Best Shoes for Dishwashers Reviewed 2021 – Top Picks

It sounds so interesting to dine out or having a fun meal-time with friends in a restaurant or hotel. But when it is about working in a food industry, it is not that much fun-filled actually. The industry poses a tough working environment which demands its workers standing long for hours on their feet.

Although, everyone in the staff whether chefs, waiters, dishwashers has to perform a daunting duty. But the dishwashers are the ones who have to cope with this challenging environment more often. Standing long on their feet, washing a plethora of dishes throughout their shift, they need to wear shoes which provide them security and support to perform a flawless job.

This is where they must look for the right shoes for dishwashers which are functional and give them an utmost support for performing their duties efficiently. The shoes which are non-slip, water-resistant and offer arch support are the must-have accessory for dishwashers. This prevents injuries and many other accidents in the food industry.

This review is profoundly crafted to give an overview of the best shoes for dishwashers, available in the market. So, the people looking for such shoes may know about the best products available as well as the guidelines for investing money in the right product.

Top 9 Best Shoes for Dishwashers Reviews – Quick Guide

1. Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog

When it is about investing in a reliable shoe for the dish washing job, Crocs brand has always come up with a range of shoes. Comfort, versatility and durability are the terms that perfectly define Crocs Unisex Adult Classic Clog. These clog shoes are designed to facilitate the users with an utmost level of comfort and security.

Manufactured with 100% synthetic material, these clog shoes are one of the good shoes for dishwashers that have a comfortable sole with ventilation ports and have a secure fitting with straps.


The synthetic soled Crocs Unisex Classic Clogs are designed using 100% synthetic material. As the product name suggests, these clog shoes are made for both men and women. So, the dishwashers whether male or female can easily wear them.

The clogs are equipped with non-marking soles and feature a non-slip material. The dishwashers can take them on and off without hassles.

These clog shoes are extremely lightweight and feature iconic Crocs comfort ventilation ports that let the air pass through the shoes and keep feet healthy by giving breathability feature. These ventilation ports let dust, debris and water shed easily through the shoes.

The shoes are made highly secure by providing pivoting heel straps that offer a secure fit. So, the dishwashers are not concerned about the ill-fitting or getting the shoes taken off.

These clogs are available in a great range of colors. So, you will find a color for almost every personality. A total of 38 different colors are offered by Crocs, this is why men and women can select any of their favorite colors as per their personalities.

Besides extreme comfort, these Crocs clog shoes are great in terms of cleaning. You can easily wash them with soap and water. And they get dried very quickly because of the material used.

  • Lightweight material with non-marking soles
  • Use of ventilation ports shed water and debris out of the shoes
  • Provide secure fit with pivoting heel straps
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Wide range of colors for every personality
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Not much stylish look
  • Sometimes clogs shrink in the sunlight

2. Dansko Women’s Professional

When it is about the shoes for dishwashers, how one can forget the name of Dansko. Dansko is one of the most reputed and trusted brands for shoes, clogs and sandals. Dansko Professional is one of their iconic shoes that are particularly designed for the people who need to stand on their feet for longer hours.

The shoes are designed with leather uppers and feature PU outsole for a higher level of flexibility and shock absorption. They are super comfy with the padded instep collar and rounded toe box.


Dansko Professional shoes are designed keeping dishwashers, chefs and related people in mind. Means the ones who need to work in an environment where greasy or slippery surfaces are often experienced. Therefore, they are considered one of the best shoes for kitchen, chefs and people related to food industry.

The upper of the shoes are fabricated with leather material. There are different kinds of leathers, so you can get Dansko professional in Box leather uppers, which are most suitable for people serving in the kitchen.

Dansko Professional shoes have approximately 1 inches platform with 1.75 inches of heels. The wide heels offer a greater stability and enable the dishwashers stand for long hours.

One of the amazing features of Dansko Professional is the roomy reinforced toe box. This toe box is reinforced with thermoplastic which doesn’t let the leather shrink or deform over the time. This makes it long lasting in the kitchen’s environment where water and grease exposure may deform the leather easily.

Another significant feature is the use of padded instep collar which enables comfy walking while working around the kitchen. This instep collar keeps the shoe in place and prevents it from rubbing on the top of feet which may result in blisters.

The PU outsole is provided with rocker bottom which pushes the foot forwards and gives a greater shock absorption.

