Best Shoes For Massage Therapists Reviews 2021

In a profession where you constantly need to be on your feet all day, comfortable and supportive shoes are a must. One of those professions is that of massage therapists comprising standing for up to 8+ hours and actively using the rest of their body for performing massages. The task is more than what meets the eye and involves being both physically as well as mentally available to meet each client’s satisfaction. It can be exhausting.

Long shifts of consistent work and standing can develop the risk of burnout — fatigue from too much standing — which you may not wish to happen in the middle of a massage session.

In this case, the best shoes for massage therapists can be your saving grace. Because such shoes come equipped with generous cushioning and pressure-absorbing soles to prevent your feet from killing you during work and at the end of it.

10 Best Rated Shoes For Massage Therapists Reviews

1. Skechers Performance Slip-On Walking Shoe

Don’t let doubt set in at the simple looks of the Skechers slip-on shoes. Their performance goes beyond mere appearance as they are designed with people who stand and walk for long in mind. It’s a package of lightweight convenience and comfort return in a pair. With it being low-profile, walking becomes zero-bother, and standing for hours on end a thing of the past.

It achieves this with the help of lightweight Resalyte cushioning that conforms to the contours of your feet for targeted support. The shoes also come with odor-eliminating insoles to help your feet stay dry every time you wear them. Additionally, the nylon fabric used in the making has an ideal stretch factor and moisture-wicking qualities.

Even if you suffer from special foot issues, the cushioning relieves you of pain and allows you to walk on hard, rough surfaces without feeling the contact of the floor. The pair is available in several shades and sizes, so you can easily find your preferred match. The shoes need no breaking-in: they’re comfortable right out of the box. Plus, you can wear them without the fear of slippage.

  • The shoes have targeted foot support.
  • Provides comfort on hard, tough surfaces.
  • The material is very breathable.
  • The insoles prevent foot odor.
  • Great for walking and standing all day.
  • They don’t have arch support, but one cannot tell.
  • There are size issues.

2. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

If you’re interested in high-quality shoes that will last you for years, Dansko’s clogs are a must-have. Their leather construction speaks of good-quality craftsmanship and offers a very classic, professional design approach unlike average clogs on the market. There’s plenty of wiggle room for your toes to not feel crammed in thanks to the roomy toe box.

The padded instep collar provides grip and comfort for walking ease. Along with the comfy platform, the PU outsole with rocker bottom has shock-absorbing powers, so you can walk on rough terrains without getting yourself hurt. And the wide heel strike provides greater grip and traction. After walking for long, feet can easily feel achy but these shoes have a foam footbed and dedicated arch support for bed-like softness that stays with you all day.

The foam is breathable, hence it keeps sweat and stink in check to prevent feeling slippery inside the shoe. The sizes are suitable for both narrow and wide fits. Plus, the stream of lovely colors is convenient.

  • Prevents accumulation of sweat and stink.
  • High-quality leather gives long-term use.
  • Made for both wide and narrow sizes.
  • Has excellent arch support and grip.
  • Made for walking long distances.
  • These lean on the heavier side.
  • They make sound when walking.

3. KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoe

The sporty, aesthetic appeal of Keen’s Presidio can elevate any attire, we’re sure of that. It even comes with laces if you want to customize the fit to your liking. A mix of mesh and leather offers the cool assurance of airflow, so your feet won’t be sliding in sweat and buried with odor. This is also because of the odor-removing feature called Cleansport NXT. The dry comfort is really effective for all-day wear.

Along with that, the 100% full-grain Nubuck leather body is a sign of its durable high-quality, and water-resistant design. With recommended leather care, this pair will last you a long time. On the other hand, the materials used for its creation are eco-friendly and gives a feeling of “saving the planet” while making a purchase.

The shoes are available in two shades – black to brown – with sizes ranging from 5 to 12 and have half-inch versions for those people who have mid-size fits. The cushioned footbed prevents foot strain and chafing both from above and bottom. Due to this, you can stand and walk for longer periods of time. Its non-marking rubber outsole establishes protection against tough surfaces and has excellent tread, be it indoors or outdoors, and does not leave imprints on the floor.

For the ball of your feet, the EVA arch support acts to diminish pain deep within. This is especially important if you suffer from a serious foot condition. Likewise, the patented toe protection saves against anything your feet may come in contact with while walking and offers ample toe room.

  • Leather offers water-resistance and durability.
  • Laces let you adjust the fit.
  • Arch support is great for heel pain.
  • Cushioned footbed prevents achy feet.
  • Has a breathable, odor-removing feature.
  • The design feels heavy.
  • Limited shades are available.

