation when we run. It absorbs shock and compresses while running very fast.

Neutral vs Stability running shoes  which one is better:

Do I need neutral or stability running shoes? This question often arises from those who don’t know about their foot physique. The arch type of foot makes the difference between neutral and stability running shoes

Different people own different arches. When you carefully look a foot from the inside, in the middle of the foot you will notice an upward curve. This particular curve is known as an arch. Now let’s discuss arch types and shoe recommendations for these arch types.

There are three arch types:

  1. Neutral arch
  2. Low arch 
  3. High arch
Neutral arch

Neutral vs stability running shoes

This arch type is an ideal arch that helps you to walk or run without any harm. It causes the foot to roll a healthy spot.

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People with neutral or normal arch should wear stability shoes. The extra support, high-density foam, and gentle arch present inside the stability shoes provide you with extra forefoot flexibility and stability. 

Stability shoes are the best for neutral arch runners so that they can run easily. 

Low arch

Low arch typically causes the foot to roll excessively inward or downward while landing, or overpronate. To run for miles with a low arch while wearing not perfect shoes may harm you. 

For low arch runners stability shoes are ideal and perfect. As I said above in the praise of stability that they give support and flexibility as your low arch feet needed. 

The middle sole technology for low arches provides maximum support when you set the pace on the ground. Now hopefully the confusion that you had in your mind I need stability running shoes is clear.

High arch

This arch type causes the foot to roll in only slightly impact or under pronate. Runners with high arch face difficulty as they run because the ball of their foot feels uncomfortable and creates a painful walking experience. 

A high arch can cause several problems and these problems depend on how high your arch is. The most common problems are “Metatarsalgia”. This is the painful inflammation of the ball of the foot.

You can overcome high arch pain by wearing neutral running shoes. They have cushion or foam inside them with which you feel relief and comfort. They accommodate and support the high arch foot and make you run comfortably. 

While buying neutral shoes you need to keep this thing in mind that softer shoes’ cushion or foam would give more shock to your feet while landing or touching to the ground.

Can a neutral runner wear a stability shoe? This silly question is often asked by people. 

The answer is if nature has made your feet according to neutral shoes then why you are bothering yourself by wearing stability shoes and the same as neutral shoes are designed for neutral runners and vice versa. 

If you will go against your feet nature and buy uncomfortable shoes then you would invite problems for you. You will surely waste your money too because you’re buying the shoe that not perfect for your feet.

How do I know my foot pattern or arch type?

foot arches types

You can check and understand how high, low or neutral your foot is without taking anyone’s help. Below you are having few methods of arch type’s observation.

Spread a piece of large paper on the plan surface and stand on that paper with wet feet. Allow the moisture to sink properly into the paper from your feet. Then step out from that paper and the print carefully;

  • If the print left on the paper has only front part and heel of your foot with nothing in between, then you have high arch feet.
  • The print left on the paper has only the front part, heel and a little bit print of central area of your foot, then you have low arch feet.
  • If only a very small part of your foot is missing from the footprint that means you have a neutral or perfect arch.

This is quite an easy and simple way of determining your foot structure.

There is another method for observing your foot;

You can place a video camera focusing on your legs and by looking carefully in slow motion how much your foot inward doing a running cycle.

If your leg and foot remain in a straight line you have a low arch or neutral feet. And if your leg and foot are from a different angle you likely have high arch feet.

You can also consult a doctor for this experiment of your feet.

Instead of neutral and stability running shoes, there are also some different exercises and massages for reshaping different arch types.

Final Words

I hope after reading this article you will become familiar with a high arch, low arch, and neutral arch. And the difference between neutral and stability running shoes is pretty much clear to you. 

We also discussed the method of determining your foot pattern and arch. By these two methods, you can examine your feet without any influence. Try to be aware of the nature of your feet and entire body as well, it would help you to live a healthy and comfortable life.

First, know your arch type and then buy a perfect pair of shoes for your feet because when your shoes don’t give you desired support when you run or walk, not only feet but also the whole body experiences worst consequences.  

Feet are one of the greatest blessings of God and help us to move, walk, run and stand as well. Then it’s really important to take proper care of them for preventing painful injuries and losses. I hope your all confusion is now clear about neutral vs stability running shoes.

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