  • Leather or fabric based uppers
  • Designed for men and women both
  • PU outsole for enhanced shock absorption
  • Rounded toe box for lasting leather
  • Padded instep collar for comfortable walking
  • Not appealing in look
  • A bit tight around the sides of foot and toes

3. New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

If you are looking for genuine leather based shoes for dishwashers, then New Balance Men’s 626 V2 Industrial Shoe might fit your criteria. A stylish design with 100% genuine leather is designed to offer a superior level of comfort with lasting durability.

The shoe features a sporty design with an impressive combination of cushioning and compression resistance to enable the dishwashers stand long on their feet.


The New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 shoes come up with a sporty design. They are available in two colors, black and grey. With the sporty silhouettes, the shoe is a perfect fit for men particularly and can be taken on for all day long.

The all-leather upper gives an extra level of comfort, secure fit and lasting durability. This makes it an ideal choice for people working in kitchen, food service based places or manufacturing environments.

The slip-resistant outsole is another impressive feature that makes it one of the high quality shoes for dishwashers. Moreover, the non-marking lug outsole produces an enhanced grip and traction to the shoes on greasy and watery surfaces.

An amazing quality of underfoot comfort is provided by incorporating an Abzorb Crash Pad which absorbs impact with its great combination of cushioning and resistance. This absorption feature keeps the dishwashers or other workers comfortable while standing for so long.

For providing more comfort and relaxation, an internal shank is included in the supportive design of these shoes. This further improves stability of the design offering an utmost comfort to the dishwashers during the long hours of duty.

  • Design made up of genuine leather
  • Slip resistant and non-marking lug outsole for enhanced grip
  • Comfortable fit for all day wear
  • Internal shank to provide extra stability and comfort
  • Absorb crash pad offers comfort with a strong combination of cushioning and resistance
  • Lack in durability
  • Provide a bit less arch support

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4. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Skechers is a globally renowned name and has won awards for producing trendy, comfortable and high-quality shoes. The brand has been producing a diverse range of products which are affordable as well. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Shoes are one of those diverse and sporty shoes which are especially produced for food service industry.

That is the reason they are one of the best shoes available for food industry related people. The slip-resistant sole with soft fabric lining, synthetic sole elastic side gores make the shoes a perfect fit for dishwashers.


The Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage shoe is designed having mesh fabric upper and slip-resistant traction outsole which improves traction and stability for the people who have to stand for long hours on their feet. The slip-resistant rubber outsole prevents one from slipping or falling on greasy surfaces of kitchen.

A soft memory foam insole is incorporated for enhanced level of comfort, so the dishwashers feel relaxed and comfortable with a soft feel. This feature makes it a real demanding product in food service industry.

It comes with a medium and relaxed fit design which features a roomy toe box with medium width in the heel. This keeps the shoes medium fit with a bit open interior, so the dishwasher doesn’t feel irritated with fitting. This also prevents rubbing on the top of feet which may cause blisters in future.

The Flex Advantage Mcallen slip-on design gives a convenient and trendy design to the shoes. This is a real time saving feature which makes the shoes easy to take on and off and saves a lot of time and efforts.

  • Higher level of traction with slip-resistance rubber outsole
  • Improved comfort level with soft memory foam cushioning
  • Convenient to wear with Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip-on design
  • Relaxed-fit design with wide toe box gives a medium and relaxed fit
  • Made up of synthetic material which is economical and high-quality
  • Mesh fabric upper is not completely water resistant
  • Upper part (of being mesh fabric based) may pose some threats for injuries

5. BIRKENSTOCK Professional Birki

Another valuable product in the list of shoes for dishwashers is the imported Birkenstock Professional Birki Unisex shoes. The imported polyurethane sole is synthetic with microfiber insole. Available in black and blue colors, the shoes can be used by both men and women.

Designed with lightweight and lab-tested polyurethane outsole, the Brikenstock Professional Birki shoes are the most sought after shoes used by chefs and dishwashers. The professional slip-resistant material makes the shoes perfect for standing comfortable on the greasy floors or surfaces of the kitchen.


The foremost feature of Birkenstock Professional Birki shoes is the lab-tested polyurethane outsole. This outsole is slip-resistant which prevents the shoes from getting slipped on oily or greasy surfaces.

Moreover, the outsole is designed with a raised heel section and extended front end which lets an individual’s foot enclosed properly. This way a grip and stability is achieved which prevents dishwashers from serious injuries and accidents.

The lightweight polyurethane material used in designing the Birki shoes makes it further convenient to carry. The dishwashers can easily roam around the kitchen with its light weighted structure.