4. Birkenstock Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

No one is a stranger to Birks and don’t let the unassuming looks of these shoes fool you. Its simplicity offers everything, and many folks live for such shoes. The star behind its production is its fabric, Alpro-Foam. This fabric also graces the footbed and, according to our expectations, keeps your feet happy all day long. The cushioning combats tired feet and molds to the contours for cloud-like comfort. It helps distribute your body weight evenly for a stable and steady walking experience.

The footbed features nice arch support with cushioned insoles that are removable and washable for people with orthotic issues. Arch support helps with flat feet, alleviates back pain, and banishes strain that comes from contact with hard, tough floors. Owing to the polythurane and microfiber used in the insoles, it stops odor and sweat-building bacteria, keeping your feet feeling fresh the entire time. It’s available in three basic shades: blue, black and brown. Plus, the sizes are a normal width, made available for both men and women.

You can wear these with and without socks, and none of this contributes to extra sweating. The outsole has a wonderful texture for fantastic traction on slippery areas: ceramic floors, for instance. Talking about slippage, it’s a waterproof shoe and if you ever have a water accident, be rest assured you won’t slip.

  • Very easy to clean and keep up.
  • Waterproof body prevents slippage.
  • Textured outsole allows traction on hard surfaces.
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • Can handle all types of abuse.
  • Squeaks when you walk.
  • Needs breaking-in but it gets better within two weeks.

5. Dr. Comfort Ranger Men’s Hiking Boot

The name itself sounds very heavy-duty, but these rangers don’t feel weighty at all. Since the boots are orthopedic, these come with two gel inserts: regular and orthotic, making it convenient for you to switch between the two for when your diabetic foot condition (soreness) asks for it. And the removable insoles are replaceable with your own custom ones. Due to the therapeutic nature of this pair, people with arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot complications can look into this for a solution.

The boots are available in two staple shades: black and tan. While the sizes range from 6 to 15, suitable for both narrow and wide feet. The body is 100% leather which offers durable, sturdy use and keeps a check on sweat and foot odor. These offer comfortable right out of the box for instant use — no break-ins. With the help of durable construction and slip-free outsole, it allows tread on all kinds of surfaces without the fear of wear and tear.

Another thing to note is the super-cool wearability. The laces are only for show. It’s an easy slip-on and slide-off shoe with a velcro strap and hook and loop fastener for achieving a snug fit. The protective toe box allows enough room for toes to move freely and protects against toe stubbing.

  • Durable construction with leather and rubber.
  • Only hook and loop fastening.
  • Protective toe box provides wiggle room.
  • Therapeutic shoes for special foot conditions.
  • Comfort right out of the box.
  • Not for heavy, rugged use.
  • Elastic laces don’t satisfy people who want regular laces.

6. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes

Sneakers are synonymous with comfort; everyone who needs easy-on footwear knows can be found in a pair of kicks. Tiosebon’s kicks are no exception. From 5 to 13 size range with a lovely selection of colors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It features a knit mesh panel that not only perfectly stretches to accommodate your feet and provide freedom of movement, but also ventilates the inside to remove sweat and odor. You can wear it with and without socks, in Summer or Winter. The pigskin lining helps feet breathe and comes with cushioning for extra comfort.

With that, a latex arch insert adds increased support, especially if you have flat feet and easily get achy feet in the middle of long working hours. Unlike lace-ups with the hassle of tying and untying, these sneakers are effortless to slide on and take off, given the wide stretchy mouth opening is basically no struggle, and the pull tabs help a lot. To take things further, the MD outsole with Solyte midsole is impeccable on tough areas and secures from slippage. Both of these features add the ideal bounce-back effect to the heel to move, work, run and walk faster than before without foot fatigue getting to you.

All this happens in a lightweight, flexible, and durable body made to stand the abuse for long wear. These are washable shoes and can easily be spot-cleaned. Maintenance is an absolute breeze and with a busy life, convenience in any form is much-needed.

  • Mesh knit fabric removes sweat and odor.
  • Bounce-back heel prevents foot fatigue.
  • The midsole is shock-absorbing for greater traction.
  • Has arch support for flat feet.
  • Washes easily and requires almost zero maintenance.
  • Size issues for people of half sizes.
  • Has a chemical smell, but nothing a fabric spray can’t fix.

7. ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes

All the Asics features sound very technical, but we are here to break them down into easy, digestible bits. Asics shoes enhance your walking, running, and overall movement. They use Flytefoam Lyte technology for improved comfort and enhanced movements with energy return dynamics. Looks-wise: it may seem robust and heavyweight in style, but due to Flytefoam, the shoes have the lightest weight, almost feel you’re in flight mode than fighting to get on the move.

It has a breathable mesh fabric upper to control sweat and odor. Plus, it also offers a glove-like fit, so your feet won’t slide out unnecessarily. The front and rear foot room features gel technology to cut impact from the surface and increases flexibility for better traction in rough places, especially on roads. It is aimed at people suffering from overpronation and other foot ailments.

