Best Work Shoes for Overweight in 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

Are you in need of the best work shoes for overweight people?

The best shoes for overweight can be found with ease, using this guide. All you need to do is understand the nature of your job and the shoe style you want. There is something for everyone here.

Finding the perfect shoes for overweight can be difficult. The best work shoes for men can be found with ease though. This is because a lot of high-end brands are making exceptional quality, heavy-duty shoes for everyone.

If your job requires you to walk a lot or lift a lot then you can use this guide to find the best walking shoes for heavy people. This should help in getting you exactly what you need without any pains. Good pair of shoes can help in supporting you throughout the day.

Daylong support can help in addressing your needs as a hardworking individual giving some extra time and stamina for personal work and personal care.

best work shoes for heavy person

Not all of the shoes in the range are formal. We have also included some of the best casual shoes for fat guys just to help with the variety and styles.

The Top Pick, however, has to be the Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford. This is an ideal construction and industrial work shoe. It can also be worn for sporty needs. It gives feet a snug feel and a lightweight embodiment for further relaxation. Sublite foam technology reduces weight and allows you to grip the ground better.

Top 9 Best Work Shoes for Overweight

You can choose what you like the most from the following options. These best work boots for overweight have been collected for your help from the most satisfying reviews and happy clients. Here are these options at a glance:

Image Title Brand Buy
Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe Skechers
Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot Caterpillar
Skechers Men's Classic Skechers
KEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe KEEN
EVER BOOTS Men's Premium Work Boots EVER BOOTS
Reebok Work Men's Reebok
Timberland PRO Steel-Toe Boot, Brown , 7 D - Medium Timberland PRO
Rockport Men's Chranson Walking Shoe Rockport

Now let’s get into the detailed reviews of each and find out what you need the most.

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Shoe – Top Pick

The Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed shoes allow a 100% Synthetic leather to help you. It comes with an Imported body and a durable Rubber sole. The shoes have a heel of about 1.5 inches.

The shoes allow a supportive lace-up vamp and the designer logos on the tongue as well as the side. This makes it fashionable and fancy. These shoes come with reinforced stitching and a padded tongue and collar for long-lasting usage. The shoe has a memory foam padded insole and a soft fabric lining.

This is a shock-absorbing shoe whose midsole will give you support throughout use. The pair is an OSHA-compliant nitrile outsole equipped option.

These are among the best work shoes for big guys. The brand is high quality, the style is fancy and the shoe is long-lasting. This is a great investment for anyone. If you need the best shoes for overweight walkers then this is it. These are good shoes for overweight walkers, runners, and workers.


These Skechers work shoes are good walking shoes for overweight people of all ages and sizes.

  • OSHA-compliant nitrile outsole
  • shock-absorbing shoe
  • Reinforced stitching for durability
  • Has a padded tongue for comfort and quick wearing
  • Easy to remove
  • Not suitable for prolonged wet usage
  • Not suitable for slippery areas or snowy land

2. Caterpillar – Perfect Shoes for Overweight Workers

The Caterpillar Men’s second shift steel toe work boots are also a great pair to add to your collection. These are ideal work shoes for overweight because they help in reducing foot fatigue and support the arch as you work long hours.

These shoes are suitable for all kinds of environments and all kinds of surfaces. You can also run and walk in these. These are useful for the busiest of days at work.

The shoe is made out of 100% Leather. These are imported. They come with a synthetic sole. The shaft measures about 6 inches from the arch. These shoes also have a heel on them. The heel measures about 1.25 inches. There is an overall platform of about 0.75 inches.

These ankle-cut boots with steel toe are among the perfect shoes for overweight workers. These come with padded ankles and an oil-resistant outsole. These are rated as the Electrical Hazard ASTM F2413-18 1/75EH. This means that the shoes can protect the wearer against open circuits of 14,000 volts in dry areas.


These are among men’s comfortable work shoes that are unmet in terms of quality and style.

  • Suitable for electric work in dry conditions
  • Oil-resistant outsoles
  • Slip-resistant

  • Not suitable for usage around quicksand

3. Skechers Men’s Classic – Best Work Shoes for Men

The Skechers Men’s Classic-Fit Delson Camden Sneakers are also the best shoes for overweight people at work. These shoes for overweight allow the person to run and move with ease.