The polyurethane material used is breathable which keeps the feet healthy and cool even in the hottest environment of kitchen. Besides this, the microfiber insole is soft and builds up the necessary moisture to keep one’s feet cool and dry as well.

In order to prevent sore, aching feet and reduce strains on legs, the polyurethane midsole is made shock-absorbing. This way an enhanced level of cushioning is offered which reduces the strain on legs, feet and back also. So, you will not have worries while standing all day long while working in the kitchen.

The Birkenstock Professional Birki shoes feature a sleek design which comes without laces. This makes it further convenient to carry as the user just slips on the shoes and gets ready for work.

  • Lab-tested polyurethane outsole for perfect traction
  • Breathable polyurethane material keeps feet cool
  • Sleek and simple design for convenient slip-on wear
  • Slip-resistant outsole for better grip and stability
  • Shock-absorbing polyurethane midsole prevents strain in back, feet and legs
  • A bit unconventional sizing as compared to other shoes
  • Sometimes challenging break-in period (but after a few uses of Birki shoes, they get comfortable)

6. Stico Men’s Slip Resistant Chef Clogs

Looking for something more durable that may run longer in your food service environment? Then Stico Men’s slip resistant professional clogs are ideal ones for your needs. Crafted with Nanotech Ceramic Anti-Slip technology, the shoes provide a greater support on kitchen floors.

These slip resistant shoes are especially designed to provide a greater comfort and stability for the nurses, dishwashers, chefs, factory workers etc. The shoes are extremely light weight and easy to wear, so the dishwashers don’t have to face hassles while taking them on and off.


Stico Men’s Slip Resistant Shoes, as the name suggests come with advanced slip-resistant technology. The shoes are equipped with Nanotech Ceramic Anti-Slip technology in which outsoles are designed using ceramic powder and rubber. This is why they are highly slip-resistant, oil resistant and durable against abrasion.

One more significant feature of Sitco Men’s Clogs is its impressive durability and long life. With slip-resistant and Abrasion Resistant (NBS) technologies, the shoes are made highly durable against oily, slippery and abrasive surfaces.

These technologies do not let the shoes deformed by such harmful substances, thus enhancing their durability and give a life span of around 3 years.

The shoes are made up of high-grade EVA and rubber blend which makes them extremely durable and lightweight. The ergonomic platform and wide toe box enables a user to enjoy a comfortable wear for all day long.

For keeping the insoles fresh and maintained, they can easily be removed and replaced with the new ones. This will further extend the life time of shoes with improved durability.

Stico’s slip-resistant technology makes the shoes ideal for every type of occasion. Whether you are a dishwasher, chef, nurse, factory worker or anyone who has to perform duty while standing on feet, these Stico Clogs are definitely the right fit for you.

  • Advanced Nanotech Ceramic Anti-Slip technology for enhanced durability
  • Light weight and durable because of the high grade EVA and rubber blend
  • Greater resistance against abrasion with Abrasion Resistant Technology
  • Offer loose fit that makes it easy and comfortable to carry
  • Convenient to take on and off with simple design
  • Less arch support (as complained by some customers)
  • Produces a bit noise while walking

7. Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Pro EVA Food Service Shoe

The next product on our list is Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Shoe. Made with 100% synthetic sole, the shoe is designed using advanced technologies to offer a superior level of comfort. It is oil and slip resistant, so the dishwashers can easily have a great time while working on the oily or greasy surfaces.

Moreover, the water and stain resistant technology keeps the shoes dry and protected from stains as well. You will have a greater period of comfort and durability with these shoes because of the odor resistant feature which keeps it protected from smells and odors keeping it maintained.


One of the foremost features which is sought after in the shoes for dishwashers is the non-slip nature. Emeril Lagasse Shoes are made slip-resistant by incorporating the groove pattern rubber compound with an innovative tread design.

These groove patterns are the backbone of slip-resistance technology that result in an unsurpassed traction, grip and stability. So, the dishwashers can perform their duties without any hassles of slipping or falling.

Another highlighting feature of this product is the maximized support provided by the molded EVA mid-sole. This mid-sole is constructed to offer extreme level of comfort, durability and light-weight performance.

Means the dishwashers will never feel any stress on their feet while standing for longer hours. This advanced mid-sole feature improves the cushioning and gives an additional rebound to keep feet relaxed and light weighted.

