Best Shoes For Lifeguards Reviews 2021 (Top Picks)

Lifeguards are seasoned swimmers who can rescue bathers who find difficulty at the swimming pools or beach.  They can work effectively and efficiently if they wear the right type of shoes. The best shoes for lifeguards are uniquely designed to provide appropriate comfort, support, and protection to their feet.

Generally, lifeguards have to work on sand and concrete. Such kinds of terrains get heat up in the day and lead to blisters on their feet. Fortunately, the shoes for lifeguards come with unique construction to keep your feet comfortable on these terrains.

Instead of wearing flip flops, it is better to wear these shoes. This is because these shoes provide adequate grip and support lifeguard needs during his/her work.

One of the best qualities of all such shoes is they dry out quickly. The corresponding manufacturers implement this feature considering that lifeguards need to get into the water anytime.

To make a wise decision for the shoes for lifeguards, the following sections help you:

Reviews of Top 10 Best Shoes for Lifeguards

1. Mishansha Mens Womens Water Shoes

For a plethora of outdoor activities, these water shoes are the finest choices. They usually work reliably for swimming, beach, surfing, boating, sailing, kayaking, yoga, and more. Even they are the best choices for vacation. The qualities like quick-dry, durability, flexibility, and comfort make them famous.


These Mishansha water shoes are constructed from spandex fabric. This fabric is not only durable but also resists wear & tear. The rubber sole presents adequate traction on most terrains. It keeps your feet stable even when you work in water.

The upper of the shoes is resistant to salt and water. This implies that water and salt cannot penetrate inside. Moreover, this upper is extremely lightweight, stretchable, and breathable. It keeps your feet comfy and ventilated. The presence of Lycra material in the upper leads to quick-drying and circulation of air.

To quicken the process of drying, the shoes are designed with drainage holes. On the bottom, multiple holes are available to facilitate enough water flow out. As a result, they create a cool and healthy environment inside.

To enhance convenience for the wearer, they come with elastic straps. As per the width of your foot, it is easy and quick to vary the fit. Hence, you will no longer suffer from concerns like a too tight or too loose fit. Availability of the pull tap in the heel guarantees easy on and off. Overall dimensions of these shoes are 10 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches and the weight is 9.59 ounces.

  • Excellent breathability and comfort
  • Dries out quickly
  • Stylish and eye-catching design
  • The rubber sole is anti-slip for stability
  • Good traction on most terrains
  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Lace may come out

2. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

To benefit from great breathability and flexibility, these water shoes can be considered. Apart from conveying a lightweight feel, they provide a great cushioning effect. On most terrains, these shoes keep the lifeguard stable and comfortable.


In these men’s water shoes, 90% fabric is used in the construction. This fabric employs enough durability. The anti-slip rubber sole provides outstanding comfort and flexibility. It effectively defends the feet from wear & tear. This sole is responsible for comfort and stability. Moreover, the outsole offers traction in slippery and wet conditions. Presence of soft foam in the sole keeps the shoes floating in the water.

The air mesh present in the upper lets feet breathes effectively. It assists to keep the feet comfortable even when worn for hours. The holes present in the sole offers great breathability and rapid drying ability. The solyte midsole is lightweight yet durable. Even when you walk or run across a long distance, the shoes do not feel bulky.

To provide a cushioning effect, the manufacturer includes a ComforDry sockliner. It keeps your feet dry, cool, and comfortable all the time. Even when you work in water, the shoes can dry out in less time. Hence, these shoes let you work in most outdoor conditions.

  • Effectively protects feet from all elements
  • Perfect fit and great comfort
  • Soft rubber soles offer traction
  • Holes in sole offer quick draining
  • Reasonably priced considering the quality
  • Some sand gets into the shoes
  • Absence of arch support

3. SEEKWAY Womens and Mens Water Shoes

For lifeguards, flexibility is of utmost importance to work efficiently. These SEEKWAY water shoes are made flexible and lightweight. You feel as if you are wearing socks.  The flexibility leads to freedom of movement anywhere. For activities like kayaking, boating, surfing, sailing, fishing, yoga, walking, camping, traveling, and more, these water shoes are must-haves.


There is the use of 92% polyester in the construction. The rubber outsole defends your feet against pointed things. For instance, it makes sure feet do not get injured due to rocks, sand, shells etc. Even when you walk on slippery surfaces, the anti-slip stripe available on the soles provides excellent grip. Hence, there are no more frets on falling off.

These shoes are renowned for providing amphibious protection. They can let you work on dry terrain and water. Due to the lace-free design, you can easily wear the shoes and get to work quickly.

