Best Shoes for Walking in Sand and Beach Review 2022

The beach is one of the most popular getaway destinations for anyone, be it for the humble working man to the high rolling business magnate. But walking on loose sandy beaches can surprisingly have its challenges and issues.

Beach sand is rough and coarse and continuously shifts and moves with every step. Sand can also be particularly hot to the touch, especially when under the noonday sun. It can be a struggle to walk on when it’s made hard and clumpy when wet.

But these challenges can be easily overcome with the right set of footwear. Beach shoes are a perfect answer to these problems. They are made not only to improve your experience when walking in sand and beaches but to also be a reliable pair of shoes for trekking, hiking, and even other exciting water sports as well.

Consider the following top curated picks for the best shoes for walking in the sand, and make your next trip to the beach all the better.

Reviews Of Top 15 Best Shoes for Walking in Sand and Beach

1. SIMARI Mens Womens Water Shoes

We are starting this list strong with the SIMARI Water Shoes for both Men and Women. This product is a massive step up compared to the humble beach sandals and slippers.

Not only can you expect all-around protection and cushioning for your feet when walking on sandy beaches, but you can also have no worries when doing activities such as beach volleyball, yoga, and even swimming.


SIMARI water shoes feature an upper layer with a breathable mesh fabric composed of 92% polyester. The material and mesh construct allows the shoe to stretch and fit snuggly to your bare feet. And thanks to its breathable fabric, your feet will dry faster while avoiding any uncomfortable chafing.

These shoes come with a unique design from SIMARI. Not only are these shoes made with a focus on the wearer’s comfort, but it also comes with an innovative feature of having drainage holes in each sole.

These holes prevent these shoes from becoming waterlogged and allow for quick drying of these shoes when needed. Sand and debris may get into the shoes, but it can be easily washed out as well.

  • Excellent for all beach activities and even swimming
  • Made with a breathable mesh fabric that doesn’t chafe against the skin
  • Innovative design that incorporates drain holes in each sole
  • Robust rubber soles with anti-slip bump texture design
  • Boasts an easy-to-wear design that adapts to most feet
  • May too large for some feet that it is recommended to buy half-size smaller than usual
  • May be too stiff at first but will soften up over time

2. VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

These slip-on shoes from VIFUUR are notable for their ultralight profile and dependable quality, all the while coming in a myriad of styles and colors for your choosing.


VIFUUR Slip-On Water Sports Shoes are made with a mix of smooth synthetic fabrics and a rubber outsole. The uppers of these shoes are stretchy and breathable, which conforms to your feet at a comfortable fit and helps keep your feet dry and cool.

Its breathable fabrics also allow for continuous air and water circulation into these shoes,minimizing any bad odors from forming.

The shoes themselves are excellent when worn barefoot but also with water socks. The latter option is preferable if you often find sand and small, fine rocks getting into the shoes.

This should be rare, though, thanks to its smooth neck design that offers a snug fit to most feet. This smooth neck design also prevents chafing while reducing any risk of these shoes slipping off.

These shoes are excellent for any water sports activity or even with more relaxing activities such as beach yoga, boating, and walking along beaches. You can do these things with style as well, thanks to its wide selection of color sets and patterns that matches your tastes.

  • Slip-on shoes that are perfect to wear when barefoot or with water socks
  • Suitable for all kinds of activities such as walking, beach yoga, and other beach sports
  • Good traction provided by its rubber outsole with its unique footprint
  • Made with 100% breathable fabrics and are easy to clean and dry
  • Easy to put on and off while comfortable to wear for any occasion
  • Lacks any cushioning and shock absorption found in other water shoes
  • Limited in terms of water drainage

3. KEEN Whisper Women’s Sandal

An excellent choice for women with a keen sense of adventure, these Whisper women’s sandals are a trusty, versatile choice that is great for every occasion outdoors.


KEEN Whisper Women’s Sandals are well-suited for any outdoor environment, especially for walking in sand and beaches. This is thanks to its rubber sole design.

