Best Salsa Dance Shoes Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Shoes are one of the most essential wearable in routine life as wearing a good pair of shoes not only provides cushioning to your feet for high metabolism but also protects you from any injury while walking, running and dancing.

And when you talk about dance, having a good pair of shoes is a must. Yes, specifically in Salsa. Being a dance form of immense footwork, artistic stepping and sharp weight shifting, you must have best salsa dance shoes if you are thinking to master the moves.

Moreover as now Salsa involves the showcase of powerful acts like shimmies, turns, isolations, rolls, acrobatics, lifts and so on apart from conventional shines and foot artwork, anything less than best salsa dance shoes can hamper your performance and safety both, especially if you are a female. So, why to take any chance for a bad move?

Having said that, even if you are an aspiring Salsa dancer, a beginner of the field, an expert or someone who is simply planning to go out on a Salsa date, the below crafted list of best salsa dance shoes can turn out to be your moment of treasure. Check out in detail –

10 Best Rated Salsa Dance Shoes Reviews

1. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight

Coming from a legendary shoemaker brand since 1887, The Capezio, Capezio 550 Junior Footlight is a live example of both – art and technology.

From being renowned as a durable and time-tested quality product, the Capezio 550 Junior Footlight is equipped with latest technology innovation as well and hence is one of the most preferred choices of famous dancers and entertainers for any kind of performance.


The Capezio 550 Junior Footlight is 100% synthetic and thus it shines longer than expected. Since its upper is made up of soft PU leather, it carries a different grace and antiqueness in its shine which catches the public attention every time you wear it.

The leather buckle with Achilles notch is another feature to look for as it provides a great room for adjustment and customization as per your comfort fit.

Also, the smoothly turned around edge topline and lightly padded collar gives a sense of softness to the shoe whereas the closed toe & sides of the shoe with a light shank provides strength for powerful moves.

Apart from the outer appearance, Capezio 550 Junior Footlight has scored leather sole inside which prevents breakage of any kind that may otherwise happen in shoes with hard soles. In addition to this, the 1.5 inches top lifted heel provided in the shoe is also made up of scored leather for both –a firm and soft footing and thus sounds absolutely perfect for doing Salsa.

Out of all, one feature that separates this pair of Capezio from the list is the usage of moisture absorbent-microfiber material in its lining and foam puffed foot bed. With this innovative technology, you can wear the shoes for long hours without any worry of getting tired with wet & smelling feet.

  • Perfect for any event or occasion
  • Good choice for all seasons
  • Compatible with most of taps
  • Affordable deal from a top-notch brand
  • Forever in-trend look with great comfort
  • Limited color choice as available only in Black &Caramel
  • Size calculation may seem difficult while ordering

2. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Dance Shoes

The Women Rhinestone Salsa Dance Shoes by TTdancewear is a beauty to watch for. The sparkling and feminine look of the shoes catches the eye of the viewer in the first glimpse making it one of the most loved pair of shoes by majority of women. If you are looking for something with both beauty and feel, this is your call.


The foremost thing about Women Rhinestone Salsa Dance shoes by TTdancewear is that it is available in a wide range of colors so you can choose as per your own taste and dress code instead of sticking to few standard shades. Further, rhinestones being the USP of the shoes are beautifully spread over toe and heel area in a set designer pattern giving out high sparkling effect to the shoes in total.

Apart from color and crystals, the shoes uses satin in its formation which further enhances the look of the shoes. Being an imported footwear of TTdancewear, the women rhinestone salsa dance shoes has suede sole which provides one with strength and stability on polished floors while dancing – be it Salsa, Latin or Ballroom.

In addition to the mentioned feature set, the shoes is extremely flexible and lightweight which makes it comfortable for wearing by both – amateur and professionals. Moreover, the quick release buckle provided in the shoes makes it easy to wear and remove the shoes instantly before and after dancing.

As the shoes come in both 2.5 and 3 inches heels, you get the chance of customization as per your need and ease.

  • Can act as an accessory with your outfit
  • Extremely light and flexible to wear
  • Perfect for both – beginners and professionals
  • Available in a number of colors
  • High quality under great pricing
  • May feel too gaudy if you don’t like flashy things at all
  • Buckling up with quick release may confuse at first

3. YYTing Women Ballroom Dance Shoes

YYTing is known for offering budget friendly and highly flexible salsa dance shoes. The listed YYTing Women Salsa Dance Shoes falls in the category of best salsa dance shoes because of its flexible and pocket friendly vibe.