In the upper, there is the inclusion of plush, elastic spandex. This material facilitates quick drying. Moreover, it employs a snug fit to your feet. So, the shoes stay on your feet perfectly. To avoid issues of chafing, the shoes come with a smooth neck. It prevents the shoes from sliding off while you undergo any physical movements. Overall dimensions of the shoes are 11.2 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches and the weight is 5.61 ounces.

  • Good fit and feel
  • Extremely comfortable and true to size
  • Stays stable and protects the feet excellently
  • Stylish and attractive appearance
  • Keeps sand out
  • Wears out quickly
  • The sole is extremely thin

4. Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

What sets these Aleader water shoes apart from the rest is they flaunt a stylish look. The mesh design throughout the major portion of the shoes gives an elegant appearance. To revamp your physical appearance, you can pair these shoes with most kinds of outfits. You need not fret about stability on any type of terrain.


In these women’s shoes, a synthetic sole is present. The outsole offers required traction when working in slippery and wet conditions.  This outsole effectively drains out water. The solyte midsole is extremely lightweight, durable, and elastic.

To let your feet breathe, the shoes are designed with an air mesh upper.  This upper is durable as well. This upper along with the holes on the sole further enhances the breathability. The holes also lead to a quick-drying mechanism. The water drainage is smooth from the upper mesh towards the outsole. ComforDry sockliner conveys the best cushioning effect. Ultimately, it lets your feet feel cool, dry, and comfortable.

The rubber pods are cleverly positioned in the regions with high wear. They provide extra traction. While walking on terrains that have rocks or sands, the traction helps a lot. Hence, the shoes are the best for snorkeling. When you want to enjoy beach activities, this feature helps. Overall dimensions are 8.66 x 7.09 x 4.72 inches and the weight is 7.2 ounces.

  • No sore spots
  • Dries out rapidly
  • Stays quiet while you walk
  • The insole is extremely comfortable
  • Great traction and breathability
  • Some rocks penetrate inside
  • Arch slightly irritates the feet

5. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

A lifeguard cannot expect what situation may arise. With these Ryka water shoes, there is no need to fret while working in wet. They are excellent for water aerobics and various other sports activities. To save you time, the manufacturer prepares it with an easy take on and off mechanism.


These 100% synthetic water shoes are equipped with a rubber sole. The shaft approx. measures low-top from the arch. The webbed midfoot cage offers medial as well as lateral support.

To make sure the wearer benefits from breathability, the shoes have mesh and synthetic upper. Moreover, the removable Nitracel footbed comes with perforation. The presence of holes in this footbed assures enough air circulation. The EVA foam is compression molded and contains drainage ports. To present adequate traction on damp surfaces, the outsole is made up of rubber. It also conveys flexibility.

For facilitating the wearer with an easy on/off mechanism, there is the implementation of a speed lace system. It comes with a toggle to save you time while wearing and removing off. Furthermore, the design highlights cushioned tongue and collar. The shoes’ bottoms are open to let water flow. The design of the cushioned Nitracel insole represents the textile lining.  It is removable. The shoes’ size is 12.2 x 8.39 x 4.69 inches and weight is 9 ounces.

  • Presents stylish look like a sneaker
  • High comfort and breathability
  • Great traction for wet surfaces
  • Provides extra heel cushion for water sports
  • Easy to take on and off
  • No toggles on the laces
  • Some rocks and sand penetrate inside

6. Men Women Water Sports Shoes

The significance of grip is immense when working in wet regions. These slip-on shoes come with enough grip to ensure stability. For water sports, surfing, walking, beach activities, etc., they work as your best companions. Enough air circulation suggests no more sweating in the feet.


These fancy water shoes have a rubber sole for flexibility. The flexible and ultra-lightweight design guarantees a soft and comfortable feel.  The outsole is anti-slip to present stability on most terrains. This outsole is responsible for rapid drying.  Available drainage holes further speed up the drying process. The included fabric is of high-quality and offers durability.

With the rubber construction, the traction is excellent. This along with padding gives more freedom to feet. There are fewer odds of injuries while walking or running or indulging in any sports.

On the top, a Velcro flap is available. It perfectly secures the shoes. To provide extra protection to toes, the sole enclose with this flap around.  It is easy to take on and off through this flap. Moreover, this flap lets the air circulate to your feet as well as guarantees a secure fit. No more worries about sweating. Weighing just 9.59 ounces, it feels comfortable. The overall dimensions are 9.6 x 3.6 x 2 inches.

  • Perfect for various sports
  • Wide toe design offers more space
  • Appears good on beach outfits
  • Decent quality and feels comfortable
  • Good grip in wet areas
  • Glue may gradually separate from the sole
  • Feels bit tight

7. KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

Presenting sandal type design, these KEEN women’s shoes appear extraordinary. The elegant lace system and Velcro flaunt a sophisticated appearance. With high breathability, you can accomplish almost all types of sports. Don’t fret about stability while walking or running on different types of terrains.


