Best Shoes for Plyometrics Reviews You Can Buy in 2021

Plyometrics are training exercises that use speed and force of various movements to boost muscle power. It involves different types of rigid exercises like jumping, running, kicking or doing pushups to keep your muscles fit. There is need for you to have the best shoes for plyometrics that play a major role in boosting your workout experience and making it worth.

Plyometrics are usually used by athletes as part of their training, though anyone can do the workouts for personal body and muscle development. People who have been involved in serious accidents and are in physical rehab use plyometrics to get their bodies back in shape. It is also a great training way for people involved in high impact sports that involve lots of running and jumping like basketball.

Plyometrics require good shoes that will provide comfortability all day long. Additionally, the shoes should have good treads to keep you firm and stable on the ground during your workout. In this article, we will review the best shoes for plyometrics available in the market.

Reviews Top 9 Best Shoes for Plyometrics

1. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

The Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoe is a CrossFit footwear re-engineered to make your training experience perfect. It comes in three different color variations of cool shadow, storm glow and silver. It features a true to size fit for perfect fitting.


This shoe is made of 100% textile material on the upper part and a rubber material on the outsole. It features a low-top shaft height and a wide toe box for a comfortable fit. The upper part is made of a durable and lightweight material for flexibility. The material is weave-woven to provide a resilient stretch and support. It is made using the Flexweave Technology which weaves the fibers into a figure-8 to offer a strong and flexible upper.

The weave upper provides breathability to keep the shoes fresh all day long. The shoe features a new soft rubber midsole protection wrap with a bootie construction for added cushioning in the forefoot providing ultimate comfort and foot support. This footwear has forefoot flex grooves for flexibility. It has a low-cut design for increased ankle mobility to keep you moving comfortably all-day long.

  • 100% textile material for durability.
  • Low-top shaft height for stability.
  • Durable and lightweight material for flexibility.
  • Weave-woven to offer resilient stretch and support.
  • New soft rubber midsole protection wrap with bootie construction.
  • The shoes do not have sufficient cushioning.
  • They have fit issues.

2. NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes and Styles

Nobull was launched in 2015 as an apparel, footwear and accessory brand. It was targeted for people who love hard trainings. The Nobull’s mission is to create shoes that perform with you wherever you need them. The Nobull Men’s Training Shoes and Styles are available in black and white colors. The shoe is made of canvas on the upper part.


The upper part of this shoe features a seamless single-piece construction made of an awesomely durable super fabric. The material is waterproof and abrasion resistant for durability. The fabric is also breathable to ensure fresh air circulation into the shoe to avoid emittance of foul odors. The shoe has super fabric guard plates applied on the highly flexible mesh base layer to create a 360-degree protection against rope climbs and zombies.

The outsole has a lug pattern on the treads, perfect for usage on all kinds of environments and surfaces. It allows an easy transition between the inside and outside with a perfect blend of flexibility, support and traction. Additionally, the shoe has a high carbon lateral and carbon guards for extra protection on the sidewalls. The shoe features a medial rope grip for a firm hold on the foot.

  • Seamless single-piece construction for durability.
  • Abrasion resistant and waterproof upper material.
  • Breathable upper to ensure fresh air circulation.
  • Fabric guard plates to create protection against rock climbs.
  • Lug-patterned outsole for sufficient grip on all surfaces.
  • No ankle support.
  • Not perfect for wide feet people.

3. New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer

New Balance has been a top brand for quite a good time now. It is popular with its users for manufacturing good quality shoes that are durable. The New Balance Men’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer features a seamless upper constructed with a nylon-infused yarn to form a barrier around the foot for extra protection and lateral support during your workout.


The shoe’s upper is made of 100% synthetic material and a rubber outsole. The synthetic upper is made durable to provide a long term service. The shoe’s upper part is engineered and made from nylon-infused yarn to offer quality support without compromising on the flexibility and the ease of the foot movement.

This shoe features a one-piece vibram outsole that provides sufficient comfort and superior grip to help you maintain a natural and upright stance during training. The shoe features a REVlite midsole’ cushioning that delivers an excellent cushioning for a comfortable underfoot that provides a ground feel.

