Can You Store Shoes in Plastic Bags? Step By Step Guide

About 70% of people in the universe think that storing shoes in an air-free environment is the safest option. Sure, it is because it keeps the shoes in a neat and orderly manner. Whether you are planning to purchase a pair of sneakers or boots – one thing is certain, you want a useful and safe storage tool.

Can You Store Shoes in Plastic Bags?
While there are different storage tools, some settle for a shoe rack, cardboard, box, and others plastic bags. But can you store shoes in plastic bags? Well, the answer is “Yes.” Plastic bags are the perfect tools to keep shoes, but you must adhere to some essential measures; mostly if the boots are made from suede or leather, as they are not fit to stay in vacuum.

Storing shoes can be daunting. However, we have provided you with useful tips on how to keep them, the benefits and pitfalls of plastic bags to help you eliminate the whole baffling experience.

How to Store Shoes in Plastic Bags

Storing shoes in plastic bags is an affordable and effective method. Plastic bags prevent dust from reaching the shoes. Moreover, a piece of more conventional furniture is required to facilitate the storage process.With that in mind, let’s dive into the tips of keeping your shoes safe.

Check the Plastic Bag

If you are a shoe lover, you understand the difficulties associated with how and where to store them. Additionally, the frequency of wearing the shoes matters a lot. Plastic bags are prone to damages since most of them are delicate.

Ensure that the plastic bag is thick to prevent holes that might lead to leaks. Moreover, avoid thin bags and go for the tough ones since parts of the shoes might damage the bag.

Remove Dirt From the Shoes

Removing dirt might sound like a waste of time to many users. If you intend to store your shoes for an extended period, then it’s wise to remove dirt. If you don’t clean them, they might wear off the surface of the shoes. The primary need for removing dirt is to enhance longevity and provide a home for storage.

Washing the Shoes

Though you might not wash your shoes every day, it’s advisable to clean them to remove mud and other debris. To clean your shoes, you can use vinegar, dish soap, detergent, or even a bleaching powder. For better results, add enough water in a bucket and mix the soap, powder, or detergent.


Drying is another essential tip after cleaning the shoes. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear a dump and smelly shoes. Drying will prevent your shoes from contamination and mold formation.

You can dry your shoes using a hairdryer and a fan, but the most effective method is the natural sun.  However, drying once is not enough; you need to check moisture in every corner of the shoes to prevent rotting.

Use a Paper

Now that you have dried your shoes, theirs one more thing. Use paper to hold and maintain the shape of the shoes. This method will be useful if you intend to store the shoes for a long time. Wrapping them will also prevent shoe material damage during the whole period.

Put the Shoes in a Plastic Bag

Finally, put the shoes in the plastic in a safe place away from any object that might destroy the bag.

Why does Plastic Shoe Bags Matter?

For those who don’t like placing their shoes in any corner of the house, plastic shoe bags have many advantages.

store shoes in plastic bag

  • In the first place, plastic bags prevent shoes from getting dirt from the surroundings. Typically, shoes tend to get dusty whenever you store them in one place for a long time. That’s why it is essential to keep them in a good quality plastic bag to prevent dust from accumulating on the shoe surface.
  • Plastic bags contain a vacuum, which forms when it’s appropriately closed. The vacuum produced helps in keeping away dirt from the shoes.
  • Plastic bags are more durable, mostly if they are made of rigid materials to prevent damage like holes that might distort the shoes’ shape and condition.
  • You can re-use plastic bags to store shoes for an extended time if you don’t expose them to objects that can tear the material.
  • Plastic bags take up less space compared to racks and clipboards. Similarly, they can accommodate up to three pairs of shoes.
  • Unlike racks and clipboards, plastic bags weigh less, facilitating easy movement, especially when moving into a new place.

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Do Plastic Bags Damage Shoes?

Plastic bags are not only useful in shoe storage but they also have faults. Before going for this method, you need to be conversant with the following pitfalls.

drying shoes

  • Storing shoes in plastic bags can result in rotting, which occurs when you place wet shoes or a pair of shoes that have not dried up well.
  • Plastic bags are not suitable to keep shoes made of leather or suede as they can get damaged by the vacuum created by the plastic material.
  • Thin plastic bags can damage the shoe surface since the holes made allow in air and dust. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a firm and thick pack to withstand hard objects.

To wrap up, you can use plastic bags to protect your shoes from damage and enhance longevity. The bags also have several advantages and disadvantages. On the right side, keeping your shoes in well-wrapped plastic bags will not disappoint you whenever you want to wear them. Moreover, the bags protect the shoes from distortion and facilitates durability.

On the wrong side, plastic bags can result in rotting and expose the shoes to dirt. One more thing, plastic bags are not suited for shoes made with either leather or suede because they can get deformed.

Therefore, it’s essential to check the plastic bag before and after putting it in the shoes to prevent faultiness.

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