The rubber outsole itself is dependable and can handle the stresses of walking many miles of rough terrain. The outsole’s footprint also provides increased traction, allowing you to tread on wet and slippery surfaces with ease.

The Whisper Sandals are decked with a quick lace bungee system. This is paired with its durable and stretchy polyester fabric, which results in a pair of sandals that is easy to wear and can cater to feet of different sizes.

This added bit of tolerance is excellent for those who are anxious about getting new footwear. These sandals are comfortable to wear and secure, but they are sure to fit your feet properly.

You can enjoy long walks on the beach and lengthy heights through scenic routes with these sandals. This is because it comes equipped with a compression-molded EVA midsole and a metatomical molded EVA footbed.

This combination offers an excellent quality of comfort to your feet, allowing you to walk further for longer. It is also great for giving your feet a bit of a rest.

  • Durable rubber sole with a footprint designed for increased traction
  • Quick lace bungee system for easy wear and snug fit
  • Great comfort with its EVA midsole and footbed combo
  • Well-suited for all types of terrain
  • Excellent for tropical and beachside adventures
  • Sizing may be inconsistent due to different manufacturing sources
  • Elastic support may wear out when used extensively in hot and humid weather

4. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport

Great for on land and in water, these shoes are an excellent choice for men adventuring in the tropics. These shoes are one of the more uniquely designed in the market that looks good, but you can depend on them too.


These water shoes are a great choice for athletes and casual wearers who expect to get their feet wet. You can walk and even run with these shoes, be it on dry surfaces, along the beach, or crossing streams and brooks. It does this with an appreciable degree of performance thanks to its innovative outsole design and reliable rubber material.

The outsole allows for excellent traction and comes with quick-dry functionality as the rubber sole has plenty of drainage holes.

The upper for these shoes are made with 90% fabric and are made in an air mesh fashion. The air mesh allows for excellent all-around circulation for your feet while providing a snug and trusty fit. This is paired with Dreamcity’s ComfortDry sock liner, which provides the optimum cushioning and comfort for your feet.

Made with Solyte material that is exceptionally lightweight, using these shoes delivers quality performance and minimizes fatigue.

These shoes are also excellent for walking in sandy terrain as the mesh design helps keep the sand out of the shoe’s inside. And if there is any sand that gets into the insole, it can easily be removed thanks to its many drainage holes.

  • Made specifically for athletes treading on land, in water, and on the beach
  • Air mesh upper design provides excellent shoe ventilation
  • Exceptionally lightweight for reduced fatigue without any sacrifices to performance
  • Innovative rubber sole design with reliable traction on wet and slippery surfaces
  • Quick-Dry capabilities with meshes and drainage holes
  • A bit smaller than the stated shoe size
  • Small rocks and debris may get stuck in the meshes and holes

5. Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

Great for those who enjoy going to the beach and riding the waves, the Surfwalker Pro 3.0 from Speedo is a reliable piece of footwear for surfers and beach goers alike.


A stylish pair of water shoes from the tried and tested Speedo brand, this elegant set of footwear is made with a 100% neoprene upper. This stretchy material is well-suited for its slip-on design,making it easy to wear while having a snug and secure fit to your feet.

This is paired with its breathable upper mesh that delivers 360 degrees of air circulation, which helps keep your feet nice and dry while minimizing any bad odors from forming.

These water shoes feature a cushioned insole that provides excellent shock absorption and comfort. It is made with quick-drying materials that make it a great choice when traveling. The shoes themselves are ultralight, typically weighing around 10 ounces.

The outsole of these shoes is made with rubber and is rated as durable and able to handle most surfaces with ease thanks to its no-slip grip. This makes them well-suited for surfing and other watersports activities such as kayaking, rafting, and sailing.