Being equipped with features of Rayon, the YYTing Women Salsa Dance Shoes is a go to shoes for everyday practice. Having high quality satin upper with a sweat absorbing insole makes it one of the preferred choices for dancing on a daily basis.

Moreover, with breathable soft lining, hugely elastic latex midsole and highly durable outer suede sole, the shoes offers immense comfort, flexibility and strength to threshold.

Apart from movability, the shoes carry luxury in a simple form thereby proving to be an open choice for every dance form, occasion, event and person. So, what better than a one shoefits all kind of product like YYTing Women Salsa Dance Shoes can you imagine?

As far as the weight and padding of the shoes is concerned, it comes with an ultra-light weight with soft cushion so that you can wear it for long hours with complete joy and freedom. In terms of ease of wearing and purchase choice, it comes with a quick release buckle and desired heel height under available color choice.

All-in-all, the YYTing Women Salsa Dance Shoes seems to be a deal of benefit with combo of great price and features.

  • High quality product with pocket friendly price
  • Amazing for regular use
  • Super light and comfortable
  • Suitable for majority of dance forms
  • Easily available in all sizes
  • It is designed for less arch support so if you have wider or thin toes and heel, it may feel troublesome to fit in perfectly
  • Not suitable for dancing on outdoor floors due to suede sole

4. Bulunka Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

If you want elegance, comfort, classics and weightlessness all in one pair of shoes, then Bulunka Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes is your thing. Manufactured under strict rules of US shoe size; design and production, Bulunka Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes are made as per the metrics of street shoes so that you get full comfort and cushioning without compromising the sense of fashion while dancing.


The best part about Bulunka Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes is that it fits true to size so you won’t find any difficulty in selecting the pair of dance shoes that fits you perfectly. Also, Bulunka Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes makes use of soft satin cloth for providing additional comfort and softness to your foot.

In addition to this, to reduce fatigue and for providing support during fast rhythmic dance movements, Bulunka makes use of a highly elastic material known as latex for manufacturing the sole of these shoes.

As an additional measure, to save you from slipping down while performing your dance, Bulunka Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes comes with flannelette layer over the surface of the cushion in sync with heightened heels of 2.5 inches which are considered absolutely appropriate for dancing as per Bulunka.

Apart from aforesaid feature kit, with the crisscross straps available at the instep and across the toe along with an easy to tie adjustable buckle at the ankle space, you get firm footing and stability for exhibiting a high-end performance without any matter of worry.

  • Fits perfectly to your size
  • Boon for people with wider feet
  • Made under US shoe regulations
  • Special flannelette layer to avoid slippage
  • Crisscross straps for strong footing
  • Provided heel size may not suit your dance needs
  • Powerful dance moves may seem difficult with in-built softness in the shoes

5. DKZSYIM Women’s Satin Latin Dance Shoes

Since DKZSYIM is known for making economical shoes with decent quality to fit everyone’s budget, DKZSYIM Women’s Satin Latin Dance Shoes Model 213 gives a reflection of both through its look, feel and pricing.


Primarily, the DKZSYIM Women’s Satin Latin Dance Shoes is available in a wide range of colors under decent pricing range thereby giving you a good option for getting your own pair of best salsa dance shoes with customized taste and color.

Moreover, DKZSYIM also provides customized heels as per your needs, thus can be a great option if you are one of those persons who like things just the way they want.

In addition to the color and price range, the shoes are made up of breathable and furry lithe along with non-slippery natural material that lets you wear the shoes for long hours without any concern of sweating and slippery feet.

This feature not only makes the shoes an apt. choice for beginners but also for expert dancing professionals who practice for long hours in routine.

With dimensions of 8.58 x 2.87 x 5.31 inches, the shoes weigh up to 10.58 Ounces only therefore lies in the category of extremely light footwear for dancing.

Apart from this, with a suede outsole, 1.57 inches heel height, an ankle buckle and an outside subtle shining satin material, the shoes seems to be gracious and of decent quality and thus can turn out to be a deal of benefit for you in terms of good comfort and flexibility also.