The shoe features a molded foam asymmetrical collar to offer a tight natural fit to enable you stay stable on the ground during training. Additionally, the shoe has mono-mesh windows for ventilation. This breathable mesh allows fresh air circulation into the shoe to avoid bad smell when the feet sweat.

  • Molded asymmetrical collar for a tight natural fit.
  • Mono-mesh windows for ventilation and breathability.
  • Vibram outsole to offer sufficient grip.
  • REVlite midsole cushioning for a comfortable feel.
  • 100% synthetic material for durability.
  • Only available in men’s version.
  • No wide range of color choices.

4. Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 v3 – Cross Trainer

Made by a leading brand INOV-8, the Men’s F-Lite 235 v3-Cross Trainer Fitness and weight lifting shoe is made for committed runners and training athletes seeking to push boundaries in their training and stretch to extreme limits. It features a synthetic upper that is made to last long.


This shoe is flexible and lightweight for daylong comfortability. It enables to carry out your workouts without feeling tired and worn out. It features a highly treaded outsole for a firm grip on surfaces. The sole is made using a high performance outsole technology that allows natural foot movement and makes you experience a feel close to ground for your ease of movement during the workouts.

The shoe has a snug fit around the midfoot that makes it possible for the foot to be gripped sufficiently to prevent it from slippage while inside the shoes, boosting stability during workouts. The wide toe section available in the boots offers sufficient room for you to spread your toes freely for comfortability. The upper part is made of an elastic mesh liner that is super durable and perfectly hugs the foot for extra comfort and support.

  • Durable elastic upper for comfort and support.
  • Welded toe bumper for excellent shield to the toes.
  • Snug fit around the midfoot for grip and stability.
  • Lightweight and flexible for a daylong comfortability.
  • Made of synthetic material for durability.
  • Not good for people with wide feet.
  • Limited colors to choose from.

5. ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 Knit 2 Men’s Running Shoe

The Gel-quantum 360 Knit 2 Men’s Running Shoe comes in black, classic red and stone grey colors. The shoe has a true to fit size and a lace-up closure for ease of wearing and removal. It is made of a synthetic-and-mesh upper for durability and synthetic outsole for sufficient grip on all surfaces.


The shoe is made using rear foot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning system to offer great comfort to the feet during exercise. This cushioning attenuates shock during impact and facilitates easy movement in multiple directions as the foot transitions through the cycle. Additionally, the shoe is made using the Trusstic System Technology reducing the weight of the sole system while maintaining the structural build of the shoe.

The shoe features a heel clutching system technology and an exoskeletal heel counter that offers sufficient support and efficient heel fit. The shoe has an Ortholite X-40 sockliner with high rebound features such as breathability for moisture management. Additionally the shoe has a lightweight solyte midsole that provides cushioning and protects the feet against impact.

  • Synthetic and mesh upper for durability.
  • Lace-up closure for ease of wearing and removal.
  • GEL technology cushioning for comfortability.
  • Trusstic technology makes it lightweight.
  • Heel clutching technology for stability.
  • Shoe edges are extremely rough.
  • Don’t offer additional spring to your run.

6. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

The Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe is a lightweight training footwear measuring 99grams. The shoe is available in black color and various sizes to choose from. It is made of a fabric textile on the upper part that ensures notable durability.


The fabric on the shoe’s upper has a polyester mesh material with a PU film protection and reinforcement. The mesh is sufficiently breathable and allows fresh air circulation into the shoe to ensure day long freshness. The shoe features a 3mm rubber compound outsole with great tread lug patterns for great traction on surfaces.

This shoe is manufactured using the XS trek compound technology that boosts optimal balance of traction and ensures the shoe is durable enough. The shoe is engineered for stability and comfort, with an awesome response system to unfavorable terrains and grounds. Additionally, the shoe has a 2mm EVA insole and a Drylex sockliner that offers sufficient comfortability to the feet and absorbs impact to prevent the feet from sustaining injuries.

  • Lightweight for daylong comfortability.
  • Fabric textile for durability.
  • Breathable mesh upper for moisture control.
  • 3mm rubber outsole for great traction.
  • 2mm EVA midsole for cushioning.
  • Shoe fit not correct.
  • The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

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7. Nike Women’s Metcon 5 Training Shoe

Whenever you think of super quality sporting shoes, the Nike brand should always come to your mind. This company has been a noticeable icon in the industry for quite some time now. It is loved by its users for the manufacture of durable high quality shoes. The Metcon 5 Training shoe is no exception.