Because the body construction is shock-absorbing and the Dynamic Duomax Support System works like a suspension for feet, you’ll more likely want to wear this for longer periods of time without tiring or feeling pain after a short while. Coupled with Asics’ high abrasion outsole, the pressure of standing and working all day won’t rub on you as it provides support in the critical areas of the foot.

The shoes are available in a beautiful array of shades and the sizes suit both narrow and wide fits. If you’re wondering, then yes, it does come with high arch support for very flat feet. You can also add your own custom orthotics.

  • Has a breathable stretch mesh upper.
  • Prioritizes both narrow and wide sizes.
  • You can replace the inserts with your own.
  • High arch support for very flat feet.
  • High abrasion outsole for the wonderful tread.
  • The toe box is not roomy enough.
  • Some people need more cushioning.

8. Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Brooks likes to keep things simple and very neutral. In fact, they largely focus on a cushioning system named High Energizing Neutral Cushioning for their Ghost 21, which makes you fall in love with the uncomplicated experience of the entire package. The neutral system never makes it tough for the customer, be it running, working, or walking. It’s a versatile shoe on so many levels. It is lightweight made so for the best wearing experience and has BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft cushioning to provide just-right underfoot softness with an energy-preserving sole.

A mesh upper frames the body to keep it durable, moisture-wicking, and odor-proof for all-day dry comfort. Ghost 21 targets steadiness and with its Segmented crash pad — shock-absorbers — the impact of any hard, uneven surface is not felt. Every step covers heel-to-toe protection so as not to cause you back pain while allowing smooth transitions from place to place.

Not to mention, the pair incorporates 3D fit print that basically means targeted support; it analyses exactly where you need stretch and structure. The shoes have laces and you can easily get the fit closer to the ankle, so your feet won’t slide out. It’s available in different sizes, especially convenient for people leaning towards half sizes. The shade choice is also convenient for everyone.

  • Can be used for work and heavy gym use.
  • Is lightweight and flexible for a smooth ride.
  • The mesh body ventilates the inside.
  • Energy-return cushioning prevents tired feet.
  • High arch support for supination.
  • Untying and tying is time-consuming.
  • Padding can bunch up upon wearing the shoe.

9. Feetmat Women’s Running Shoes

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The Feetmat shoes are ideal for massage therapists, especially those who work long hours and have to work on slick floors. From all aspects, the pair sparks functionality with a form that’s incredibly attractive and durable. It’s available in a variety of beautiful colors and different sizes with a focus on point-half versions.

It’s created from breathable mesh material to help the shoe stay dry and comfortable on your feet. It lets in airflow to also insulate the interior, be it cold or warm depending on the temperature, and drives out the odor. Due to its memory foam insole, the feet don’t become prey to dampness to help you move better. The top hugs your feet and prevents your feet from coming out.

An anti-skid sole provides traction on bumpy surfaces and assists against slippery areas. Seemingly, the rubber sole allows heavy abuse without the fear of material deterioration and reduces the risk of burnout, stubbing, and ankle sprain. It does offer excellent traction but at the same time allows you to experience a barefoot feeling for a natural walk and earthy feel.

These have pretty great arch support and are very comfortable for people with flatter feet. These are wide in the toe area, so you can move your feet without restrictions. The mesh material easily adjusts to your foot and has slip-on ease.

  • Anti-skid sole is perfect for wet conditions.
  • Decent arch support for flat feet.
  • Shock-absorbing, barefoot feel for a natural gait.
  • Wide toe box for easy movement.
  • Adjustable mesh fabric and slip-on ease.
  • Plain, solid colors get dirty fast.
  • They are not waterproof.

10. VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog

Everybody loves a good clog, right? And clogs that make your work/life easier have to be interesting, yeah? Well, Vangelo’s clogs have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. Not only that but they’re the recommended footwear for better foot health.

Their unique selling point lies in slip-resistance. If you’re a massage therapist who has to deal with wet, slippery floors from time to time, this slip-resistant shoe can help. It has a special design shape for braving slippy floors and, with the help of a patterned Nano Ceramic rubber sole, enables you to walk on them with peace of mind, be it oil, grease, water, or anything on the floor. The shoes have a fantastic variety of colors. Are available in sizes from 4 to 16. It has an EVA foam body to aid in pain relief. The padding feels surprisingly soft on the feet and the shoes don’t weigh a ton.