One more advanced technology is utilized in the form of B.A.M (i..e Balanced Active Memory Foam) insole. These memory foam insoles perfectly mold to the feet and give a superior level of stability. With contoured shape, the foot is stabilized and supported, reducing stress on knees, ankles and feet.

Water resistance is another amazing feature which makes this product more demanding. The AllShield technology protects the shoes by repelling liquids and foods. So, the shoes are safe from water, ice creams and other liquids and remain clean and dry.

The agion treated breathable linings make the shoes odor resistant. So, it results in long lasting shoes keeping them protected from different odors or smell. This improves the durability of shoes with an extended lifetime.

  • Extended lifetime with odor resistant technology
  • Improved traction with advanced slip-resistant technology using groove patterns
  • Shoes are clean and dry with water resistance technology
  • Maximum support and stability with Balanced Active Memory Foam insoles
  • Light weight performance with moled EVA mid-sole
  • Lack in arch support
  • Few complaints regarding memory foam are also reported

8. VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog

Made with rubber sole and EVA foam body, the Vangelo Professional Slip Resistant Clogs are particularly designed to provide better support and stability to dishwashers, chefs and people serving in food industry. They are simple in design with easy to slip on feature which makes dishwashers relaxed for taking on and off.

These clogs are available in 6 different colors. Depending upon your personal preferences and choice, you may select the desired color.


Vangelo Professional Clog as the name suggests is designed using slip-resistant technology. In fact the product is designed as per the standards defined by American Podiatric Medical Association. So, these clogs provide a better health support to dishwashers and food industry related professionals.

The slip-resistant technology utilizes Nano ceramic and rubber combination outsole for an enhanced grip and traction. The geometric design of the clog enables the outsole unit to channel the fluids and provide a supportive grip on greasy and hard lick surfaces.

A maximum level of comfort and relaxation is offered by incorporating EVA foam body with ortholite removable insole. This makes the shoes really lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Since Vangelo Professional Clog is designed as per the medical and health standards, so the clog is designed with such a material which offers complete protection from hot liquids like oil or other harmful substances which may cause potential injuries.

The material of clog is easy to wash from inside and outside and thus easy to dry as well. So, you can have these clogs maintained and keep them running for a longer time.

The Ortholite insole is removable means you can easily get them replaced after a particular time interval to keep the clog fresh and updated.

  • Advanced slip-resistant technology used as per ASTM medical and health standards
  • EVA foam body with ortholite insole keeps the clog lightweight and durable
  • Removable insole can be easily replaced to keep the clogs maintained
  • Easy to wash and clean the inside and outside of clogs
  • High-quality material of clog keeps it protected from hot fluids and liquids
  • Sometimes the bottom tread wears out after a few months of use
  • Feels a bit squeaky sometimes and you need to wear socks to get a proper fit

9. Emeril Lagasse Men’s Royal Ez-fit Food Service Shoe

A genuine leather based product designed to give comfort and stability to dishwashers is Emeril Lagasse Men’s Royal Ez-fit Food Service Shoe. The shoes are designed particularly for the food service related professionals. Therefore, they are one of the best shoes for dishwashers, chefs and other such people.

This casual twin gore sneaker features a padded collar and offer a top notch performance with its advanced slip-resistant technology. They can be availed in regular as well as wide width sizes. Both men and women can avail this amazing product for performing their kitchen duties efficiently.


Emeril Lagasse Men’s Royal Ez-fit Shoes are fabricated with leather upper and feature a pull-tab which makes it very easy to slip-on. With anti-fatigue comfort mid-sole, the shoes serve the real purpose of comfort.

This mid-sole technology keeps the feet relaxed and free of strains which enables dishwashers and other professionals keep standing for hours.

As the name suggests, these Emeril Lagasse shoes are ez-fit generous fit for width. Means you can avail them in regular as well as wide width sizes. So, there are no worries about sizing issues.

Another great feature is the use of Agion odor resistant lining which keeps the shoes protected from different odors. Since, food service duties demand exposure of oil, water and other kinds of fluids which may fall over the shoes and produce some unpleasant odors.

But the agion odor resistant lining channels these fluid and keeps the shoes free of such odors or unwanted smell.

With AllShield water and stain resistant technology, these shoes quickly dry out water or other liquids. This keeps the shoes dried and cleaned as well.

