Best Shoes For Mail Carriers Reviews 2022

Mail carriers play an integral role in the community. Your job might seem easy, but you have to endure a lot of walking and driving to get mails delivered. As a post mail carrier, you already know the amount of work that goes into mail delivery.

With all the walking and standing involved in the job, you’ll be required to have the proper attire. We are talking about light clothes and comfortable shoes. The type of clothes you wear might change depending on the weather. However, the shoes won’t change much because you want your feet to remain comfortable at all times.

That brings us to the main subject of this post – what are the best shoes for mail carriers? Well, we’ve done all the backbreaking work for you and reviewed ten cozy shoes for mail carriers. We’ve also included a buying guide to help you pick the perfect pair. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Mail Carriers Reviews

Here is our rundown of the top 10 shoes for mail carriers. Be sure to check them out, as you might even find two great pairs instead of one.

1. Reebok Men’s Postal Express CP8500 Work Boot

The CP8500 Work Boot by Reebok happens to be our top pick, and so many mail carriers have vouched for it. Besides, Reebok is a popular brand in the footwear industry, meaning you can’t go wrong with their shoes. This work boot ticks all the right boxes when it comes to comfort, durability, and quality.


The upper part of this shoe is made from high-quality leather, meaning you can count on this pair to last for several months before the need to replace it arises. Despite being a work boot, the Reebok Postal Express has a soft toe to ensure that your feet remain comfortable at all times.

Unlike most work boots, this pair features a 100% non-metallic design. At least you don’t have to worry about walking through metal detectors. Besides, this design makes these boots lightweight and flexible. What more would you ask for as a mail carrier?

Moving on, this pair comes with a pillow top collar and tongue that keeps your ankles comfortable and prevents the occurrence of blisters.

These awesome Postal Express Boots feature removable cushion inserts with a moisture-absorbing lining. You don’t have to worry about sweaty feet while in your line of duty. The sole on these work boots is pretty strong and is made using synthetic rubber for durability purposes.

  • It doesn’t require break-in time
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • They are comfortable
  • USPS-certified
  • They are lightweight & flexible
  • The sole loses traction pretty fast

2. Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

If you are not a fan of work boots, you might want to take a loot at the Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe. This pair has been around for a very long time, and it is great for walking. Judging from the thousands of customer reviews, the Eurekas are among the best shoes for mail carriers. Moreover, these are good shoes to rock during the summer.


As you well know, mail delivery involves a lot of walking and standing. Luckily, the Rockport Men’s Eureka shoes are designed to address the discomfort and fatigue that comes with the job. The shoes boast of a latex foam footbed that cushions your feet to minimize fatigue.

Cleaning and maintaining this pair of shoes should be an easy undertaking, especially because it’s made from genuine leather. Besides, genuine leather is popular for its durability purposes. At least you can count on these walking shoes to last long.

What’s more, these shoes come with a mesh lining with impressive moisture-wicking properties. This feature enhances breathability, and most importantly, it makes your feet comfortable.

The Rockport Eureka Walking shoes have a wide base that’s meant to provide extra support when walking. Additionally, the shoes come with an EVA midsole that is pretty good at impact absorption.

  • Extra padding on the collars
  • It has a nice San Crispino construction
  • It’s available in three colors
  • Has a comfortable footbed
  • Impressive breathability
  • The stitching could be better

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3. Rocky Tmc Oxford Shoe

The Rocky TMC Oxfords are our 2nd runners up in this roundup post. They have been approved for use by postal, UPS, and FedEx employees. You’ll be good to go if you are working for any of these companies. At least these shoes will give you that professional look you’ve been seeking in your line of work. Below are some features you might like:


As a mail carrier, you should have shoes that withstand all weather conditions. Thankfully, the Rocky Tmc Oxford shoe is made using water-resistant leather. You can deliver letters without stressing about getting your feet wet.

These shoes are also super comfortable during hot weather. They come with a comfortable mesh lining that wicks away sweat and enhances breathability. The Rocky TMC Oxford shoes have a height of four inches, meaning you can wear them with almost all kinds of pants.

