10 Best Shoes for Flight Attendants in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Flying high is easy when you are a passenger, still, it seems to be a very tough routine for someone who constantly travels right? Have you ever thought about the staff who is there to help?

Being a flight attendant is a constant job, sometimes you have to keep standing for hours continuously and sometimes you have back to back flights as well! Wearing comfortable shoes is a compulsion to keep your shift going and working more appropriately. For this purpose, all you can do now is to search for the best shoes for flight attendants.

This is a situation where people like me and you are called a pure superhero as we are serving our clients throughout! Yet, we should at least wear the correct shoes, right? Don’t worry! I have already searched for the best working shoes for flight attendants.

best shoes for flight attendants

Comfortable shoes for flight attendants much be easy to wear, stylish, cozy, and also keeping the correct structure because you have to stand for many hours. There are types of shapes that are actually purchased, one for the flight crew and another for the cabin crew.

These both differ the structure and style. Cabin crew shoes have to be stylish as you can’t wear a pair of shoes which look low quality!

Here is the list of best flight attendant shoes gathered by me to solve your daily shoe wear issue!

Top 10 Best Shoes for Flight Attendants Reviews

Image Title Brand Buy
Lifestride Women’s Parigi Pump LifeStride
Women’s T-Strap Mid Heel Dress Pumps Chase & Chloe
Clarks Women’s Emslie Warren Clarks
Jeossy Women’s Dress Shoes JEOSSY
Naturalizer Women’s Dress Pump Naturalizer
Dream Pairs Women’s Low Stiletto Heel DREAM PAIRS
Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump Clarks
Skechers Women’s One Up Fashion Sneaker Skechers
Lifestride Women’s Giovanna LifeStride
Clarks Women’s Dress Pump Clarks

1. LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump 

If you are finding stylish shoes in your size but unable to find it. You are at the right brand! Well, these best shoes for the flight attendants come with the option of customization. Replace your uncomfortable shoes with these extremely stylish shoes with the Synthetic sole.

LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump is imported from the USA which makes them one of the easiest to wear and the good looking shoes as well. If you prefer heels like me then these are the best shoes. I like to wear a variety of shoes. They have stored so much variety that if you want to search for the best fit you are welcome.

You can survive through the long working hours with these shoes easily. They have the life stride soft system to keep your feet in a comfortable zone. The best part of the deal is that these come in different sizes which means you can easily pick your size of the shoes.


These LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump is the one of the most comfortable and extremely breathable shoes. You can wear these without any discomfort. For your long flights, these are the best shoes for working as flight attendants.

  • Comes in various sizes
  • Liftstride soft system is best for long flights
  • These don’t have many heels so this might not interest those who prefer long heels

2. Women’s T-Strap Mid Heel Dress Pumps (Premium Choice)

When you select the comfortable flight attendant shoes there is not just one thing, but many factors to be kept in mind. First of all the appearance is the key and this is why you have to look immensely good. You can’t risk the factor of comfort as well.

So here is a deal, purchase both!. Chase & Chloe Dress Pumps has faux suede and is imported which makes them extremely unique and the most wanted pair of shoes.

The synthetic sole gives the impression of comfort along the round toe can provide much more reliability to the shape. The T-strap of these shoes is made to specifically make your feet stay in place and hold them while you can easily carry them. Every heel must have a grip system to make your walk extremely comfortable and fearless.


There is one thing which is important when you wear heels that it should be supportive while walking. If you are planning to try heels for the first time and you prefer round toe then these are the best shoes for you.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Ankle grip
  • Don’t have many size choices

3. Clarks Women’s Emslie Warren (Best Overall)

This is my recommendation for the women flight attendants. These extremely comfortable shoes are best for pregnant women flight attendants. These shoes will bring huge comforts for the fallen arches as well.

These are imported and created from leather with a rubber sole to keep it durable. Some people love to wear leather stuff, especially while they are officially working. It also has the comfort keeping technology of Ortholite footbed and the cushion soft feel to make your feet feel great throughout the shift!


Heel measures approximately 2 inches with the button trims. There are not so many color choices but overall this is a sensible pick for the shoes for flight attendants

  • Ortholite footbed
  • Cushion soft feel
  • Not available in enough sizes

4. JEOSSY Women’s Dress Shoes (Low Block Heel Pumps for Women)

There is nothing better than wearing crafted material. These shoes are the best imported and man crafted for the flight attendants. The rubber sole of these shoe measures 2 inches.

JEOSSY Women’s Heel Pumps are meant to be worn with your black colored uniform. These flight crew shoes will make you look extremely elegant.

Breathable lining with soft insoles in these low block heels pumps can completely release your feet. Comfortable low chunky heels formal dress shoes with low heel suitable for business formal dress, casual daily, wedding party, and so on.


These flight crew shoes are made with premium materials and pure handmade with slip-resistant rubber sole can protect your feet will also make you more fashionable and elegant.

  • Durable
  • Imported
  • Not available in so many colors and sizes

5. Naturalizer Women’s Dress Pump (Best budget)

The Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Dress Pump is the best shoes if you prefer flexibility and sometimes face swollen feet. These are also best for the pregnant flight attendants.

Those who like to wear pencil heels can also wear them. The heel measures approximately 3 inches which are very nice and cool for those who usually wear the heels.

Talking about the material of the shoes, these are made with a synthetic sole and are 100% leather, although they are made of leather they have so many color options that you can choose whatever you want pretty conveniently. The Platform of these good shoes for flight attendants measures approximately 0.5 inches and it comes with the special technology of breathable comfort.


The best quality of Naturalizer Women’s Michelle Dress Pump is that they are extremely comfortable and also offer the style. The heels are best for those who would like to wear them.