The rubber sole of this sandal offers enough traction. It is also responsible for conveying flexibility and a lightweight feel. The heel measures approx 1 inch. Moreover, polyester webbing is available.  The design showcases hydrophobic lining that adds to breathability.

The included straps accomplish 2 purposes. They let you obtain a perfect fit and also come with a quick-drying mechanism. To defend the feet against the injuries, the sandals contain a protective toe bumper. With the available bungee cord, the sandals employ a secure lock lacing mechanism. The strap system is composed of polyester webbing. It conveys excellent ventilation in most outdoor situations. The mentioned webbing is removable. Furthermore, the design of the outsole shows

Providing exceptional traction on mixed terrain, this performance sandal includes an open strapping system made of washable polyester webbing for outstanding ventilation. A streamlined, grippy outsole features multi-way lugs. They contribute to superb traction and control. Especially when walking on the beach or any rugged terrain, the traction helps a lot. The sandals weigh 11.2 ounces and their dimensions are 12 x 7 x 5 inches.

  • 6 colors available
  • Thin fabric offers quick drying
  • No injuries to feet
  • Stay securely on the feet
  • Decent traction on different terrains
  • Fabric is not so durable
  • Nubs in insole give somewhat irritation

8. Water Shoes Mens Womens Beach Swim Shoes

When you intend to appear extra chic for sports, you can try these water shoes. They are designed with prime aspects being comfort and safety of feet. Whether you step on rock or sand, you need not worry about the protection of your feet. The ultra-lightweight feel and flexibility offer great freedom of movement.


For protection and comfort, the shoes are equipped with rubber soles.  Within these soles, there is a dense foam arch support.  It contributes towards flexibility. Owing to the thickness of the soles, the feet stay protected regardless of the terrain.

The anti-slip outsole is so much durable. Within it, the ergonomically designed cushioning is present. It works as a toe guard. This implies that there are no more chances of blisters and injuries to the feet. Moreover, the outstanding workmanship protects the seams across the toes from cracking.

With the special presence of drainage holes, the drying process becomes quick. On each bottom, there are 7 holes present to guarantee enough water flow. As a result, your feet feel cool, dry, and so much comfortable. The slip-on design leads to ease of wearing and removal. The dimensions and weight of the shoes are respectively 12.6 x 7.17 x 2.24 inches and 8.96 ounces.

  • Easy on and off mechanism
  • Perfect for all types of terrain
  • Drainage holes offer quick drying
  • High flexibility and durability
  • Versatile and secure fit
  • Some sand may stick inside
  • Slightly big at the heel base

9. MOERDENG Men Women Water Shoes

The combination of black and orange gives off an exceptional look to these water shoes. They are well-known for their quick-dry functionality. You can wear them for beach activities, walking, running, swimming, and more. The use of quality fabric throughout the shoes guarantees durability.


These MOERDENG shoes fit true to size. The available size is 5.5 for women and 4 for men.  With the thermoplastic rubber sole, the traction is adequate.  Moreover, the anti-slip outsole is resistant to wear & tear and injuries. Your feet stay protected even when you walk on sharp objects.

On the uppers, elastic and breathable fabrics are present. They not just guarantee flexibility but also provide breathability. Consequently, your feet obtain a proper fit and enough comfort. Also, it assists for easy take on and off.  Especially when you go through slippery surfaces, the stability perceived is excellent.

With the inclusion of TPR stretchable material, the shoes convey anti-skid performance. Generally, these shoes are the best companions when you are uncertain about the terrains. The shoes are stretchable from the large toe to the little toe. Also, they are stretchy at the top and around the ankle. There are no concerns on the penetration of sand and other particles.

  • Smooth water drainage from bottom and sides
  • Fits well like a glove
  • Resists entry of rocks and corals
  • Great traction in slippery conditions
  • The outsole is anti-slip and durable
  • Limited protection for a long hike
  • The ankle is very tight

10. LIFEGUARD Toddler Activity Shoes

The pink/purple color of these shoes entices the mood of toddlers. They are perfect water shoes that are suitable for various sports. They are perfect to keep your little ones’ feet secure and comfy.  For indoors and outdoors, they convey superb flexibility.


In these aqua shoes, a rubber sole is present. This sole is flexible yet durable. The size 2-3 fits kids and toddlers well. They come with sun protection and waterproof features.  Furthermore, they come with extra sole and toe protection. Being machine washable, it is easy to clean and maintain.  Even after being so much messy, you can clean them easily.

On all terrains, they work so smoothly. The fit is so perfect just like gloves. Even when working on wet surfaces, there is no compromise with fit and comfort.  These features help a lot to support various toddler activities. For hours of fun outdoors, there are no doubts about protection and comfort.