The sole on this shoe has been constructed with letter carriers in mind. For instance, they are made using lightweight polyurethane to give you enough flexibility when walking. Despite being flexible, the sole has been reinforced for durability purposes.

You can count on the TMC Postal-Approved Oxford shoes when it comes to quality. We are saying this because they are made in the USA, and they have a plain toe design.

  • Thick padding on the collars
  • They are slip-resistant
  • They are very comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • They are water-resistant and easy to clean
  • The sole looks very aggressive
  • It might feel short for carriers who are used to boots

4. Thorogood Men’s Soft Streets Chukka Boot

These Chukka boots by Thorogood have all the features a carrier requires. So, if you are looking for some plain toe boots to wear during mail delivery, the Thorogood’s are worth considering. They are quite comfortable for all-day work. Surprisingly, police, carriers, and paramedics love these boots. So, let’s see what this boot has to offer.


The Thorogood Streets Series have been around for decades, and most postal carriers love them for their flawless design. They have a simple look, but the stitching around them is top-class. You don’t expect the stitching on this shoe to come apart easily.

Being one of the best shoes for mail carriers, the upper part of this boot has been made using waterproof leather. Your feet will remain dry even when you walk on damp and muddy walkways.

It is hard to beat the Thorogood Streets Series when it comes to comfort. First off, they come with soft insoles that are made from polyurethane. Secondly, the inner part is lined with a comfortable weave cushioning fabric that keeps your feet warm.

The outsoles on this shoe are designed to provide better traction during slippery conditions. Besides, the seams connecting the outsole and upper part are tightly sealed to make the boots waterproof and durable.

  • They are great for cold weather
  • The sole has good traction
  • Features a flawless design
  • They are designed to be waterproof
  • It takes time to break them in

5. Bates Men’s Bates Lites Leather Chukka

If you’ve been in the postal carrier job for a long time, you might have heard about the Bates Leather Boots. The company behind these shoes has been around since 1885, and they specialize in tactical and military footwear. Today, they also make uniform footwear for civilian police and military forces. Here are some of the cool features of this shoe:


The Bates Uniform boots feature a performance-grade construction. They are made from 100% genuine leather, meaning they can withstand daily pressure. You can wear them comfortably without worrying about their durability.

Moving on, these boots come with a rubber sole to ensure that your feet remain flexible. At least, you’ll feel comfortable walking because of the flexibility of the sole. Besides, the traction of the outer sole is pretty good, especially in slippery conditions.

The Bates Lites provide a perfect fit, considering they are lace-up boots. Additionally, these 6-inch boots are postal-approved, meaning mail carriers can wear them without worrying about safety.

These uniform boots have plenty of comfort features that carriers should enjoy. For instance, the insole on this shoe is soft and provides enough cushioning to the feet. You’ll also appreciate the moisture-wicking lining that enhances breathability.

  • They are postal-approved
  • They are flexible and lightweight
  • They are comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Easy to polish and maintain
  • Lacks enough padding on the collar

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6. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Sneaker

The good thing about the Postal Carrier Job is that you don’t necessarily have to wear official or professional footwear. You can do sneakers as long as you are comfortable wearing them. The Skechers Afterburn Sneakers are a great option if you are looking for something stylish, innovative, and stylish as well. Let’s see what these shoes have to offer to mail carriers.


When the term sneaker comes up, what comes to your mind? Style and comfort, right? Well, the Skechers have it all and are designed to keep your feet warm and cozy all day. From the look of these shoes, you can tell that they have a sporty look.

Unlike most work boots, the Skechers feature a shock-absorbing midsole that keeps your feet cushioned and pampered all day. The rest of the sole is also designed to be flexible to provide you with outstanding performance.

Additionally, this sneaker comes with memory foam insoles that provide impeccable support and comfort. We also like the combination of synthetic and leather materials on the upper part of this shoe. This combination is the reason why the shoe looks stylish and comfortable.