If you are trying to wear heels for the first time then I would recommend you should wear these shoes while working. These could serve as the best shoes for working on the flights as an attendant.

  • Synthetic Outsole
  • Best heels
  • N5 comfort system
  • Heels might not suit some people. They can go for the flat options in the same category

6. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Low Stiletto Heel (Shoes For Flight Attendants)

What is more artistic than the human-made material? Well, this is what we have when we are talking about the best shoes for the flight attendants. They have to be more stylish because your appearance depends on the ability of how you carry yourself.

Your best flight attendant heels have to be good enough to make you look more comfortable and relaxed yet making you appear stylish. The synthetic sole of the DREAM PAIRS Women’s Pumps Shoes proves the great structure and the extreme comfort level of these shoes.

The platform of this pair of flight attendant heels measures approximately 0.5, Heel height: 3″ (approx), and the Platform height: 0.5 inches.

Talking about the material, these have a rubber sole, which means that they are very durable as well as waterproof. The latex padding is done to provide comfort. There are many sizes and colors. You can choose accordingly.


Overall these were one of the most stylish and comfortable shoes as well. I have brought them because their look was exquisite and one tone color gave them a stylish look as well

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Size issues are found in some of the customer orders.
  • You can order after seeing the size chart

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7. Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump (Best Flight Attendants Shoes)

If you want to have extreme comfort then Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pump is exactly the best option for your feet.

I remember when I first brought these shoes I was a bit nervous but even after 14 hours of continuous duty. My feet relaxed and comfortable. There was not even a single spell of pain in my ankle. These are pump structured.

These best shoes for flight attendants are made of 100% Leather. The best part is that these are important and have a great rubber sole. Which means that they are extremely waterproof. This also makes them durable and long-lasting. The heel measures approximately 2 inches and the platform is highly comfortable for the fallen arches. The height of the heel is 2.16 which suits someone who wants to give heightened grace to their getup.

For a person like me, I prefer to call the best working shoes for the flight attendants to be ones with the medicated Ortholite footbed and with the cushion soft feel. The lining material is also textile which means it’s extremely breathable!


The thing is that Clarks Women’s Emslie Lulin Pumps are way too high for someone who doesn’t like heels. Those who like to wear heels in their regular routine would love purchasing these.

So overall these are nice to have when you are searching most comfortable shoes for flight attendants

  • Breathable material
  • Ortholite footbed
  • Too much high heels might not suit a few people

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8. Skechers Women’s One up Fashion Sneaker (Flight Attendants  Shoes)

These are best for those who love to wear light and breathable shoes. As they are imported with the synthetic material as well. The rubber sole makes these shoes one of the most durable shoes for the flight crew.

These lightweight shoes could be easily worn at your working day and all types of dresses. These are the best and flexible shoes which are best for the pregnant flight attendants as well.


If you like to wear extreme comfort and those who have the flat sole. Then Skechers Women’s Microburst One up Fashion Sneaker is the most comfortable shoes for the flight attendants.

  • Flat shoes
  • Flexible
  • So much flat shoes might not suit fallen arches.

9. LifeStride Women’s Giovanna (Best Shoes for Working Flight Attendants)

When you are looking for the flexibility along with the breathable shoe sole. LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump is the best shoes for working as flight attendants.

These are the most comfortable shoes ever because they come with microfiber which means that they are designed with such a mechanism that your feet remain in the breathable light upper sole.

These are the imported shoes for the flight attendants. Synthetic sole in them makes them much easier to wear and carry during your shift. You need not carry so many pairs with you when you get the style and the comfort with just one pair of shoes.

Heel measures approximately 3 inches, LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump is ideal for those who prefer the medium heel height. The width variety is also available. These are extremely flexible shoes and don’t worry about your foot skin. The flexible outsole is also very helpful for those who usually suffer the swollen feet.

One thing I totally love about LifeStride Women’s Giovanna 2 Pump is the one tone color and the style. If you see them from their outer look, you will definitely want to purchase all the different colors in the same design. It’s this one tone and light to dark shades, which can vary regarding your days and the moods as well! Also, come with the ankle strap to better grip and style.


The best part is that when I look at these shoes I love the thought of wearing them. These definitely have my heart. There are so many colors and monotones look which makes them look extremely elegant.

  • Shape
  • Style
  • Color tone variety
  • Flexible outsole
  • The heel might not engage a few people

10. Clarks Women’s Dress Pump (Cheap Shoes for Flight Attendants)

I am a frequent buyer of the leather stuff. Those who like to purchase shoes for flight attendants the leather shoes and bags will fall in love with these shoes for flight attendants. Clarks Women’s Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump made of 100% leather and are imported as well.

For the waterproof quality, the rubber sole is present to ensure that they are secure to be worn in any situation. All the flight crew shoes must have the quality that they should depict the situational wearing.

The outer look of these best flight attendant shoes is very decorative and amazing. There is a Round-toe pump with a decorative toe strap, lightly padded collar, and chunky stacked heel.

This ensures that your look remains elegant. Making these shoes for flight attendants more comfortable and stylish as well. There is an Ortholite molded insole that is embellished with extremely modern technology to provide comfort.


These flight crew shoes are perfect for those who like to wear leather stuff. This is a very bright chance of durability, and they are great for the fallen arches as well. If you prefer simplicity and comfort, then this is just the right pick for you.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Ortholite comfort footbed
  • Colour choices might not interest some people

Final Words

I hope that the above article has helped you to a lot to decide which are the best shoes for flight attendants for you. Now you can purchase these shoes comfortably. Happy Shopping!!

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