Best Shoes for Running on Pavement For 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

The best shoes for running on pavement offers adequate protection to the feet and excellent comfort to the user, especially during intense running. The shoes have a great cushion and release pressure from within to avoid pains. Running is an exciting and relaxing exercise to sharpen the mind, but can turn into a nightmare with the wrong pair of shoes. What sets pavement running shoes apart from other shoes is the balance with excellent strength to withstand the severe impact of harsh surfaces that it offers during exercises. The best shoes will help you avoid possible pains and injuries, and these shoes provide balance and help you catch every exciting moment during your session. The most sought after aspect of these incredible pair of shoes is their ability to provide great foot flexibility and arch support with the right grip traction for efficient and injury-free exercise sessions.

Top 7 Best Shoes for Running on Pavement Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

The GEL-Kayano is a legendary running shoe that features various midsole enhancement for a smooth and vitalized running session. It keeps the feet sweat-free and stable, making it perfect for your intense running exercise. There are different running shoes for your tasks, but having one with lightweight foam ensures adequate breathing can make your sessions pain-free.


The GEL-Kayano measures a heel height of 22mm and a weight of 11.85 with a FluidFit technology for stability and flexibility. It has a sleek design that ensures that it fits easily around your foot like a sock. It has a similar design to a Japanese kimono. It is incredibly soft and has different technology to withstand impact on different surfaces like pavements and lots more.

Its heel has a clutching system for stability and heel locking while the Ortholite X-40 Sockliner cushions the underfoot. It is lightweight and ensures a high level of comfort to users, especially in the leg area. The pair of shoes have two foams for a responsive and fluid ride.

The first layer gives the user an extra bounce while the second ensures efficiency in the user’s movement. The FLUIDRIDE midsole ensures good movement functioning with the GEL technology for joint protection from impact during your sessions.

  • It is reliable and offers stability
  • It has a long-lasting body build
  • It offers high-level foot protection
  • It ensures the user’s comfort
  • It comes with an impact guidance system
  • The heel area is a bit tight
  • It is quite expensive on the market

Nike Men’s Training Shoes

The Nike men’s training shoe is a lightweight premium pair suitable for everyday running and training. It is also an excellent upgrade to previous versions with a durable design that enhances traction for high temp running exercise sessions with excellent cushions and great responsiveness. It has a significant and wide toe box for your feet’ comfort and an upper portion for easy breathing.


The Nike men’s training pair of shoes has a dimension of 9.06 x 12.99 x 0.79 inches and a weight of 14.11 ounces. It has a carbon rubber engineered sole and offers enormous energy return and retention during sessions.

It consists of reach and ZoomX foam features that ensure smoothness and plenty of room for the toe during intense exercise. It has a soft and plush cushion underneath for easy movement, and you can use the flywire cords for foot locking anytime your laces need tightening.

The unique thing about these shoe outsole is that it has a reinforced rubber to avoid wearing out from the impact incurred from surfaces during your sessions. The Nike men’s training shoes have durable soles with a minimal approach that enhances movement and aids better running.

  • Built with quality and long-lasting material
  • Comfortable to wear and aid faster running
  • It has a sleek design and lightweight
  • It offers different traction surfaces and smooth run
  • It provides a great energy return during intense exercises

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

The Gel-Nimbus 21 is a perfect neutral shoe made of top-quality materials and built for runners. It comes with improved midsole technology and offers excellent comfort to the user. It is responsive and bouncy, and that creates stability and support for users running long distances.


The Gel-Nimbus 21 has a 13 x 8 x 5 inches dimension and measures a heel height of 25mm. The manufacturers built the shoes with top quality materials with improved midsole technology. Its padding comes in three layers, with each on top of another to offer a high level of comfort.

The top layer is the Flytefoam Propel, it gives the shoe a dynamic bounce, and the foam ensures continuous cushioning even on long distances. The second layer is FlytefoamLyte. It keeps the toe in good condition and ensures a high energy return.

The last layer at the forefoot and heel is the gel technology to reduce impact. The technology is less visible on the outside, and the first two foams ensure proper shoe cushion. Its full-contact outsole offers great stability to the foot with a pain-free heel-to-toe transition. The premium mesh and gel pad provide good foot movement with the right balance.