  • The accents, stitching, and details on this shoe are impeccable
  • Comes with a padded tongue and collar
  • Boasts of a high-traction rubber sole
  • They are comfortable and supportive
  • They are not easy to clean

7. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

As you well know, Nike is a formidable force when it comes to footwear and fashion. Anything that comes out from this company is pure gold. It’s not surprising that the Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is among the best shoes for mail carriers. Below are some of the features you might like about this shoe:


As the name suggests, these sneakers are designed for training sessions. This shows they are comfortable enough to walk and run in. You can tell by checking the quality of the sole.

It’s lightweight and thick enough to provide cushioned comfort all day. The midsole features a lightweight foam construction to ensure that all your strides are cushioned.

Moving to the upper part of this shoe, you’ll notice it is made from leather. At least you can polish and clean the shoe with ease. Besides, the leather construction is excellent for durability and support.

The Nike Air Monarch IV has a rubber outsole that offers incredible traction over various surfaces. You’ll also like the padded collar and tongue on this shoe. These features provide comfort to the ankle area and right above your toes.

  • This shoe offers excellent breathability
  • It made using durable leather
  • The midsole provides unrivaled comfort and support
  • It is available in various colorways
  • They are great for running and walking
  • Annoying squeaking sound when they start to age

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8. New Balance Women’s 577 V1 Lace-up Walking Shoe

Ladies in the postal job also need unique shoes, so we included the New Balance Women’s 577 Walking Shoe. It is pretty famous for its impeccable design and performance. You can’t go wrong with this premium walking shoe. Let’s see what makes it a good shoe for female mail carriers.


Other than having a cool feminine design, the New Balance sneakers are super comfortable. Well, they might take some time to break in, but they are super supportive and comfortable when they do.

We can attribute the unmatched comfort to the solid rubber soles and the polyurethane midsoles. You can walk for several miles without feeling any discomfort on your toes and heels.  Besides, this shoe comes with ABZORB cushioning to help with shock absorption around the heel.

Unlike most walking shoes, the New Balance 577 V1s can be used as casual and working shoes. They are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn with all kinds of attire.

The other cool thing is that these shoes are easy to wear and take off. You don’t have to fumble around with shoelaces because the 577 V1s are designed to be hook-and-loop shoes.

  • They offer exceptional shock absorption
  • They are versatile
  • Built to last
  • The sole provides premium cushioning
  • They lack a bit in terms of arch support

9. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker V-Strap 2

If the Women’s New Balance doesn’t tickle your fancy, I recommend you to check out the Addiction Walker V-Strap 2 by Brooks.This shoe has nice looks to show for and is available in white and black. So, if you are looking for a shoe to wear all day without discomfort, then the Brooks Addiction Walker should be your go-to option.


Looking at the Brooks Addiction Walker, you’ll notice that it is built for comfort. For instance, the inside of the shoe has a breathable mesh lining to wick away sweat. Secondly, the tongue and collar are heavily padded to enhance comfort.

Unlike other shoes, the Brooks Addictions use Velcro straps instead of laces, giving mail carriers an easy time putting on and taking off their shoes.

What’s more, these shoes have excellent arch support that helps your body feel comfortable when walking. Besides, you’ll appreciate how the Brooks Women’s Addiction shoes offer extra cushion to reduce any impact on your joints.

The sole used on these shoes tend to be slip-resistant, meaning you can walk on slippery surfaces without falling.

  • It is made from full-grain leather to increase durability
  • Offers incredible arch support
  • They are easy to wear and take off
  • Great for walking
  • The shoe size runs large

10. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Our final pick on this roundup post happens to be the PUMA Women’s Tazon FM Cross Trainers. Their stylish design and comfort make them one of the best shoes for mail carriers. These shoes are affordable and come in various colorways. Below are a few features we like about the shoe:


The PUMA’s are known to provide exceptional stability when walking, running and standing. The sole has a stable platform to reduce any instances of rolling your foot while walking. At least you can count on these shoes to give you the best arch support ever when delivering letters and parcels.