  • Made with 100% waterproof neoprene uppers
  • Slip-on design for quick wear and a snug fit
  • Cushioned insole for feet comfort and impact protection
  • S-Trac outsole for added water resistance and slip resistance
  • Provides excellent air circulation in the insole
  • Small rocks may get into the shoes when walking on sand
  • Not suited for walking on long distances due to a lack of any arch support

6. Voovix Mens Barefoot Shoes

Rubber shoes with an innovative barefoot imprint from Voovix. These shoes are designed for running and jogging on all types of terrain, be it on asphalt, rough dirt, or beach sand, all the while giving a healthier barefoot feel for your feet.


This pair of barefoot shoes are designed to allow your feet to relax and be comfortable as you walk, jog, and run. It comes with a wide toe box that provides plenty of space for your toes. This is paired with its removable insoles, which are thick cushioning material that offers ample support for your feet’ heels and arches.

The upper is made with breathable material that helps keep your feet dry and prevents any offensive smells from forming. The shoes themselves are suited to be worn either completely barefoot or with socks.

It is ergonomically designed and is sure to minimize most stress-related injuries in your feet, such as extensor tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

These shoes are notable for being lightweight. This makes them more than suited for long-distance walking and hiking. It is further aided with its three-dimensional anti-slip pattern in its outsole. This not only provides excellent traction but give your feet that barefoot feel as you walk.

  • Breathable uppers that provide plenty of ventilation for your feet
  • Cushioning removable insoles that are thick and supports your arches and heels
  • Wide toe box for a comfortable fit that minimizes any stress to your feet
  • Lightweight rubber sole that features a three-dimensional pattern for excellent traction
  • Stylish designs for both men and women
  • Lacks any drainage holes
  • Not suitable for water sports

7. Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Cinch Water Shoe

A reliable pair of barefoot shoes for men, these waterproof shoes offer you that naturalistic barefoot feel while allowing you to tread on the sand above or below water.


The Cinch Water Shoes are explicitly designed to be worn barefoot, providing you with that natural feel while keeping your feet protected from the elements. It features zero heel lift and a low-profile outsole, which offers excellent grip and maximum traction.

The shoes themselves are easy to put on and take off. This is thanks to its stretchy and form-fitting material and adjustable shocklace design. These make these water shoes not only resistant to water but breathable as well.

These shoes are designed for water as they are flexible, breathable, and lightweight. This makes them perfect for all sorts of water-related activities such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, and stand-up paddle boarding.

This footwear also features an Integrated Drainage System that allows air to move freely and for water to drain out quickly without risking sand and small rocks from getting into the shoes’ insoles. Its materials are also resistant to water, which makes them quick to dry as well and makes them perfect for traveling.

  • Easy On design thanks to its stretchy uppers and adjustable shocklace design
  • Designed for beaches and all types of water sports
  • Quick-drying design and comes with its Integrated Drainage System
  • Excellent grip and traction from its Ultra-grip rubber outsole
  • Cushioning in its insole and arch support is minimal
  • These shoes are a size up from typical shoe sizes, making them a bit too large for some

8. Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Stylish and dependable, these water shoes from Merrell are designed for hiking and walking in most types of terrain, especially for beaches, rivers, and lakes.


Made with a mix of 100% pig suede and fabrics, the All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe grants excellent comfort for women’s feet. Its upper is made with all-natural pig suede that is durable and porous, making it soft to the touch while having a fashionable look.

This is paired with a mesh upper lining that provides a breathable environment for your feet. This lets your feet remain cool, and the insole is ventilated to prevent any bad odors from developing.

It also features an EVA footbed that adds some well-needed padding for your feet. This allows for a comfortable trekking experience as it cushions your feet with every step. The EVA footbed is also removable for easy access and cleaning, or for when you prefer to use an alternative footbed or none at all.

Its M-Select GRIP outsole is a durable and reliable feature. This lets these shoes get a firm grip on most surfaces, even slippery wet rocks that you may often have to contend with when crossing brooks and streams. These also work well in sandy terrain, allowing you to get a stable footing with ease.