  • It is lightweight and comfortable for longer running exercises
  • Made of top-quality materials for adequate foot protection
  • It has a broader shoe layer to provide comfort for the foot
  • It has a gel technology to minimize the heel-to-toe impact
  • It has a stylish and sleek design for durability
  • Slightly heavy compared to a neutral shoe
  • The sole is not very soft

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a solid and classic pair of shoes built with quality materials to stand the test of time. It offers excellent stability and provides room for foot movement and comfort during intense exercises. The supportive shoe ride ensures adequate responsiveness, and its plush DNA foam protects the knee from impact.


The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 has a midsole drop of 12mm and a BioMoGo DNA midsole to give the foot more comfortable. The rubber compound on the outsole offers protection and increases the life span of the shoes. The solidly built rubber resists wear and tear with a DNA loaf that provides a bouncy and soft feeling.

It has a crash pad that helps users landing during their exercise or running sessions and can fit any foot. The heel-to-toe traction of the shoes offers great stability with a GuideRails support system that ensures adequate steadiness and provides smart support to the user’s leg.

The most sought after aspect of this incredible pair of shoe support system is that it minimizes the heel’s rotation and included shin to ensure good knee movement while running. The top of the show has a slick mesh for good breathability and an accommodative toe box.

  • It has a support system to minimize knee injuries
  • It has a crash pad that can accommodate any foot
  • It has a protective cushion feel for floating during exercises
  • It is comfortable and easy to wear
  • It has a sturdy body build for longevity
  • It has a minimized arch, and that can be challenging for individuals that prefer a deeper arch
  • Slightly heavier than previous versions

New Balance Men’s FuelCell Impulse

The new balance men’s FuelCell impulse is lightweight and built with responsiveness for adequate speed during exercises. It has a sturdy design with a comfortable feel on the skin and can save your legs from a stress fracture. It fits snugly and wraps well around the foot. The soft upper has an ultra-thin construction with mesh for its outstanding design, similar to a sock-like wrap.


The new balance men’s FuelCell impulse measures a dimension of 14 x 9 x 6 inches and consists of two different parts of nitrogen-infused foam to invoke speed and quickly take you off the cushion. It has an internal layer that rides to the lower ankle area and an outer layer that spreads across the foot top to lock the user’s foot for adequate balance.

The nitrogen cells offer rebound at a high rate during fast running exercises. It has a stable and accommodative toe-box that ensures smooth rides for forefoot strikers. Many shoemakers sacrifice durability for lightweight, but that is not the case for this incredible pair of shoes. It is durable and has a protective rubber at the forefoot to prevent wear and tear.

  • It is lightweight and saves the foot from harm
  • It invokes speed and long-lasting
  • Has an accommodative and wide forefoot for stability
  • It wraps and grips the foot for quick movement
  • It offers a large amount of rebound during fast exercises
  • It has a narrow mid-foot
  • Not properly structured for longer runs

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Brooks Men’s Bedlam

The brooks men’s bedlam is a premium pair of shoes that can align your foot with top-level cushioning. These shoes are an excellent choice for stability. It is comfortable and well-structured with a responsive midsole for energy returns. It comes with a superb FitKnit upper and an incredible support system that protects the knees from harm during intense exercises.


The brooks men’s bedlam carries a weight of 1.63 Pounds and measures a dimension of 12.3 x 7.3 x 4.6 inches. The mid-foot has a dynamic covering that keeps the foot safe within the FitKnit upper. The pair of shoes comes with the GuideRails technology to protect and align the foot properly to avoid stress fractures.

The technology ensures less tibia and heel rotation with tranquility and good knee movement. It has a ground contact sole for stability, especially for individuals with a wide foot.

It has a durable and straightforward sole that performs greatly on different harsh surfaces like concrete or pavement. The running shoe heels come with a sock design to avoid tightness even when you lace them.

  • It offers great support and ensures smooth rides
  • It is lightweight and stable
  • It can perform well on different surfaces
  • It returns energy to enhance your runs
  • It protects the knees from harm
  • To keep your mid-foot safe, you need to tie the laces hard
  • It has a high heel collar and lacks traction

Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Running Shoe

The Adidas men’s ultra-boost running shoe comes with a responsive and plush technology with a re-designed heel with more padding to comfort users. It has an excellent midsole that returns a good amount of energy to help you stay cool and prevent tiredness. It has a Primeknit upper for more flexibility and hugs the feet for an easy bounce.


