Best Shoes For Bodypump Reviews & Guide [2021]

As with any exercise, bodypump includes a lot of movement and sweat, and since you’re lifting weights and engaged in an intense workout session, you need the right gear to stay motivated. Otherwise, if you don’t have shoes that respond to your quick movements, are uncomfortable when doing squats and lunges, and won’t keep your feet dry, you can hurt yourself and be in tremendous pain.

What you need are the best bodypump shoes that have good support for the heels, great moisture-wicking properties, durability so as not to throw you off-balance, and adequate comfort for ease of wear. Not to mention, trainers highly recommend supportive shoes prior to attending your bodypump class.

With so many options out there, it’s easy to buy the wrong shoe. However, with hours of research and our footwear knowledge, we’ve brought you a list of the best shoes for bodypump that are recommended by classmates and trainers alike.

10 Best Rated Shoes for Bodypump Reviews

1. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma is a global athletic brand that manufactures only quality products to meet the needs of their faithful fanbase. Similarly, Tazon 6 is no exception to the quality claim.

Having a sure-footed stance is an important part of beginning bodypump and these stylish-looking cross trainers make certain to provide you with that feeling of a firm grip when you move from one bodypump activity to another.


Available in five different shades to sizes that range from 5.5 to 11, all people can easily find their preferred shoe size. This focuses more on wide fits: the toe box never feels tight. In fact, it allows you plenty of space to spread your toes while you’re doing squats and other toe-concentrated exercises effortlessly.

Appearance-wise, it might come across as a heavy-weight shoe but the Tazon is sturdily-built which shows in its craftsmanship of leather and other synthetic materials. It’s surprisingly lightweight and never weighs you down when you’re doing deadlifts and testing all kinds of working out positions.

With its EcoOrtholite sockliner, breathability and sweat-wicking is its big factor and never makes you feel too hot in the feet. Proper arch support is ensured with a shaft of 3″ to reduce heel pain and enables good shock-absorption to help in an intense workout.

  • Not only bodypump but it is great for all exercises including kickboxing and running.
  • EcoOrtholite Sockliner adds breathability and never causes unbearable heat.
  • Arch support is there for reduced heel pain and shock-absorption.
  • Stylish appearance makes it a great choice for everyday.
  • Feels very lightweight, well-made, and not heavy.
  • These require breaking in but with usage, the results only get better.
  • Shoes can look quite wide especially if paired with tight clothing.

2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

If your aim is to pick a brand you’ve never bought from before, and make a successful blind buy purchase, Brooks Walker shoes are your best bet. It claims to make a runner out of you because once you have it on, it feels like an “invisible but better” part of your natural feet.

These incredible shoes enhance your movements, so you can exercise faster and more effectively. With that being said, bodypump involves performing high repetitions and these shoes keep up with your pace; they never slow you down.


There are several factors contributing to its clever movement-enhancing technology; starting with its soft midsole cushioning that absorbs pressure in high-impact workouts and provides sufficient comfort, so you don’t need to take a break or slow down in between.

The innovative outsole, the second big factor, has pod construction for impeccable slip-resistance. While it also makes sure your feet stay firmly planted on the floor to maintain balance and speed. It is available in three different shades with sizes to suit both narrow and wide fits.

Lastly, leather construction gives it a sturdy and high-quality feel. Even if you use and abuse it daily, the shoes promise to last you a long time; they’re meant to bear the good, the bad and the ugly. In better words, their excellent tread allows smooth walking on uneven surfaces and painlessly working through any workout.

  • Leather construction makes it a long-lasting buy.
  • Midsole cushioning provides cloud-like comfort.
  • Pod outsole allows walking on uneven surfaces and effortless long-hour usage.
  • Ideal for running and repetitive exercises due to natural foot enhancement.
  • Great for both narrow and wide sizes.
  • A few have complained of feeling hot after a while of wearing these shoes.
  • A few wish they were waterproof.

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3. Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Cross Trainer

Nobody has not heard of Reebok, they’re that popular especially in the sports world. Keeping in line with their athletic gear, their Flexweave cross trainers include engineered stretch for freedom of movement and high performance comfort, as to not leave you with cramps and heel pain once you’re done exercising.