  • Removable EVA Footbed that adds comfort and cushioning for your feet
  • Upper made with natural pig suede that is stretchy, durable, and fashionable
  • Mesh upper and lining for enhanced breathability and increased overall comfort
  • Synthetic outsole that features the M-Select GRIP that delivers superb traction
  • Easy to wear and tighten with its bungee lacing system
  • Limited arch and heel support
  • May be a whole shoe size smaller than stated

9. ECCO Women’s Yucatan Sandal Sport M

A go-to pair of sandals for outdoor adventures, this choice of footwear from ECCO is a quaint and stylish choice for those who want a fitting pair of sandals for their outdoor adventures.


A stylish and simple pair of sandals, these Yucatan Sports Sandals from ECCO are a reliable pair that offers no fuss and all fun for your next outdoor adventures. These sandals are lightweight, which makes them an excellent choice for long treks and strolls.

This is thanks to its soft nubuck leather upper and its three-point adjustable strap design. This gives a snug and comfortable fit for most feet while reducing the sandals as much as possible.

The sandals themselves are soft and comfortable,making them especially good for those with bad and sensitive feet. Its soft nubuck leather upper is paired with a neoprene lining, which together gives a soft and comfortable fit. The midsole features a molded EVA footbed, which is also soft and comfortable.

But more importantly, this EVA footbed is made with ultra-lightweight materials and covered with soft microfibre, delivering supreme cushioning and superior stability.

  • Lightweight EVA footbed that offers supreme cushioning and stability
  • FUILDFORM DIP P.U midsole foaming that is soft on the skin and comfortable on feet
  • RECEPTOR technology that provides excellent stability and dynamic support while walking
  • Durable and reliable outsole for reliable grip and traction
  • Soft nubuck leather upper with three-point adjustability that can handle dry and wet conditions
  • Not suited for swimming and watersports related activities
  • Limited cushioning when compared to other more specialized shoes

10. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Sandal Mesh

A reliable and trusted pair of sandals. The Swiftwater Sandal Mesh by Crocs Men is a professional yet straightforward pair of sandals that is great for all types of outdoor activities. Be it walking on beaches or fishing out in the water, these lightweight sandals are for you.


Simple and professional with little fuss at all. Though it lacks some of the fancier features found in other sandals and beach shoes, these sandals can hold on to their own through their excellent quality alone.

It is made with Croc’s proprietary Croclite. This ultra-lightweight closed-cell resin is a reliable and robust textile fabric. This fabric is also soft and comfortable, letting you wear these sandals barefoot with ease.

You can enjoy your leisurely walks on the beach with these sandals, thanks to their robust and dependable synthetic sole. It is designed with an innovative footprint design that offers excellent traction on most surfaces. And thanks to its wide profile, it would be able to handle walking on sand with reliable stability.

The sandals themselves are made with a mesh design that provides superior breathability. This mesh design is also water-friendly, making these sandals an excellent choice for vacations at the beach and pools.

  • Made with 100% lightweight and breathable textile fabrics
  • Robust and dependable synthetic sole
  • Water-friendly mesh design that provides superior breathability
  • Protective toe cap that has ample space for even wide feet
  • Excellent for leisurely nature walks and strolls along beaches
  • Lacks dedicated padding and cushioning found in other beach shoes
  • Not suitable for long jogs due to its lack of arch support

11. Skechers Women’s Reggae

A good choice for those wanting a pair of shoes that works great not only for walking on beaches but for day-to-day use, these Reggae Fest shoes will


These walking shoes are made to be lightweight by design thanks to their mesh fabric upper. This feature reduces any load on your feet for more pleasant walks and is also breathable, which helps keep your feet dry and cool.

It offers great cushioning for your feet thanks to its comfortable footbed. Its footbed is made with Luxe Foam, a tried and tested innovative material that delivers an appreciable blend of softness, comfort, and cushioning. This is paired with its Reggae midsole. The midsole is designed to further absorb any shocks during walking or even jogging and running, providing adequate support for your feet.

These shoes come in a wide selection of size choices for women, though do not worry much about buying a perfect size pair. Its stretchy bungee laces are there to keep these shoes safe and snuggly fit your feet, which works well with its flexible uppers too.