The Adidas men’s ultra-boost running shoe carries a weight of 10.3 Ounces and 100% made of textile. It has a floating torsion spring embedded in the boost foam to improve transition. It gives a nice snap and enhances your speed when you increase the tempo of your running exercises.

The heel measures at 27mm while the forefoot is at 17mm. The pair of shoes comes with a knit material that ensures adequate breath, while the top uses a tailored fiber placement to give the foot support and lock the mid-foot through your exercises.

You can also use the 3D frame to lock your heels and enjoy the smooth ride. The ultra-boost running shoe allows great airflow with its outstanding design and has a generous toe-box to avoid any harm during exercises.

  • Made of top-quality materials for durability
  • The prime layer kit can expand to fit the feet
  • It returns lots of energy to minimize tiredness
  • It is lightweight, flexible, and soft
  • It has a comfortable grip and wraps around the foot nicely
  • It is quite expensive on the market
  • The pair of shoes have limited sizes

What Key Featutes To Look For When Buying Best Shoes For Running On Pavement?

Best shoes for running on pavement

The idea of running on surfaces attracts different forms of hardness, and you need shoes with various levels of cushioning to keep your knees safe. Running on surfaces like pavements, which is hard, requires shoes with great comfort to prevent injuries. Required shoes should wrap comfortably around the foot to avoid harm. The following points are factors to consider before purchasing:


The first and most important thing to consider is cushioning because the feet will receive different kinds of pounding when you start running on paved roads. You will feel the pounds’ effect on your muscles and joints in the form of pain or fatigue. Highly cushioned shoes can significantly reduce impact, and you should examine the heel and forefoot because both locations get the highest impacts.

Adequate breath

Because many shoes on the market do not allow adequate breathing, you should, if your desired choice, have enough room for breathing. During your exercise, the feet can get sweaty, especially if it rains. It is important to buy shoes that allow sufficient air to dry out the wet feet.


If you want to enjoy your running on paved roads without injuries, it is important to buy shoes with enough grip to the ground to avoid slipping. The best shoes for running on pavements should come with an excellent outer sole to improve the ground traction.


The shoes developed with quality materials will stand the test of time. You should pay more attention to the midsole, which should provide springiness that you can depend on for an extended period without losing quality. It should have a well-built body type and design that can stand the test of time, even on paved roads.

Closure system and weight

It will help if you understand that running is an exercise, and if you utilize the wrong shoes, you stand a chance of hurting your foot. You should examine the closure system and ensure that you purchase a pair that you can lace without sliding during the action. Another factor to consider is the arch support and weight of the shoes. Ensure that you select a lightweight pair to prevent fatigue. You can enjoy short runs with heavy shoes, but it can be a nightmare to go the distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are the best for running on paved roads?

The ideal shoes come with adequate breathing space for the foot. It should accommodate and expand with your foot. You should get shoes that handle your foot with enough grip and provide sufficient traction for pace stability and flexibility.

Why do I need to get running shoes on pavement instead of a trail or neutral shoes?

It would be best to have the right shoes to keep your knee safe from harm because of the numerous impact it faces during exercises. Running shoes came with adequate uppers and created with quality materials for durability and protection. It also ensures that the feet stay cool and sweat-free during runs. Meanwhile, neutral or trail shoes do not have the same features and come with thick materials, especially in the uppers.

Do I need to get 2 running shoe pairs?

It depends on the amount of time you spend on your runs. The longer the distance, the more the shoes stand a risk of wearing out. It is advisable to get more than one pair of shoes if you are a regular runner because shoes’ durability can vary depending on the usage rate.


Performing several exercises like running on pavements can be interesting, but not finding the right shoes to perform that task can be tiring. These shoes play an integral role in entertaining the exercise, even if you are doing it to lose weight or just for fun. The shoes have the category name called road running shoes, and you will find them with various underfoot cushioning and enormous flexibility for your ideal comfort. You should find durable shoes that provide a reliable grip to avoid slipping during exercises.

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