It’s a big supporter of comfort and breathability; two major features to look out for in training shoes.


Despite all the claims, our review is all about the experience and, spoiler alert, it passes the test. It’s available in a number of gorgeous shades with sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11, you can order your usual because this fits true-to-size.

Thanks to its mesh upper composed of flexweave, it ventilates the inside of the shoe to keep feet dry and odor-free; you will never feel the need to take off the shoes between workouts. Also, they’ve added forefront cushioning and heel bootie for maximum comfort and wonderful support. This won’t tire you out and prevents shin splints.

The Nano has crossfit-specific textured outsole for wonderful traction. Its grip, helps you remain steady, and stable especially for jumping and doing heavy lifts. The flat bottom also makes it a winner for flat-footed people.

  • A fantastic option for people with flat feet.
  • Extra cushioning keeps feet comfortable and cramp-free.
  • Sturdy construction is made to last you for years.
  • Flexweave upper is moisture-wicking and prevents foot odor.
  • Low-cut design for added mobility.
  • Only for short-distance running, but best for heavy lifting exercises.
  • Few complained the shoes stretched more than they liked. That can be solved with a slightly narrow or smaller shoe size.

4. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles

As the name suggests, NoBull takes a no-nonsense approach to Sports. Their shoes are meant to guide you along the path of a better You — but if you think only better shoes can make a better athlete out of you, that’s where this brand disagrees; everything goes hand in hand according to them.

That’s why they’ve created a simplistic shoe with a minimalist design and used features that don’t add anything to your feet, but improve what’s already there — your determination, your effort!


Available in a stream of different shades and sizes, these kicks have a unisex appeal that makes them a perfect fit for women who want something both practical-looking and not too girly, or too sporty. The upper is created of SuperFabric that promises non-abrasive protection, airflow and years of durable use.

Furthermore, it’s flexible and involves natural foot enhancement so you can easily keep pace in an energetic exercise session. Whether you are lifting, kicking, squatting, rope climbing, or attending a bodypump class, this pair will let you handle the toughest of moves.

High carbon laterals and medial guards double the protection of these shoes and make them more pressure-resistant. The outsole has a lug pattern that is perfected for both rugged outdoor and indoor use.

  • SuperFabric construction is breathable, good-quality, and non-abrasive.
  • High carbon laterals and medial guards protect the sidewalls.
  • Lug-patterned outsole is fantastic for both indoor and outdoor workout.
  • It enhances natural foot movement.
  • Lace-ups allow adjustable closure.
  • Can wear out near the lace area.
  • Not for running long-distances.

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5. Nike Men’s Gymnastics Shoes

Nike is a well-known athletic brand and their products are never short of high-quality. These shoes have garnered quite a solid fan base: the aesthetic looks, durable feel, and sharp hardware stands out the most. \

According to a customer, this pair has the lightness and swiftness of Bruce Lee and the manliness plus strength of Batman, describing perfectly what these shoes are made of.


Sizes from 6.5 to 15 are made available, and beautiful colors also grace the shoe choice. This lace-up pair has a robust low-profile heel clip that uses lateral and medial sides to prevent drag and also makes it quite maneuverable.

As you can see the upper consists of a textured mesh that makes this breathable to wear: your feet won’t be swimming in sweat or getting too hot during exercise. And adds more strength and resilience to this pair.

The sole support is pretty decent, but the lateral movement is fantastic and allows you to use these shoes in a series of workout activities without worry. Besides, the flare in the back of the shoe stops pain in the ball of your feet, so you can indulge in improved springy movements.

  • Mesh upper offers airflow and flexibility.
  • Both sole and lateral movement work in order for quick movements.
  • Reduces pain in the ball of your foot for uninterrupted workout.
  • Being low-profile makes the pair more lightweight and gives a barefooted feel.
  • Has beautiful athletic looks.
  • Laces can come loose sometimes.
  • The sizes tend to be smaller, sizing up will do you good.