This shoe is available in color choices of black, team orange-white-laser orange and features a true to size fit. When ordering, make sure to order your standard and usual size. The shoe is made of synthetic material and features a lace-up closure type that allows you to lace it to your desired fit and snug. The style number of this shoe is AO2982-081.

The shoe features firm foam placed under the heels for a secure fit and it is made softer in the forefoot to cushion and absorb high impact forces. The heel is made flat, low and wide heeled with a removable wide feet insert that boosts offset and to increase stability. The rubber outsole has directional traction that wraps up the shoe sides for good grip on surfaces.

  • The shoe is stable and durable.
  • Low and flat wider heel with removable insert for offset.
  • Synthetic material for durability.
  • Textured print on shoe top boosts lightweight durability.
  • Rubber sole with directional traction for firm grip.
  • The shoes are costly.
  • Require super care, otherwise they will spoil relatively fast.

8. Under Armour Men’s 2.0 Cross Trainer Shoes

Available in color choices of mod gray and white, the Commit cross trainer shoes are perfect choice for plyometric exercises. These shoes are made of synthetic material and a lace-up closure type for easy slip on and off when exhausted. The outsole is made of rubber material.


This shoe features a lightweight mesh upper that allows incredible breathability for fresh air circulation in and out of the shoe when in action. This ensures that the shoe keeps smelling fresh all day long even in extremely hot environments. The shoe has a leather mid foot saddle that offers incredible support and comfortability to the foot.

Moreover, the shoe features a dual external heel counter that hugs your feet perfectly for a snug fit and that boosts your stability on the ground. A cushioned sockliner present in the shoe molds to the shape of your foot to eliminate accidental slippages and offer sufficient underfoot performance.

This shoe has a charged cushioning midsole that provides adequate cushioning to the feet to maximize comfortability. The midsole also absorbs impact force and converts it into a responsive burst for feet protection.

  • Lightweight upper mesh allows fresh air circulation.
  • Leather midfoot saddle for extra stability.
  • Cushioned sockliner prevents slippage.
  • A charged cushioning midsole that absorbs impact.
  • Full rubber outsole for good grip.
  • Has poor workmanship.
  • Seam may rub against the foot causing discomfort.

9. adidas Women’s Edgebounce 1.5 Running Shoe

The Adidas Women’s Edgebounce 1.5 Running shoe is available in a choice of black, silver metallic and shock pink and various sizes to choose from. This shoe is made of 100% synthetic material which assures you a durable service. The outsole is made of blown rubber and has extra rough treads and enhanced impact zones for great grip on all terrains.


The shoe features an air mesh upper that enables breathability to maintain freshness all day long. The mesh fiber also works well to regulate moisture and absorb when it is in excess for daylong dryness. To boost its stability, the shoe features a customizable sock-like and a women’s-specific fit with an internal system, springy feel and a lace closure.

This shoe has a flexible bounce midsole’ cushioning that ensures the feet stay comfortable all day long, even in excessively rough grounds. Additionally, the midsole acts as a shock absorber to attenuate excessive impact forces, preventing injury to the feet.

  • The shoe has an air mesh upper for breathability and fresh air circulation.
  • Blown rubber soles with impact zones for traction.
  • Customizable sock-like fit for boosted stability.
  • Lace closure and a women-specific fit system.
  • It has a flexible-bounce midsole cushioning that attenuates excess impact.
  • It is quite costly.
  • The color fades out with time.

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What is Plyometrics?

As earlier stated, plyometrics are special and rigid training exercises that aim at developing muscle power using speed and force of different movements. Undertaking plyometrics training helps improve your physical performance and the ability to undertake heavy activities with much ease. People with good body shapes and seeking to ramp up their workout are encouraged to try out this challenge.

When starting out on plyometrics, start training with an experienced trainer who can guide you on how to jump and land safely without causing harm to your feet. You should start low and on a slow pace. As you continue familiarizing, start mixing a few plyometric moves on your regular workouts.