To deliver superb traction, the shoes have gripped bottoms. They also contribute towards stability. Using the Velcro strap, it is quite straightforward to obtain a secure fit. On the go, you can use the strap to vary the fit as per your preference. Moreover, the toe grooves offer extra foot protection.  The vibrant design soothes your mood while outdoors.

  • Suitable for most terrains
  • Fashionable and attractive look
  • Pairs well with colorful swimsuits
  • Great comfort and safety
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Limited size options
  • Not so flexible

What Things To Look For When Buying Shoes For Lifeguards?

With plenty of available choices, getting the most appropriate shoes for lifeguards can be challenging. With the following things to consider, you can end up with the best purchase:

best Shoes For Lifeguards


Typically, a lifeguard may need to wear shoes for 5-6 days per week. Their job involves working in a rugged environment. This is why sturdiness is the prime aspect to consider before purchasing. Look for a well-built and durable pair of shoes. When you incorporate some essential considerations, you will end up with sturdy shoes.

Make sure the sole is durable. If the sole threading is appropriate, it will not disconnect quickly from the pump. Next, don’t forget to check the overall material construction of the shoes. Refrain from buying cheap quality shoes. The prominent material choices include polyester, TPR elastic material, and rubber.


Lifeguards need to work in different environmental conditions. In hot and humid conditions, their feet sweat excessively. If the shoes are not breathable, their feet experience a lot of inconveniences.

Go through the detailed specifications to ascertain that the breathability is enough.  Many pairs of shoes for lifeguards are equipped with open mesh on the upper. Consequently, it offers excellent breathability and also implements a quick-drying mechanism.  This ultimately lets the feet feel ventilated and cool. It is even better if you buy shoes with soft spandex upper. This kind of upper can dry rapidly and snugly fit your feet.

Easy to take on and off:

Lifeguards usually have a short of time when they are assigned with the task. While working on different terrains and in water, the shoes should stay firmly on the feet. After the shoes are immersed in water, it becomes difficult to untie them.

For ease of wearing and removing off, many manufacturers consider making the shoes uniquely. They equip the shoes with elastic upper mesh. It not just offers breathability but also guarantees ease of wearing and removal. This kind of shoes lets water drain off easily. Furthermore, it lets the wearer walk more comfortably. Certain shoes have a pull tap at the heel. They enable easy entry and protect feet from dribbling off.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why it is inevitable to buy special types of shoes for lifeguards?

The life of any lifeguard is challenging and full of adventures. Their job involves continuous attentiveness and courage. In absence of courage, they cannot rescue the people stuck in a pool or swimming pool. Anytime, they need to swim or run in the water without any prior preparation.

If they wear normal shoes, they may get wet easily and quickly. On the other hand, the shoes for lifeguards are designed such that they dry quickly. Hence, the heaviness of water will not impact their work efficiency.

These shoes are more rugged and durable compared to normal shoes. They are capable to remove the odds of causing blisters and pain in the feet.

  • What are the important qualities to look at for shoes for lifeguards?

There are certain must-have qualities shoes for lifeguards possess. Of them, the prime ones are lightweight and comfortable. If these features are lacking or not enough then a lifeguard cannot work efficiently.

They must be waterproof and should dry off easily. The heaviness of water may deteriorate the effectiveness of a lifeguard. This is why the ability to dry quickly and easily is one of the major qualities.

These shoes must offer enough protection to the feet. As a result, their feet always stay protected against catching blisters and ache. This stays true irrespective of the terrain and weather condition. Lastly, the two other qualities to consider are breathability and sturdiness.

  • Is durability vital for shoes for lifeguards?

Yes, in absence of durability, a lifeguard needs to make frequent purchases. This leads to a lot of expense and also they will not get value for their money. If durability is lacking in normal shoes, it may be fine but it is not tolerable for shoes for lifeguards. This is since lifeguards are ought to work anytime, anywhere, in any condition.

If the shoes are torn up or don’t work as desired, the lifeguard doesn’t get the maximum benefit. It is vital to consider the quality of the outsole and the fabric used. A durable and quality outsole offers enough traction and durability. Apart from that, the presence of quality fabric suggests fewer chances of wear & tear.

  • Which kind of outsole offers the best traction in shoes for lifeguards?

Generally, traction is important in all types of shoes but it is so much inevitable for the shoes for lifeguards. If the outsole is made up of rubber, it can offer the best traction and support.


To streamline the tasks of a lifeguard, these are some of the best shoes to consider. They are lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant. The best of all –they provide enough comfort and protection to their feet. The ability to rapidly dry off the water makes them so much popular.

In most cases, these shoes can protect feet against sand, salt, pebbles, rocks, heat, and other environmental factors. When wearing such shoes, you will get rid of injuries that you may face otherwise. When equipping a lifeguard with the right accessories, these shoes are important to consider.

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