6. Saucony Men’s Echelon 7 Running Shoe

If you’re looking for excellent running and walking shoes, Saucony’s Echelon is a great place to start. It highlights many of its features that make these sneakers helpful for runners. Also, this is recommended to runners suffering from underpronation owing to its all-round comfort and ortholite-focused cushioning.

One more thing to add is if you like to use custom inserts, these kicks will be perfect for the experiment and will make them even more useful.


Available in three different colors with sizes ranging from 7 to 15; both narrow and wide sizes are found in this pair. This is composed of a synthetic material with mesh upper for airflow and sweat-proofing.

The sizable toe box provides plenty of room to splay your toes when doing feet-concentrated exercises, yet at the same time uses midfoot and heel elements that keep the foot in one place. Your feet won’t be sliding sideways or sliding out awkwardly.

Thanks to its low-top design, the shoes are lightweight and have a foundation platform sockliner to provide a runner’s agility. It feels really comfortable on the feet, so you can easily wear them for daily use.

  • Foundation platform sockliner makes these kicks stable and adaptive.
  • Feels amazingly comfortable due to clever cushioning.
  • Looks and feels great for running and everyday use.
  • Roomy toe box allows you to easily spread your toes.
  • Is tighter at the ankle, so your feet won’t slide out easily.
  • Feels heavy to some, but the comfort right of the box downplays this con.
  • The bottom can wear thin.

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7. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Walking Shoes

Vionic is a popular brand known to mix comfort with fashion and sports with fashion too. As with most of their footwear, these classic walking shoes are podiatrist-designed with APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of acceptance. In other words, they’re fantastic for plantar fasciitis and heel spur.

This brand has the approval of best foot and arch support: their loyal fan base and expert reviewers always make note of this in their recommendations.


But what makes Vionic superior in heel and feet issues? Their use of dual-density EVA footbed which pushes cramps, pain, shock aside, and offers cloud-like comfort to your feet. Not only that, but their stable footbed and runner outsole establishes a footsure balance to make you in control of your entire weight.

For a runner, having control of your full body is of utmost importance and these shoes give you that control within seconds. It helps you develop a natural gait, so whenever you run and walk in these shoes, it should feel natural — not like an effort on your part.

In addition, if you’re looking for shoes for standing and moving all day long, they’re pretty lightweight to let you do that like a breeze.

  • A wonderful option for runners, walkers, and chronic foot pain patients.
  • Durable Leather construction for years worth of use.
  • Podiatrist seal of approval.
  • Dual-density EVA footbed prevents pain, shock and cramps.
  • Attractive and comfortable enough for daily use.
  • Needs breaking in, but they get better with each use.
  • The soles can come loose.

8. adidas Men’s Power Perfect III. Cross Trainer

In a cross-training program where different muscle-training moves are used, you have to pick shoes that don’t put a damper on your performance. And just like its name, Adidas Power Perfect trainer is a performance-booster.

How so? Well, the shoes prove as the perfect base to get started with performance-based training; it helps you put your skills into practice as the brand puts it forward. \


The shoes carry a die-cut silhouette that helps absorb impact and has lots of give in its construction. That wedge adds bounce, in better words, a spring to your step for quick flexes. Along with its Adiwear outsole, flexible forefront, and rearfoot heel support, you get twice the amount of athletic confidence than you’ll get with any average cross trainer in the market.

Let’s come down to the build of this pair: it’s beautiful, well-made and has a mesh upper that offers sweat-wicking powers, so your feet won’t slip and slide inside the shoe. It’s foamy and smartly cushioned, yet it doesn’t stretch to ruins or wear off quickly if you squat a lot. Actually, it’s ideal for squatting exercises.

Lace closure as well as a velcro strap lets you customize the fit. You can effortlessly crank the fit tighter to prevent your feet from sliding out while working out.

  • Velcro strap and lace-ups offer an adjustable fit.
  • A good balance of sporty and attractive.
  • Great for walking and daily use.
  • Mesh upper allows breathability and controls hot flashes.
  • Ideal for stretching and squatting.
  • The inside of the toe area is not stitched properly.
  • Fits are slightly on the wider side.