  • AllShield water resistant technology keeps the shoes dry
  • Agion odor resistant lining channels the fluids and keeps shoes free of odors
  • Pull-tab feature in the design makes the shoes easy to slip-on
  • Keeps the feet relaxed and free of strain with anti-fatigue comfort mid-sole
  • Available in regular and wide width sizes with ez-fit feature
  • Simple in design (not much stylish look)

What Things To Look For when Buying Shoes for Dishwashers?

best shoes for dishwashers

When it is about investing your money in shoes which you have to wear at the workplace, then definitely it needs a lot of work to be done in advance. Having comfy, relaxing and durable shoes while working in the challenging environment of kitchen is a must.

Therefore, there are some essentials that you must think about when buying shoes for dishwashers. There are many brands and products available in the market, picking one from them is a daunting task. Let’s have a look at some crucial factors that you must look into the best shoes for dishwashers.

Non-Slip Nature

Working in the kitchen or food service based place means you have to spend long shifts standing on the feet. And the greasy or oily floor surfaces of kitchen pose a challenging environment where moving around the place might be dangerous if your shoes are slippery.

It is inevitable for dishwashers to have the non-slip style of shoes. For this purpose, you must inquire about the slip-resistant technology offered by a shoe brand. This is the slip-resistant technology which is aimed at providing a superior level of traction and enables the dishwashers and chefs keep standing for long hours.

Material of Shoes

Next big thing to look for is the material of the shoes for dishwashers. As already mentioned, the dishwashers need to stand throughout their shifts. So they must have the shoes which are perfect from every respect. Therefore, material of these shoes is crucial to be considered.

It is the material that decides about durability, support and breathability of the shoes. Since dishwashers have to work in kitchen which is a hot place, so their shoes must feature a high degree of breathability which will keep their feet cool and dry. Otherwise, the hot atmosphere will let the feet swell and may cause serious injuries or health issues.

Similarly, the material must be water and stain resistant because working in kitchen means a higher probability of spilling of liquids, fluids and other food items over your shoes.

With water and stain resistant shoes, the material will be capable of channeling the fluids out and keeping them dry. This results in enhanced durability and life span of the shoes.

Comfort Level of Shoes

You will be able to keep standing for hours only if you have the desired level of comfort with your shoes. So, consider the shoes which have ergonomics that offer right arch support, stability and comfort.

The insoles for shoes are very important in this regard as the right ones keep the feet, ankles and legs free of strains. So, the dishwashers can easily work for hours while standing without any discomfort or health problems.

Weight of Shoes

It is a must to consider lightweight shoes for dishwashers. The weight of shoes is very important when it is about flexible and comfortable ones. With lightweight shoes, you will be relaxed while moving through the kitchen’s greasy floors.

It also reduces the amount of wear and tear your shoes may experience. Moreover, the light weighted shoes add more to the durability. So, they will run for a longer time period.

Cushioning of Shoes

The next critical thing to consider is the cushioning offered by the shoes. Due to the extended hours the dishwashers need to spend at their duties, their shoes must be equipped with right cushioning. Having quality cushioning on the heel, around the collar and tongue,the dishwashers are more relaxed and free of pains. There will be no blistering or fatigue with the perfectly cushioned shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for working in a kitchen?

The best shoes for working in a kitchen are the ones that provide ultimate features necessary for such environments. The major qualities of kitchen shoes (or shoes for dishwashers) include slip resistance, water and stain resistance, grip, stability, arch support and comfort. There are many brands selling shoes for dishwashers and kitchen staff. Some of them are:

  • Emeril Lagasse Men’s Cooper Shoes
  • Dansko Women’s Professional Shoes
  • Vangelo Professional Slip Resistant Clog
  • Stico Men’s Slip-Resistant Chef Clogs

What makes shoes non-slip?

Since the non-slip shoes are a must for dishwashers and chefs. But what makes these shoes non-slip is the use of slip-resistant technology and right kind of sole. This combination offers a perfect level of grip, traction and stability so the dishwashers will not be slipping over the kitchen surfaces.

Are memory foam shoes bad for your feet?

Not at all. The use of memory foam makes the shoes equipped with right arch support and makes feet and ankles free of stress and strain. This way the dishwashers can easily linger on with their services without having any injury as the memory foam will stabilize their feet with right support and stability.


With the above detailed review about the right dishwasher shoes and the tips for selecting the best ones will definitely ease your searching hassles. Considering the mentioned factors and popular shoe products, you can surely invest in the right product.

So, you will have durable, comfortable and stable shoes which are non-slip, breathable, water and odor resistant. Having shoes which are durable and offer grip and better arch support will let you enjoy the long working hours even in the challenging environment of kitchen or food service workplace.

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