  • Comfortable footbed made with cushioning Luxe Foam
  • Made with a lightweight mesh fabric upper that is easy on your feet
  • Reggae designed midsole that absorbs shocks and supports your feet
  • Stretchy bungee elastic laces for an easy slip and quick fit
  • Excellent for Casual Use and for walking on hard surfaces and sand
  • Not a dedicated water shoe, unlike other choices in this list
  • May be a bit stiff at first wear, but it loosens up quickly

12. Belilent Water Shoes

A fashionable pair of shoes that works great on land and in water. These water shoes from Belilent are a great choice for those who want a pair to use for all occasions.


Made to be both fashionable and lightweight, these shoes are an excellent choice for those who prefer versatility in their water shoes. It comes in a stylish look suited for casual wear, nature walks, and activities by the beach. And thanks to its lightweight construction, you can get farther and further with this pair of shoes.

As it is designed for all kinds of water-related sports and activities, these water shoes come with excellent quick-drying capabilities. Its upper, outsole, and midsole are made with water-resistant materials that allow these shoes to dry up fast, even if submerged in water moments ago.

Its drainage holes and breathable mesh design allow for complete ventilation within the shoes while having zero waterlogging. This also makes these shoes easy to wash, as well.

  • Easy to put on and off design that also stretches and conforms to the shape of your feet
  • Fashionable and lightweight design that makes it suitable for gatherings and casual events
  • Comfortable and breathable experience thanks to its soft and stretchy upper and outsole
  • Comes with quick-dry functionality, drainage holes, and superb foot protection
  • Versatile water shoes that are excellent for beaches, water parks, pools, and casual wear
  • Drainage holes are large enough for small rocks to get stuck into
  • May be too tight of a fit for some with wide feet

13. Phantom Aquatics Men’s Voda Beach Water Shoes

The Voda by Phantom Aquatics is a fashionable option for men who want a pair of beach shoes that they can bring to the beach, the marina, or by the pool.


These shoes are notable for their long-lasting durability. This is thanks in part to its innovative construction and the durable parts it uses. The upper of these beach shoes are made with neoprene.

It is made in an innovative mesh upper that can stretch four ways. This allows the Voda to stretch and conform to most feet’ size and shape without sacrificing comfort. This design also contributes to the shoe’s durability.

These beach shoes are entirely breathable, thanks to their neoprene construction. Air and water can freely pass through the shoe. This helps keep your feet dry and cool when above water and avoid having waterlogged shoes when submerged underwater.

The mesh also does a great job maintaining sand and small debris out along with its stretchy heel finger loop. This also makes these shoes easy to take on and take off with little trouble.

  • Durable 4-Way Upper that stretches and comforts to the size and shape of your feet
  • Practical yet stylish design that is also comfortable to use over extended periods
  • Long-lasting and durable construction
  • Features excellent water management and flow dispersion characteristics
  • Well-suited for walks on the beach, swimming, and all types of watersports
  • Wide insole may feel too loose for some
  • Requires water socks for the best experience, wearing barefoot not recommended

14. Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe

An adventurous choice for those who want a pair of shoes for all conditions. The Five Fingers V-Aqua Water Shoe can be relied upon with casual strolls on the beach to nature walks by rushing rivers.


These water shoes are made to deliver a natural barefoot feel for men who want to feel secure with every step. Its innovative five-finger shoe design offers a snug and naturalistic fit, allowing for a range of motion to your feet, not possible in most shoes.

This makes them great for walking on different surfaces, such as loose sand to uneven, wet rocks.

The V-Aqua’s Megagrip Sole is purpose made for traction. It moves and contorts to your feet while providing you excellent traction even at the most slippery of surfaces. These also come with tiny drainage perforations across their entire outsole that allows for fast draining of the shoes of any water that gets in.

The upper mesh offers breathability as well. This helps not only with quickening drying time but also reduces any odors.