9. Inov-8 Womens F-Lite 235 V3 Cross Training Shoes

Looking for an all-rounder that can handle high-intensity workouts, heavy lifting, short runs, rope climbing and bodypump? Look nowhere else than Inov-8 F-Lite shoes.

Their minimal design and cross-training attributes allows it to be a versatile option as it can be used in different types of workout techniques. These shoes are vegan which makes them sustainable and safe to use. Inov-8 lives by the philosophy of grip: they believe it’s the utmost thing that brings you closer to the environment around you.


Grip is what let’s you achieve big and get through the biggest ordeals in an athlete’s life.

True to above, these shoes provide grip unlike anything you’ve tried. Their performance-enhancing outsole gives you the perfect form and fit to feel connected to the ground. It offers natural foot enhancement to have a planted foot that feels barefooted yet firm and steady to move from workout to workout with ease.

It uses elastic mesh for breathability and wicks away odor-causing bacteria at the same time. With the wielded toe bumper and rope guard technology protecting your feet from sliding inside or sliding out, the midsole snug fit acts to keep your feet in place.

  • Elastic mesh upper removes sweat, stink and bacteria.
  • It is a vegan shoe with a minimal, gorgeous-looking design.
  • Midsole provides a snug fit to keep your feet stay inside and from sliding out.
  • It’s extremely comfortable and agile to make you feel supported all the way through.
  • The kind of shoe you can wear to the gym and outside on a casual day.
  • The arch support hasn’t been up to the satisfaction of a few customers.
  • You may need to size up if you want to wear thicker socks.

10. Brooks Revel 2

Bodypump requires shoes that let you float through its inclusion of different exercises, without making feet heavy, slow in performance and unstable. Brooks Revel 2 is made to rival that. It incorporates smart functions of midsole cushioning, comfortable feel, and springlike motion that lets you ease through each step.

Since the shoes are largely based for running, you can expect it to give you hold as well as speed to keep moving forward without lags, breaks and frustration. It provides neutral support which is exactly what contributes to the lightweight feel of its design.


With a knit mesh upper, the shoe is designed to promote airflow and relieves your feet from hot spots that may disturb your workout.

With the breathability ticked off, the midsole cushioning provides optimal comfort, which is especially rewarding if you have high arches and bunions. It also secures the feet in place to prevent it from coming out by accident.

The flexion grooves and blown rubber outsole gives fantastic tread, so you can use the shoes effortlessly both indoors and outdoors; there’s no limitations to not experiment on every different kind of surface. The great tread also means resistance to shock, cramps and general fatigue.

  • Traditional tongue and lacing makes this breathable as well as unique.
  • It’s a good-looking shoe you can wear for walking everyday.
  • Lockdown fit prevents feet from sliding out.
  • Lightweight design lets you float through various gym activities.
  • Feels very comfortable — the kind of convenience that encourages athletes.
  • Collar lining is not that durable.
  • Bright lace color is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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What Is A BodyPump Workout?

Bodypump is not your usual workout consisting of just heavy lifting. In fact, it focuses on developing lean, fit muscles by using lightweights for performing high repetitions. Every individual muscle needs to be worked upon in a session of 33, 45 or 55 minutes with energetic music and encouraging coaches.

Best Shoes For Bodypump

Bodypump is also known as “The Rep Effect” and is actually a barbell workout to develop lean muscle mass. These light exercises are proven to increase bone-density, can reduce osteoporosis, and highlights that using light-lifting activates energy for longer periods of time than heavier loads do for a short amount of time.

What Things To Consider Before Buying Shoes For Bodypump?

Shoes made for bodypump actually make and break your performance at your class. You need the shoes to be slick and swift, so you stay in line with the moves — not catching up every now and then. Feet has to stay dry, otherwise you can run the risk of slipping and sliding on the gym floor, or the workout mat. Let’s get on with the rest of the considerations, shall we?

Pick The Right Size

Now that’s a given, right? Go too tight and you’ll feel uncomfortable within seconds. Go too wide, your feet will be sliding inside. So what’s the best approach? Well, choose your true size and make sure the shoes don’t stretch too much and are already broken in, so it feels the same even after many months of use.