These are the best work shoes for men because they do not tire the person wearing them. If you want the best walking shoes for a heavy person then you should go for these.

The Skechers Men’s Classic-Fit Delson Camden Sneakers are made up of 100% Textile and Synthetic leather. These are Imported. The shoe has a Synthetic sole. These are the perfect casual shoes for fat guys after work hours as well.

This pair of shoes is equipped with an Air Cooled Memory Foam. This helps in keeping it breathable and fresh. The shoe allows a Classic Fitting. Nothing too big or too small. The inner will be Air Cooled and equipped with a Bungee Lace.

You can run and walk in these with great ease. The shoe also comes with an Adjustable lace string. This makes these shoes for overweight workers perfect.


If you want work shoes for overweight men that are perfect for non-work times as well then these are amazing. These shoes have a comfortable grip for adventure time as well.

  • These men’s comfortable work shoes are highly wearable daily.
  • Adjustable lace string
  • Fashionable and sturdy
  • No electricity safe
  • Not suitable for waterproof usage

4. KEEN Utility – Men’s Comfortable Work Shoes

The Keen Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel is also a good choice. These are made up of 100% Nubuck leather. The shoe allows a rubber sole and an imported quality.

These shoes come with a heel of approximately 1.25 inches. There is a platform of approximately 0.5 inches on it. These are equipped with Asymmetrical Steel Toes. The material used to make these is a Nubuck Waterproof Leather Upper and a Torsional Stability Shank (TSS) for Midfoot Support.

These qualities make it interesting, useful, and protective of any overweight worker. The shoe will not become a liability for you. It can be worn as a fashionable choice as well apart from work needs.

The Keen Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel comes with a Removable Metatomical Dual Density EVA Footbed. This makes it lightweight.  These are men’s comfortable work shoes that you are dreaming of. They will not tire you or drain your energy.


CleanSport NXT(TM) FOR Natural Odor Protection makes these ideal shoes for overweight workers. You can use these best work shoes for overweight for the reduction of shock and fatigue with the Dual Density Compression Molded EVA Midsole.

  • The shoe comes with a Contoured Heel Lock.
  • These shoes also have an Oil-resistant outsole
  • This is also a Slip-Resistant Outsole.
  • These are not suitable for electric work

5. EVER BOOTS “ULTRA DRY” – Best Work Shoes for Overweight

The Ever Boots Ultra Dry Men’s Work Boots are a premium choice. These are made out of premium leather. The shoes are waterproof and insulated with rubber. These can be called the best shoes for overweight walkers.

These are made out of premium quality heavy duty leather. The shoes have a rubber sole. These allow speedy hooks and a back loop pull so you can wear them quickly and with ease.  These are light in weight and very flexible.

The Shoe equipped with a flexible Bending Rubber Sole that has a Comfortable PU Midsole.

These are waterproof so they help in keeping your feet dry. The shoes are insulated to help with temperature control. They can be used for construction purposes and hiking as well. These are therefore multi-purpose and highly functional.


These are among the best work shoes for big guys.  They do not bite into the feet. These are good shoes for overweight walkers and you can count on them.

  • The Shoes allow a big fitting, this means that these will run 1/2 size Bigger than Timberlands.
  • The shoes are good walking shoes for overweight
  • Do not feel scratchy or sore upon wearing.
  • Not suitable for electric work or shock resistance

6. Reebok Work Men’s  – Work Shoes for Overweight Men

The Reebok Work Men’s Athletic Oxford Industrial and Construction shoe is a great choice. It allows a responsive performance as running and works shoes. This is slip-resistant and allows more grip at work.

These are one of the men’s comfortable work shoes as compared to many hard and unsupportive ones. The shoe comes with a medial and lateral webbing that helps with stability and a snug fit.

What makes these ideal men’s comfortable work shoes is the memory tech footbed that adapts to the natural contours of the foot. These shoes are impact-resistant, absorbing shock, and very supportive.

