Best Women’s Running Shoes with Arch Support

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Looking for the best women’s running shoes with arch support?? Well, you have definitely come to the right place.

Many runners face the problematic issue of your feet arches. Arches mean that you have an arch that supports your body weight and rotates normally under load. Some rotation of the foot is desirable and acts as a natural absorber. So here I reviewed Top 10 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Arch Support.

If you have medium arch feet you required specific running shoes. Which helps you run with the correct running action and most important to secure you from the highest injuries that can occur due to the wrong type of shoes. You will also love to read this one Best Shoe for men’s workouts.

A medium arch is also called neutral feet. This type of arch usually differentiated by its bouts of different activates like cycling, weightlifting, running and swimming.

Most runners with this arch can wear this type of shoes and that makes your ankles more flexible. If you want stability shoes to stabilize your foot with midsole technology and arch support; you can use Nike Lunar Glide and ASICS 2000 etc.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Women’s Running Shoes with Arch Support

Image Title Brand Buy
Salomon Women's X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes Salomon
Nike Womens Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Nike
Saucony Women's Ride 10 Running Shoe Saucony
Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe Mizuno
Brooks Women's PureCadence 7 (6) Brooks
Saucony Women's Omni 16 Running Shoe Saucony
adidas Women's Supernova Glide 8 W Running Shoe adidas
ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes ASICS
Nike Womens Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Nike
HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 5 Running Shoe HOKA

1. Salomon Women’s XR Mission – Our Top Pick

mission running shoes

Salomon was born in the heart of French in 1947 and his birthplace is alpinism. This running shoe name was on Salomon who is the inventor of these shoes and specially designed for mountain sports.

Both men and women have used these shoes for running on the mountain and have all the solutions to booting, skis, and adventure running on the mountain.

Featuring is secure lacing, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, stable, sensitive and sensible promotes smooth motion, reduces friction while mesh upper reduced moisture.

The shoes are easy for runners during transitions from road to trail and are perfect for short-to-middle distances runs.


  • Wrap and secure insteps for a precise fit.
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Lacing system with friction-free for the perfect fit.
  • Insole enhanced comfort protects against abrasion.
  • Midsole isolates from trail impacts.
  • Provide a barrier against sharp rocks.
  • Outsole facilitates the heel-toe transition.
  • Efficiency great, provide solid traction.
  • Increased visibility in low light.
  • Designed for wet surfaces
  • Breathability and comfortable shoes
  • Fitness, secure fit
  • Best for long distances
  • Midsole tight
  • Color combination limited

2. Nike Women Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Best Ever Choice

medium arches

Our most road-tested running shoes are Nike Air Zoom35 running shoes designed for men and women. In Nike women running shoes for arch support used Zoom Air technology. Zoom Air technology is a technology that maximizes the runner’s performance and speed.

Featuring its sole is rubber, an Eve run top sole for continuous cushioning, measures approximately low-top from the arch and updated by TRI-FLEX outsole for optimal flexibility and protection.

With more breath-ability, full-length Zoom Air cushioning and a better fit the Nike Air Zoom pegasus35 provides you with the perfect lightweight, everyday running shoes.

A full-length Zoom Air unit to spring strides while the new beveled heels give you smoother touchdowns and quick release on transitions. With 6 different color shoes provides you a modern look can also provide you Zoom Air technology which increases runner’s performance.


  • Upper sole for flexibility and movement.
  • The midsole for comfortable, cushion, responsive.
  •  Outer sole reduced cushioning.
  • Heel-toe-transition maximizes motion.
  • Well-suited cushioning and responsiveness.
  • Reduced high temperature.
  • Colors freshness
  • Cushion responsible, impact shock
  • The outer sole is excellent
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Price is affordable
  • Midsole was created

3. Saucony Woman’s Ride10 – Best Running Shoe

best running sheos for medium arches

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Saucony women ride shoes are registered by Trademark of Rod-ale, Inc and it is the 10th edition of running shoes. Featuring a brand new engineered mesh upper, woven heel collar and it’s refined by TRI-FLEX outsole, the Ride10 moves with the runner and strikes every foot.

When you buy these shoes once you can’t complain about the price, you only see the shoe comfortability. Shoes provide an awesome level of support and in these ankles fell comfortable.

These shoes also provide high performance, quality-wise is good and also supportive.

These shoes have a rubber sole, lightweight fit and also measures approximately low-top from arch. With six different color choices, the shoes give you a modern look. The shoes also offer effective traction with its TRI-FLEX technology that used in its outsole.

It is good with its flexibility and high protection. The shoes offer a TRI-FLEX technology and features of these shoes are high with its higher price.