As you’d expect, these shoes are designed to be lightweight. You can walk for a long distance without worrying about these PUMA weighing you down.

You’ll also like the sole design because it is made from rubber and is pretty thin around the toe area. The sole thickens a bit on the heel area to provide enough support to your body.

Lastly, the upper part of these PUMA is made from synthetic leather and has some perforations that enhance breathability. The shoes have a nice PUMA logo embroidered on the toe area and the sole.

  • Exceptional arch support
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It is pretty stable, thanks to the TPU shank
  • The shoe has a comfortable fit
  • It takes time to break in around the toe area

What Things to Look For When Buying Shoes for Mail Carriers?

Although we’ve reviewed the top shoes for mail carriers, it would be a mistake to choose one without having an idea of what you are supposed to look for. To clear things up, we’ve highlighted some of the key factors you should consider when shopping for mail carrier shoes.

best Shoes for Mail Carriers


Knowing your shoe size will go a long way to help you when shopping around for a pair of shoes. As you are well aware, online shopping is different because you don’t get the opportunity to try out shoes before purchasing. So, it is essential to know your size and refer to the sizing chart provided by various brands or companies.

Sometimes, it’s also good to read the reviews as they contain important information about the shoe size. Try to find out if the shoe size runs smaller or large to determine the perfect size.


As a mail carrier, you understand that shoes get worn out pretty fast because of the amount of walking you have to do in a day. With this information in mind, you should aim to purchase a durable shoe. You can tell whether a shoe is durable or not by checking the sole, stitching, and the material used to make the upper part.

Genuine leather tends to be more durable than synthetic leather. Also, shoes that come with rubber soles tend to be quite durable.


Walking and standing all day require you to wear comfortable shoes. It makes no sense to purchase shoes that do not have comfortable insoles or an inner mesh lining. You will also need to check the tongue and collar. Do they have enough padding or not? What about the midsole? Is it flexible or stiff?  All these features are responsible for comfort, so never ignore them, or you’ll end up replacing your new pair.


The postal carrier job will have you visit many places, some of which are dry while others are wet and slippery. To be on the safe side, you need a shoe that offers excellent grip on all types of surfaces. Shoes with rubber soles are pretty reliable when it comes to traction. Make sure to check for any non-slip features that can help with traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that come up when the topic of best shoes for mail carriers arises.

  • Why Do Mail Carriers Need Special Shoes?

Carriers spend many hours walking around the cities and urban areas. As such, they require to put on comfortable and durable shoes.

Most postal-approved shoes are durable, lightweight, and can withstand every weather condition. At least, postal employees can carry out their jobs without suffering from back pain or swollen feet.

Wearing the wrong type of shoes will eventually catch up with you and cause harm to your feet and joints.

  • How Can You Maintain Mail Carrier Shoes

Any shoe can tear or become worn out if you fail to maintain it as required. It doesn’t matter how well the shoe is made, but it will wear out if neglected. To avoid such occurrences, you’ll  have to polish and clean your shoes after taking them off.

Secondly, you must wear the correct shoe size. Wearing small or bigger shoes will only damage them in a matter of weeks or months. Thirdly, avoid wearing your shoes with wet feet or socks to avoid bad smells.

You might also want to have two or more pairs so that you can interchange them. Having a single pair only opens up new doors for damage.

  • What Are Postal Approved Shoes?

These are shoes that have been approved for use by postal employees. This kind of footwear comes with the necessary features to help a carrier do their job smoothly.

With these shoes, carriers can stand and walk for long hours without experiencing foot conditions. All approved mail-carrier shoes come with a ‘green tag’ with the words SR/USA written on the tag


There you have it guys! We believe that the recommendations on this post will sort you out. All you have to do is find the perfect pair for your needs. Remember to use our buying guide when you start the shopping process. All in all, we’d advise men to go with the CP8500 Work Boot by Reebok,while women should go with the New Balance 577 V1s.

Other picks should work pretty well; all you need to do is make an informed decision. Good luck with the shopping process, and remember to stay safe out there.

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