  • Innovative Five Finger Shoe design that allows for a natural barefoot feel
  • Excellent on a large number of surfaces ranging from loose sand to wet rock
  • Megagrip Sole offers dependable traction even on the most slippery surfaces
  • Snug and adaptable fit that is also comfortable for the feet
  • Built-in drainage perforations for quick dry capability with no risk of sand getting inside
  • Lacks dedicated cushioning foams or supports found in other water shoes
  • Requires water socks for best results as wearing these completely barefoot is not recommended

15. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker Iv Water Shoe

Comfortable and functional shoes for men who enjoy adventuring in the outdoors. Be it strolling by the beaches, trekking by rivers and lakes, or kayaking and rafting, these shoes are for you.


These water shoes are notable for their superb comfort and positive experience in wearing them over extended periods. This is thanks to Columbia’s proprietary Techlite material that lines the Drainmaker’s insole. This material is not only durable and long-lasting, but it offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption for your feet.

This is paired with strong and durable synthetic fibers woven in its uppers. This gives these shoes added comfort and breathability for your feet as well.

You can be sure with every step you take with these water shoes. They feature an Omni-grip sole, which provides high traction on all kinds of surfaces. This makes these shoes an excellent choice for kayaking, fishing, rafting, and all other activities that involves water but not swimming.

These shoes offer stability as well, even when walking on loose beach sand. It is also notable for its quick-dry capabilities.

  • Techlite footbed and frame that offers Columbia brand cushioning and support
  • Omni-grip feature that grabs onto any surface while providing stability with every step
  • Strong and durable synthetic uppers that are also non-marking and comfortable to wear
  • Excellent adjustability options that reliably offers a snug fit for any size and activity
  • Durable rubber soles that give excellent traction and quick-dry capability
  • Stock laces may be a bit fragile and may not be suitable for swimming
  • Somewhat limited breathability and may need a thorough clean occasionally

Why is it Difficult To Walk on Sand?

Sand is a loose material made with a mix of solids that move around whenever you take a step on its surface. This is what makes it so difficult to walk on sand properly.

The forces of every step and your weight cause the sands to shift slightly. Your body will have to exert more effort for this as it compensates for the shift in balance and the sand’s instability.

Sand can even be more challenging to walk on if it is wet. Wet sand is clumpy and made heavier thanks to the water it has absorbed. It can also be quite sticky, filling up the treads in the outsole of your shoes and sandals. Sand also absorbs the heat from the sun, especially on sunny days.

This can burn your feet if you walk on the sand barefoot. Because sand is so difficult to walk on, it is a great help to have the proper footwear to make the experience more enjoyable.

Benefits of Walking on Beach Sand

While walking on sand can be more difficult than walking on most other surfaces. It shifts and moves with every step, and it can be rather unpleasant and messy if the sand is clumpy from being wet.

But the increased effort required in walking on beach sand can also be a form of benefit. It takes about twice the effort to walk on sand than on hard surfaces due to the sand moving with every step. This can be a light form of resistance training and can help those looking to improve their health.

Walking on a beach can often help with a person’s mental health. The sights and sounds of the rolling waves and the sea breeze’s feel are relaxing sensations to many.

This can help alleviate stress while giving you some time to reflect and be with your thoughts or appreciate the natural beauty in most beaches and be away from your problems for a little bit.

Walking on beaches while being out in the sun can be healthy, especially if you are someone with a deficiency in Vitamin D.

The body naturally soaks up sunlight and uses it to synthesize Vitamin D, which is essential for physical and mental health. Though it is necessary to wear sunscreen while being out in the sun to not damage your skin.

Why do you need Beach Shoes?

Beach Shoes are footwear designed for walking on sandy beaches. You would need this type of shoe if you want to walk on sand but do not want to do so while being barefoot. This is because beach shoes come with features adapted to walking on sand and activities you could do while on the beach.

Regular shoes are alright when walking on sand, but the sand may clump up and get stuck in the outsole’s treads and could even get inside the shoe. Having dedicated shoes for walking on beaches is better, especially since this type of shoe can also handle getting wet.