  • Narrow feet, slim ankles for long arches.
  •  Good arch support, light-weight.
  •  Comfortable, ample cushioning.
  •  Perfect for the painful foot.
  •  Impact on ample cushioning.
  • Insole smooth and form-fitting
  • Underfoot responsive
  • Breathability is comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Fitness was a bit narrower
  • The size was a bit narrower

4. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire12 – Perfect For Running

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire12

Mizuno wave inspire12 was found in 1906 participating in sports and other different activities. This shoe has become a household in Europe, Asia especially designed for trail running.

In this, we used wave technology started from 100 years ago contributing to the advancement of sports goods in our society. Mizuno wave inspire 12 has its latest version and its upper sole gives runner’s softer fit and modern look.

These shoes have the best shoes for old runners due to their good performance. Featuring is a good performance, adsorbing heat to keep you warm in cooler temperature and comfort and durability.

If runners want the Comfortable women’s running shoes for arch support in the field of road or trail running choose Mizuno to wane to inspire running shoes. With 6 different colors running shoes gives you modern look with its high performance.


  • Protects heel pain, slippage on the road.
  • Flexible, high quality, durable materials.
  • Lightweight, supportive, absorb high temperature.
  • Upper sole has high-frequency urethane.
  • Midsole from the heel-to-toe offset.
  • Outer sole reduced heel pain.
  • Easy to fit
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioning reduced
  • Durability absorbs shock
  • Lightweight
  • Upper sole super durable
  • Width is narrow from toes
  • Price is a bit expensive

5. Brooks Women’s PureCadence 7

Brooks Women's PureCadence 7Our road-sided best running shoes specially designed for both men and women and its best use is for gym, road and for the flat surface. In Brooks Purecadence 7 smart technologies are used to give you the right fit and function on every run.

Its features provide you soft hold and sock-look like feel for disturbance motion gives you support and synthetic sole.

These running shoes connect runners with incredible responsiveness and flexibility without sacrificing the stability that runners need. The new woven air upper sole allows your feet to feel comfortable and unrestrained. Runners that need stability shoes tend to experience these running shoes.


  • Upper sole is soft, for unrestricted motion.
  • Midsole reduced cushioning.
  • Lightweight, stability.
  • Minimizes stress, provides better alignment.
  • Supportive and lightweight structure.
  • Stylish
  • Affordable Price
  • Comfortable
  • Relief knee pain
  • Supportive
  • Lightweight performs miles of distances
  • Limited color options

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6. Saucony Women’s Omni 16Best Running Shoe For Women

running shoes

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Saucony Omni 16 running shoes designed for both men and women used for road, track and treadmill. In Omni 16 running shoes, Saucony TRI-FLEX technology used. Saucony TRI-FLEX technology made for the stability, flexibility, and performance of the runners.

Featuring is rubber sole, responsive, the outer sole is TRI-FLEX improved ground contact and flexible to toe-off with an engineered mesh upper for dynamic, lightweight fit and enhanced cushioning for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

These are the best shoes for medium arches specially designed for runners who have flexible arches and want stability shoes for over-pronation.

With 6 different colors gives you a modern look and increase force dispersion over a greater surface area while also delivering optimal flexibility and traction.


  • The outer sole provides stability.
  • Midsole reduced injuries gives energy.
  • Upper sole comfortable, breathable, unique design.
  • Comfortable, durability, protective.
  • High performance.
  • Sole absorb shock
  • Perform activities well suited
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Modern Style
  • Affordable Price

7. Adidas Performance Women’s Supernova Glide 8

Adidas Performance Women's Supernova Glide 8

Adidas supernova running shoes for medium arches were found in Germany in 1924 and is designed for both men and women.

In this, Adidas supernova technology used for road, gyms and flat surfaces. Adidas is the most recognized branded shoes and gives stylish sportswear for the runners.

Featuring is rubber sole, 100% textile and synthetic, relief heel pain, gives stability and boost energy-returning properties. These shoes are comfortable for your feet in light breathability, provide support and dynamically reduces cushion.

These shoes are designed for women’s arch support and give more flexibility and stability. Medium arch shoes can vary from lightweight and minimal cushioning to maximum levels of cushioning depending on their needs and performance. 2 different colors give you a stylish look and high performance for the runners.


  • Boosts energy, competitive price.
  • Comfortable, long-lasting shoes.
  • Maximum breathability, stability, support on wet and dry surfaces
  • Sole comfortable over long distances
  • Outsole allowed the foot to take smooth steps
  • Energy boosts on land and wet surfaces
  • Width from toe was narrow

8. ASICS Women’s GEL-Kinsei 6 

women running shoes

ASICS GEL-Kinsei 6 was found in 1977 by a Japanese company for a healthy and happy lifestyle. These shoes are designed for both men and women and are used in the casual routine. In this Fluid Ride technology used that ensures the lightweight experience for every journey of the runners.

Featuring is rubber sole, shock absorption while Fluid-fit upper sole reduced cushioning dynamically and Truss-tic technology provide a seamless fusion with the runner’s foot.