Keep in mind the shoes should fit snug to prevent ankle twisting and keep your feet secure inside. Also, the toe box should allow splaying your toes without any effort on your part. Consider socks if that’s what you wear with sports shoes. Don’t forget, after exercise, feet tend to swell — make a mental note of that before picking the right fit.

Don’t Compromise On Comfort

Without comfort, you literally cannot workout properly. Comfort might be different things to different people, but in the sports world, it’s pretty much the same: moisture-wicking, reduces hotspots, memory foam, dropped heel, stable grip, proper weight distribution, pain, shock, blister and cramp prevention.

Comfort also depends on the kind of workout you’re doing. But for bodypump, our above comfort factors are perfect, and should be taken into consideration if you want to be a success in your next bodypump class, or at your home bodypump training.

Don’t Miss Out On Durability

Durability of the shoe determines how long it’s going to last. In the case of bodypump, when you’re at your extreme or taking the most fragile position, your shoes need to show resistance to wear and tear. If they get torn and peeled easily, they’re simply not worth your time, effort, and energy.

A shoe that doesn’t give up on you in the toughest and roughest of moments is your best friend indeed. How can you tell apart quality shoes from the bad ones? Take a pick from our list, we’ve already done the research for you and the shoes are high-quality.

But for your own analysis, weigh the pros and cons; check out the best high-quality brands and don’t forget to scan customers reviews (We’re sure there are many people out there that share concerns like yours.) Do your research on the top-quality construction materials and make a wise pick.

Insoles & Outsoles

If you suffer from a specific foot issue, medically approved shoes like the Vionic or those that allow custom inserts are going to help you a great deal.

Insoles and Outsoles both in unison are responsible for the behavior of the shoes. To make it clear, if the insole is non-cushioned and the outsole cannot survive on an uneven surface or in impactful situations, you’re going to deal with a shocking amount of pain.

And pain could totally discourage you from continuing with your activity. But insoles and outsoles with necessary features (same as the comfort ones) go a long way to minimize serious feet issues, injury, pain and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Bodypump Good For Losing Weight?

Exercise, in general, keeps you physically fit and toned. With a strength training like bodypump, it not only paves the path for a more toned, lean body, but has cardiovascular benefits that transforms your metabolic rate for the better and leads you to burn more calories.

Bodypump involves a lot of moves such as reps, squats, lunges and more done rapidly. And with that swiftness, you naturally are driving up your heart rate and speed, which with time and effort, makes you stronger, leaner, sharper and definitely helps lose weight faster. As a straightforward answer, then Yes bodypump does assist in shedding weight.

  • How Many Times Per Week Should I Do Body Pump? 

Since body pump brings each of your muscles into action, it will suffice to only have 2 to 3 sessions each week. A day’s break between every class will let your body take a break and rest. You can’t expect your body to keep working, that way you’ll only overtire yourself and feel unmotivated to continue.

However, taking a rest and sleeping off the pain and cramps will always get you back into routine fresher than ever. Also, how much you should do body pump depends also on how much your body can tolerate the activity. If you feel like your body can’t take the load, then you can do this once a week if you like, and make up for lost time with other less intense workouts.

  • Is Body Pump Hard For Beginners? 

As with many things in life, there is always a beginning. If you haven’t tried the body pump in the first place, how can you tell what it’s like? Yes, it’s a workout that tests your muscles, but more than that it checks your will and effort to keep at it.

If you’re willing to do it, you won’t find it hard especially if you take full day breaks in between. Plus, with the pumping music and motivating trainers, the classes never fail to get you in the mood.


You can’t risk your safety when you’re trying something that necessitates the right equipment for beginning. The best shoes for bodypump are one of this workout’s must-haves to get started safely. You might wonder since bodypump workout is a hub of different lightweight exercises, will a shoe be able to handle all that movement and changing positions?

Yes, the bodypump shoes we’ve picked can handle all combinations of exercises — be it heavy, medium or light. Each review highlights each shoe’s specialty. Final decision is going to be done from your end, but for your ease, we’ve listed every feature carefully.

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