What Key Features to Look For Before Buying Best Shoes For Walking on Sand and Beaches?

Best Shoes For Walking In Sand And Beach

Footwear for walking on sand and beaches come in many different types and sizes. They come in shoes, sandals, and other more innovative designs that may or may not be suited for you.

To help you pick out the best beach shoes for you, here are three key features that you should look for to make sure you get the most out of your beach shoes.

Waterproofing and Water Drainage

Most of us go to the beach to enjoy the sun, see the sights, and go for a swim. But it can be a downright hassle to keep taking off our shoes or slippers whenever we want to dive into the water. Some beach shoes are made not only for walking on sandy beaches, but you can safely take them to the sea.

This is thanks to its water-resistant materials that will handle being in salty water just fine, unlike other shoes

Plenty of beach shoes also comes with a feature that lets water quickly drain from your shoes. They do this through the use of drainage holes, which allow any water inside the shoe to flow right out.

A bonus when having shoes like this is that they feature a breathable upper mesh, which helps minimize any bad odors and helps keep your feet relatively dry. This can be useful during nature walks, as well as you can cross brooks and streams with no fuss at all.

These shoes often come with a quick-dry feature and are made with materials that do not warp or get damaged when submerged in water. Do not use fire or strong heat sources to dry out the shoes though they may cause damage to the shoes.


Footwear of all types needs to be comfortable to wear. But the level of comfort largely depends on your preferences and the types of activities you expect to do. Sandals are fine to wear while on the beach but if you need extra cushioning, make sure to pick a pair of beach shoes that come with plenty of cushioning and a soft insole.

Make sure that the beach shoes fit your feet properly, especially if you are expecting to be in the sand or getting your feet wet. Salty seawater can dry out your skin rather quickly, while coarse sand can be a painful irritant to your feet.


Shoes should be lightweight, and this is especially more important with beach shoes. Water is surprisingly heavy. Waterlogged shoes will feel especially heavy, even if they have drainage holes and plenty of ventilation.

Shoes that feel too heavy for your feet can be a serious injury risk. At best, these will simply tire your feet out sooner than usual. But wet sand can be rather sticky and clumpy, and with tired feet and heavy shoes, it can be easy to lose balance and potentially hurt yourself.

The added weight also puts extra pressure on your feet, which could cause injuries such as extensor tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I wear my beach shoes for?

While beach shoes are made for seaside adventures, these shoes are also great for going on nature walks and hikes around rivers, lakes, and springs. Most shoes of this type come with an anti-slip technology, which is very helpful when walking on wet rocks that are often slippery.

This also makes them particularly good for footwear to wear when going to indoor or outdoor pools, fishing trips, and kayaking.

However, you should check the materials used for your beach shoes when bringing them to pool areas. Chlorine can damage your beach shoe over time, causing them to break down faster due to the chemical’s effects.

How should my beach shoes fit my feet?

If you are doing light and easy-going activities with your beach shoes, it is fine if your shoes have a loose fit to your feet. Otherwise, if you are doing swimming and summer sports activities, your beach shoes need to have a snug fit to your feet.

Having loose shoes during such activities could get you injured and even lose your shoes if they slip off.

But the most important thing to remember is that your beach shoes should feel comfortable when you wear them. If your shoes feel awful to wear, it doesn’t matter how they fit you because you are likely not to wear them as much anyway.

Can I have my beach shoes machine washed?

It is highly recommended not to use a washing machine when cleaning any kind of shoe. But it is understandable to want to have your beach shoes machine washed as it can be a hassle to get rid of any sand and dirt in your shoes. Some shoe manufacturers have beach shoes that can be machine washed, but it is best to check the product first before trying it out.


It can be surprising how important it is to have the best shoes for walking in sand and beach for your next vacation. But beach shoes can also be an excellent choice for other outdoor activities and can be a good pick of footwear to bring to the pool.

We hope that you have gotten everything you want to know about beach shoes and found the best pick from the list we have set up for you and that you have found the best shoes that match your needs right here.

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