With half a dozen colors makes you a stylish style and keep runners a healthy and happy life. These shoes have reduced the potential of irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches.


  • Enhance strike from heel to toe-off.
  • Absorb shock, comfortable, ample cushioning.
  • The rustic system encourages forward momentum.
  • Shock absorb
  • Stylish Color
  • Effective, performing different activities
  • Comfortable
  • Price is a bit expensive

9. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 Best Shoes for Arch Support

running shoes

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Brooks Ghost 10 is designed for both men and women and is used for road-sided and treadmills. In Brooks Ghost 10 running shoes used BioMoGo DNA technology. BioMoGo DNA technology is a technology used for flexibility and maximizes runner performance.

It is soft and light-weight shoes. Featuring is increased breath-ability, lightweight fit and feels with engineered mesh and minimizes weight throughout, 3D fit print overlays for a more consistent and supportive fit.

A full-length segmented crash pad sets the foot up for smooth transitions and allows for medium arches motion and fluidity. With 4 different colors, scheme shoes provide you a modern look that can also provide you softer,  light-weight and maximizes the runner’s performance.


  • BioMoGo system reduced cushioning.
  • Crashpad provides a soft, smooth transition.
  • Optimize flexibility, lightweight structure, maximize ventilation.
  • Outer sole transfer energy, comfortable.
  • Lightweight, soft, responsive and provides support.
  • Performance maximizes
  • Lightweight and better arch support
  • The incredible grip on the road
  • Don’t have a grip on wet surfaces

10. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 5

casual shoes

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HOKA Clifton 5 running shoes are lightweight, soft and comfortable shoes. In this Clifton technology used for casual running. A Clifton 5 technology is a technology that provides support and reduced cushion dynamically.

Featuring has improved durability, its midsole reduced cushion, greater durability and its rubber sole absorb high temperature. Clifton 5 insole specially designed for running and makes comfortable to runners.

With 4 different colors makes to keep you a stylish look and gives the best performance for runners. Runners who have medium arches feel heel pain whereas it reduced the heel pain and makes comfortable for runners.


  • Relief heel pain, enhance performance.
  • Comfortable, breathability, durability.
  • Smooth transition from heel to toe-off.
  • Midsole support, reduced cushioning.
  • Stability for motion control.


  • Attractive Color
  • Excellent Quality
  • Lightweight, soft
  • Comfortable
  • Width is bit narrow

[Buying Guide To Choose Best Women’s Running Shoes with Arch Support]

Benefits of low/Medium/high Arches Shoes:

There are different benefits of medium arch shoes as given below:

Efficiency: Medium arch is a biomechanically efficient foot.

Future problems: This type of shoe is usually designed for different problems that occur in the future. Such as heel pain or ball-of-foot discomfort, improperly fitting footwear from repetitive stress.

Support: Medium arch shoes can help you achieve proper body alignment, prevent injuries and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can also support you in absorbing materials for your comfort and foot pain prevention.

In a Hurry? The list of best women’s running shoes with arch support, after 42 hours of research is right here. Let us dive right in without any further ado!

Features of Medium Arch Shoes for Neutral Feet:

Arch support: Automatically designed for insole maximize stability and support with medium arch.

Comfort: Provides comfort for shock absorption and rebound.

Trim to fit: You can trim these types of shoes for your fitness and feel easy.

Stability: Medium arches shoes are for those runners who participate in running fields with low arches provides support and midsole cushion. These shoes can help to distribute the impact of running to minimize overpopulation.

Control motion: These types of shoes have a great choice for runners who participate in the running field such as Oscar Pectoris, squash, etc. Motion-control shoes have extra built-in support and flatter outsole. These can also help excessive rotation to help stabilize the foot.


Saucony Ride10 is great for those who will find an effective pair of running shoes with high quality and features as well as its price. Nike Air Zoom has full-length air zoom in its midsole that forwards the runners with better movement.

And also have affordable, comfortable, responsive at an excellent price depends on the needs of the runners.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 fulfills all runner’s needs by reducing cushioning and supportive. Brooks Women’s PureCadence 7 is affordably built for winter shoes and its cheaper price makes it a good option for those who want the best budget running shoes for medium arches.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is used for exercise, activewear or running offers solid performance and is affordable.  This is a perfect choice for the best women’s running shoes for arch support. Saucony Omni 16 is used for speed work as well as long distances and its arch support is good. Adidas Supernova Glide8 with good materials and has boost technology that will help runner’s movement forward.

HOKA ONE Clifton 5 shoes have eye-catching athletic wear with incredible cushioning, lightweight, flexible features and are best for casual running. ASICS GEL-Kinsei 6 shoes have comfortable, durable, good performance and have a unique look with a long-lasting drawback.

Salomon XR is a trail running shoes that offer useful trail-specific features in its mid, outer and upper sole while still remaining usable on other terrains. Happy Shopping