You can walk in them daily, all-day without feeling tired during massage sessions. The clog has Ortholite removable insoles for extra support that is really practical for replacing with your own inserts. The insoles also keep the inside dry and don’t make your feet feel hot or swamped with sweat. Similarly, it’s easy to clean and allows washing inside out without damage. This factor keeps the shoes sanitized and always ready to go. It’s recommended to go a size up for a better fit. The toe room has sufficient wiggle room, yet your feet stay intact in the shoes thanks to the closed, tight design.

  • Special design allows traction on slippery, hard floors.
  • All washable inside and out.
  • A sturdy body does not feel heavy.
  • Roomy toe box for wiggle room.
  • The anti-slip feature is awesome.
  • Do not have half sizes.
  • You need to break them in.

How to choose the best shoes for Massage Therapists?

We’ve established the fact that the best shoes for massage therapists are very important because you wouldn’t be able to cope with the pain of being on your feet all day long without one. And constant ignorance could become a serious matter for your feet in the future. You may have seen nurses, doctors, and shopkeepers who stand and move the entire time with comfortable shoes on, and it is exactly for the reason we’ve stressed above.

Best Shoes For Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are no different in this case, and the right shoes will help avert feet stress and strain. Another equally important thing to consider is features that are going to help you find the best pair, so you can make an informed choice.

Wide Toe Box

Yes, a wide toe box will allow your feet to stretch and freely move inside the shoe. The chances of toe stub and soreness will reduce while the foot will be more likely to breathe and move with long-wearing ease. In this scenario, clogs are great in terms of wide toe boxes as they usually allow more room. But if you want something more attractive than a clog, then our recommendations serve you well.

Slip-Resistant Sole

Usually, spas and massage therapy clinics have slick, hard floors. Walking and working on them all-day can be a nightmare, particularly if your shoes aren’t equipped with non-skid soles. Always look out for slip-resistant shoes as a massage therapist; they’ll save you from embarrassing slips and accidents.

High-Quality Construction

Who doesn’t love high-quality shoes that last beyond their lifespan? For that, you need to hunt for durable materials that are abrasion-resistant and can tough out wear and tear. Yes, maintenance is also the key to long-time durability. But if the product isn’t built from high-standard raw materials in the first place, the upkeep can go out of the window. Look for leather and other hard wearing textiles, like nylon, cotton, cork, polythurane, etc.


Of course, comfort is the sole feature providing relief when you’re spending almost an entire day in the salon or work area. Comfort has many aspects and in terms of shoes, you must seek these factors: Appropriate size, lightweight, padded, arch support, shock-absorbing heel, good traction, easy-on and easy-off, and lastly, minimal maintenance.

If the shoes you’re looking into check all of these boxes, be rest assured that you’re putting your bucks into quality, except that arch support differs from person to person. Not to mention, the option of adding your own custom inserts is highly rewarding, especially if you suffer from a foot condition. Most shoes offer this facility, but if they don’t, you can always look up our list to find your shoe match for removable insoles.

Also, a free return policy or a refund policy could also be a comfort factor, knowing you’re making a risk-free purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do massage therapists prevent burnout? 

Massage therapists help clients unwind and relax; it’s only natural they do the same for themselves. Too much work without taking short breaks can lead to burnout, something which massage therapists occasionally suffer from. They need to listen to their mind and body.

Short, frequent breaks, even a full day’s rest, healthy eating, exercise, getting proper sleep, and staying hydrated are going to help in fending off burnout. A lack of proper shoes also can let fatigue get to you, so before you hop to work, make sure you’re wearing the right gear for preventing future burnouts and reducing the risk of injuries.

  • What shoes do massage therapists wear? 

Massage therapists wear shoes that are best for standing all day. Since you’ll be moving and working a lot, you need shoes that don’t weigh you down or bring added burden to your feet. Such shoes come generously cushioned, so you won’t come in contact with the hard floor and have to accommodate through any slippage. Our list of best massage therapist shoes will give you an idea of the type of shoes to wear during massage therapy. Good shoes are like a base for your feet and will eliminate any back pain.

  • Is being a massage therapist stressful? 

It’s no surprise that most massage therapists leave their profession during the first five years of practice as it’s a demanding task and requires a high level of concentration every single day. And most quit due to burnout. But then no job comes without stress and those who truly appreciate this profession take it as a long-term career. You can only limit stressful moments by taking time off for yourself. Otherwise, with too much work and no time on your hands, you’ll likely feel the urge to give up. A successful career can only be established with a good work/life balance.


Before you pick the best shoes for massage therapists, make sure your choice fits all your needs; foot issues, expectations, and the considerations we’ve outlined for your ease. If you’re still confused about the final selection and it isn’t addressing all of your demands, you’ll likely be disappointed with the end product.

To save time and money, try a few shoes and get a feel for them in the store before buying online. However, if you can’t physically try them, do your own research if that works for you, read reviews, and accurately measure your foot size before checking out.

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