What is plyometrics good for?

Plyometrics play a major role in enabling an individual gain the power needed to achieve the primary goals of strength training methods like jumping higher, running faster and lifting heavier. The benefits of plyometrics include;

What is plyometrics good for

  • Increasing muscle power and tendon strength

Plyometrics exercises help strengthen body muscles and tendons in both the lower and upper body parts by boosting the muscle explosiveness and the tendency to contract and generate force more rapidly. Increasing your tendon strength boosts your muscle fibers in producing more power for a great performance and reduces the risk of injuries. Plyometrics improve the tendon elasticity by placing controlled stress on them.

  • Increasing endurance and stamina

Plyometrics help enhance power, stamina and muscle endurance in the upper and lower body parts. The improved muscle stamina enables the legs to deliver workforce at a higher intensity for an extended period of time. Additionally, strong stamina allows you to lift heavyweights with great stability.

  • Increasing metabolic rates and burning calories

Plyometric workouts are a great alternative to other methods of burning calories as these exercises do not require any special equipment. During plyometric exercises, excessive calories in the body burn more rapidly and fast and the metabolic rate is increased. The body burns the calories the whole day at a resting state and also during the workouts.

  • Strengthening muscle fast-twitch fibers

The primary goal of plyometrics is to enhance muscle contraction rapidly, developing some power as a by-product. Having a top power level is desirable with sportsmen and athletes in general. In order to maximize your power, you need to strengthen the muscle fibers responsible for converting strength to speed, referred to as fast-twitch fibers.

During plyometric workouts, the fibers are strengthened and the ratio of the fast-twitch fibers exceeds the slow-twitch ones in the body. When the fast-twitch fibers are strong, the muscle contraction is relatively fast, leading to an increase in power.

  • Developing your general performance abilities

Great power is the root of great performance. Plyometric training gives your muscles the required stamina and power to perform greatly in all other activities, may it be sporting or general duty. These exercises are vital for sportsmen whose games require explosive and rapid movements such as Olympic weightlifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are plyometric exercises a good choice for regular workouts?

Plyometrics are a good choice for anyone willing to develop strong muscles and for general body building. Whether you are a sportsman or not, plyometric exercises will help boost your body elasticity and improve your flexibility. Flexibility and elasticity of the body works perfectly to avert the possibilities of sustaining injuries during your daily activities.

Best Shoes for Plyometrics

Body and muscle strength is the foundational quality that sets the table for good workouts. Plyometrics offer a great chance to improve your muscle strength and development rate using explosive jumping techniques. Additionally, you learn how to fire the attained strength quickly and rapidly to maximize your athletic performance.

  • Are there criteria to be met in plyometrics?

There are certain criteria that have to be met in order to make the best out of plyometric exercises. First, you must ensure to jump as high as possible and attack your landings with super intent to maintain your focus on every specific rep. This is easily achieved by ensuring that you keep the quality of each rep high, using the jumps and plyos for your cardio target.

Additionally, you have to select the right variations at the perfect time, volume and frequency according to your individual fit. This is the point where most people go wrong in these exercises. Such considerations as training age, sporting age, the sporting demands and goal variation selection need to be given special treatment when choosing the variations for yourself or other people.

  • What qualities should plyometric shoes have?

Plyometric shoes, just like any other sporting shoes, ought to have some specific features that conform to the field requirements. The comfortability of these shoes is paramount. Plyometrics involve hard landings from jumps and thus the need for good padding to avoid injuries to the feet. Moreover, the shoes should be durable to offer a long lasting service.


Plyometric exercises are crucial in strong muscle and general body development. These exercises also help increase and boost the body elasticity for a breathtaking performance without causing harm to your body parts. Plyometric exercises are perfect for athletes and sportsmen training.

However, the exercises can be performed by anyone focused on developing their muscle power and body elasticity. Getting the best outcome on these exercises requires you to have great shoes. As the exercises are mostly done on concrete floors, there is need for shoes that have great treads on the outsoles to offer good traction on the surface for maximum stability.

Additionally, the shoes ought to have great padding on the inner part for sufficient comfortability when in action. After reading through the reviews above, you should be able to comfortably make an informed decision when choosing your plyometric shoes.

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