These allow an easy lift-off. The polymers of the shoe expand and bounce when you jump. This helps in reducing the effort when you walk or run.

The cushioning and rebound properties make this a fatigue-resistant choice. The Reebok safety shoe is athletic and lightweight. It allows a flexible and comfortable fit for long hours.


These Reebok shoes for overweight guys are breathable. These have a mesh for an airy feel.

  • The shoes have a rubber sole
  • Moisture Wicking Lining
  • MemoryTech Cushion Footbed
  • Rubber Outsole
  • These are not waterproof
  • Neither oil resistant

7. Rockport Men’s – Casual Shoes for Fat Guys

The Rockport Men’s Rockin shoes are also made up of 100% Leather. These are imported as well. The Rockport Men’s Rockin shoes come with a synthetic sole. The heel measures about 1.25 inches. And these are equipped with a raised platform as well.

The shoe has a low-cut profile and very rugged wearability and functionality. Its design is what makes it ideal for work. The shoes can be adjusted with the lace-up front closure. It has metal eyelets for added durability and style.

The Rockport Men’s Rockin shoes are constructed out of durable leather upper. They have fashionable contrast-colored top stitch details. These are among the best work shoes for overweight.

If you want to buy casual shoes for fat guys then these are highly recommended. The shoes have a lightly padded tongue and collar. These are loaded with a man-made lining and insole. These help to tread for traction.

The outsole of this shoe allows it to stand firm on the floor. These come with a rubber that can provide a durable grip on various surfaces. The shoe also has an EVA inner.


This makes it lightweight and shock absorbent. You can wear this one to help reduce foot fatigue. You can use these work shoes for overweight men with quite some functionality and style.

  • Enhanced breathability and drying
  • Designed to provide lightweight shock absorption.
  • Reduce foot fatigue
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • These are not waterproof

8. LARNMERN Steel Toe Shoes Men – Best Shoes for Overweight

The LARNMERN Steel Toe shoes are also ideal for work. These are a safe choice and come with a reflective patch on top. The shoes are puncture-proof. These are highly recommended for industrial and construction purposes.

The shoes come with a breathable Mesh and a Synthetic Leather material. These are an imported design. They are free of Animal-fur. The shoes come with a rubber sole. The platform of these shoes measures about 0.75 inches.

These come with an ergonomic design and fitting. You can easily wear them and take them off when needed. These are layered with breathable mesh to keep the feet dry. The shoes can be worn at nighttime with the reflective strip as well. Making it more visible.

It is made up of European standard anti-shock steel toe. This is impact resistance of 200J. This helps in preventing your feet from being harmed through objects and dropping tools.

The midsole of the shoe ensures flexibility and exhibits an anti-puncture 1100N protection from sharp injuries. It allows you to enjoy the best work shoes for men in the shape of these.


This makes it ideal for auto manufacturing, construction, and machine manufacturing. These are the best walking shoes for the heavy person that may need extra protection at work.

  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Slip-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant
  • Suitable for harsh working environments
  • Dual-density EVA footbed
  • Not suitable for electric work

9. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 – Best Work Shoes For Big Guys

The Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss Steel Toe is a great choice for the best work shoes for overweight people. These shoes enable a wide fitting. They are made of a premium quality 100% Leather. These are Imported material as well as design. The shoes come with a rubber sole. The shaft of the shoe measures approximately 5.5 inches from its arch.

This shoe comes with a heel that measures about 1.5 inches. These are safe, tough, and comfortable for everyone. The shoes are heavy duty. They come with ANSI safety standards compliant construction. These are slip and oil resistant.

You can also allow these to be used in abrasive conditions, they will not tear or get damaged. There are heavy-duty outsoles on it that enable traction. The shoe comes with padded top collars that add to the comfort.

One of the best things about wearing this is that it allows a 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology to give you comfort as you walk, and wear these.


These are one of the most suitable men’s comfortable work shoes. These are the perfect shoes for overweight guys. Others can get these too. The shoe has a snug wide fit and this makes them the means comfortable work shoes that anyone can want.

  • Slip and oil resistant
  • Anti abrasive
  • Wide fit
  • Not waterproof though

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