Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet? Effective Tips You Need To Learn

We all experience the excitement of having to wear new shoes. While men get extra excited when they get their new pairs of hiking, running, or basketball shoes, women get extra giddy when they get a pair of new stilettos, wedges, or sandals. Rainbow sandals are a new favorite for many and having a new pair is definitely an awesome experience.

Though a common footwear for some, there are still people who are clueless about the proper way of handling it. Hence, we have prepared a couple of useful information about it and we have answered the most common question asked, “can you get rainbow sandals wet?” Read on to learn more about it.

Can You Get Rainbow Sandals Wet

Getting to Know More about Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow sandals come in two forms – the single layer and double layer. The single-layered sandals utilize premium nubuck leather paired with a double stitched design for enhanced durability. On the other hand, the double-layered sandals also use premium leather for their double stitched design.

While these two have ample arch support, the difference lies between the extra layer found on the double layer type. This extra layer is situated in the heel area. Both types have become popular among its users because of the experience and quality of support it gives.

Questions about Water and Rainbow Sandals

Since most footwear is washable, rainbow sandal users often wonder if they can have their pairs wet. While others are completely okay with it, there are those who are afraid of the possible complications they can experience when wearing them. Here are a couple of questions and answers about it.

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What is the Good in Having Your Rainbow Sandals Wet?

People who are afraid to get water splashed onto their rainbow sandals can now keep their peace. The answer to the question we mentioned initially is yes. It is okay to get your pair wet as this comes with a couple of advantages.

Easier Break-in Process

Footwear is always the most comfortable when broken in properly. For rainbow sandals, getting them wet helps. This helps loosen and extend the straps and leather faster than normal. The reason why people break in their sandals through this method is that it gets the rainbow sandals to easily adjust and cater to their feet’s contour faster.

And as we all know, having the straps loosen properly prevents the occurrence or development of blisters and other forms of irritation. However, it is not recommended that they become soaked especially in long periods of time.

How Do You Handle Rainbow Sandals in the Rainy Season?

If you are living in a place where there is a rainy season, it is always good to know the following information. While it is not recommended to be worn during this season because of the chances of it being soaked more than it should be, there will be times where keeping it wet from the rain will be almost impossible.

In cases where it gets wet by the rain, all you have to do is to make sure that you dry them as quickly as you can. This is because soaked rainbow sandals may end up having cracks and breaks if soaked in water frequently. This may also lead to leather stiffening and may be a cause for bruises from time to time.

How Do You Dry Rainbow Sandals?

While some people just leave their rainbow sandals to dry when wet, there are actually effective proactive ways to do it. One of them includes the use of sunlight. This is a good way to dry your sandals as simply leaving them to dry under the sun not only keeps them dry through the process of water evaporation, it also helps in eradicating bacteria present in them. With a few hours of exposure under the sun, you can go ahead and wear them to maintain their natural form and structure.

Another effective way to dry your rainbow sandals when wet is through the process of blow-drying. This can be done with the help of a simple blow dryer or home hairdryer. Make sure to blow dry while coursing through different areas and not focusing on one area only as this can cause damage.

It is also good to keep it at a good distance because too much heat and prolonged exposure to it may cause damage to its leather. Utilizing one of the two methods mentioned above will be useful in keeping your rainbow sandals well-maintained.

How Do You Wash Rainbow Sandals in the Washing Machine?

While it is not a traditional or recommended way of washing rainbow sandals, it is still good to know how to do it correctly. Using a washing machine to clean your rainbow sandals can work, but improper use may cause it to acquire damage instead of good.

Along this should be the consideration that should be taken in the cleaning agent or material that you are to use in the process. It is recommended that you get one that is proven to work with leather as not all detergents work well or are capable of leaving rainbow sandals damage-free.

If you are to wash your rainbow sandals in the washing machine, make sure to check its settings. To be on the safe side, you have to set the settings on the delicate mode. In this way, your sandals will go through a cleaning process that is gentle and non-damaging.

As for the cleaning agent, make sure to go for those that are recommended to be compatible with leather and those that are not too strong as it may have an effect on the texture and color of your sandals.

Notes to Remember When Maintaining Rainbow Sandals

While some people prefer washing their rainbow sandals frequently, you have to remember that frequent exposure to water and cleaning agents can affect the quality and make of your sandals.

If you want to keep it clean while maintaining its form, you can always go for the method of cleaning it with a damp cloth and a little help from a light soap.

As for the chemicals you are to use when cleaning it, make sure to stay away from petroleum or oil-based cleaners as it destroys the laminate found in the midsole of the sandals. It is important to be careful when dealing with it as the company does not take in water damage or other forms of delamination in the sandals.


The beauty of owning a pair of rainbow sandals is the treat and excitement you get every time you glance at it. The comfort and support you get from the experience of wearing from it always make the purchase worth it.

However, the responsibilities that come with it are essential to making sure it lasts for a long time. One of the most important elements that can have an effect on it is water, hence, we hope that the information we shared earlier helps you get the best out of your rainbow sandals.

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