  • Economical shoes with good features
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Professional and subtle look
  • Appropriate for beginners and experts
  • Super light with comfy fit
  • The shoes is imported so there can be a delay in delivery
  • Difficult to identity difference in similar color shades

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6. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

Absolutely gorgeous in design, sophisticated in style and true to its size, the Women’s Salsa Practice Dancing Shoes ZB04 by CLEECLI speaks for itself. The shoes look elegant and strong with a great built. If you are someone who likes to wear shoes with mesh, it can be a good deal to bid on.


These CLEECLI’s Women’s Salsa Practice Dancing Shoes ZB04 carries a beautiful design over its upper section as it is made with fine quality mesh and Satin. The combo of both gives an elite look to the shoes that is why it is not only preferred for salsa dancing but also for wearing with formal dresses as indoor shoes.

Apart from its elegant and high class appearance, it is strengthened with more thickened cross straps across its design so that you get great arch and ankle support for lengthy span of time. The quick release buckle lets you tie and untie the shoes instantly with much ease and speed.

Also, being made up of extra light weight and elastic material, the shoes offer gentle padding to the foot thereby ensuring that you carry them with great comfort and activeness. Moreover, the shoes is equipped with sweat absorbing suede sole and puffed breathable lining to keep your feet fresh and dry.

At last, the shoes seem greatly stable and durable with flared heel with US shoe size standardization revealing itself as an authenticated product for salsa dance.

  • Exhibits multi-purpose use in terms of wearing
  • Reflects status and elegance through its design
  • Best for people with high sweating feet
  • Intact foot placement
  • Showcase of grace and ease
  • May not be good for people with wide feet as the tightly packed design of the shoes can cause blisters
  • Extra soft suede sole may let mid-sole of your foot dig-in while dancing

7. Capezio Women’s SD02 Rosa 2.5″ Flared-Heel Sanadl

When it comes to Capezio, the brand name speaks about its products itself. Talking about Capezio Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes, it is one of the highly rated products of Capezio in terms of both – pricing and durability and thus can prove to be a costly affair for some but can be a nice deal for all time Capezio fans.


The Capezio Women’s Salsa Dance Shoes are made up of 100% polyester with a cushioned insole & suede sole and thus definitely has a long life and worn out time in comparison to others.

As Capezio products generally comes in standard shades thus these pair of shoes is also available in Black and Camel shade only.  As a matter of fact, the PU and Satin upper gives it a royal look with decency and grace.

Also, the shoes carry a flared heel with an approximate height of 2.5 inches that not only gives you stability while dancing but also helps in retaining perfect balance for different moves. In addition, the shoes are toe & side opened and thus seems stunning as a dressy sandal for various occasions.

In terms of additional support, the shoes are equipped with flexible crisscross straps at the ankle position and multiple interwoven straps at the forefoot position. Half shank is also given for foot strength with a speedy buckle for quick change. All-in-all, the shoes are highly durable with superior quality.

  • Comes in Top-rated products list of Capezio
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Well furnished & finished pair of shoes
  • Royalty of its own type
  • Made with innovative detailing
  • Not recommended for all due to price range
  • Long ankle straps may need special attention to fit as per your feet

8. Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe

The Capezio’s Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe stands out as the smartest choice amongst other men’s salsa dance shoes. From giving you a perfect gentleman look to adding an extra feather to your personality while dancing, the Capezio’s Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoe is one of the best deals to bang on right now.


The shoes are made up of 100% faux leather and thus the synthetic touch of the shoes makes one feel its grace throughout the design. The 1-inch heel provided in the shoes gives an extra edge to these shoes as both – a beginner and a professional dancer can find their comfort zone in these shoes with great confidence.

Also, the shoes have a soft upper with perfect forefoot soles that gives great flexibility and right amount of traction for wide range of movements. The padded insoles are made up of shock absorbent sponge that has the ability to protect your feet from hard surfaces and fractures.

In addition, the firm suede heel counter provides you with strong stability & ankle support for all performances and stage acts. To keep your feet dry and fresh, the shoes come with a cotton lining that absorbs moisture instantly and thus is highly recommended for ballroom dancers.

Apart from the things mentioned above, the shoes also offer great comfort because of smoothly folded edges, Achilles notch and a padded collar.

  • Branded shoes for men under great price
  • Shock absorbent insole for avoiding any injury
  • Made up of pure polyester
  • Gracious and professional look
  • Best suited for new dancers
  • Shoe size may vary in reality
  • Laces doesn’t seem to be of very superior quality

9. Sansha Salsette 3 Jazz Sneaker

Being a renowned shoe manufacturer across the globe, Sansha fully supports creative people attached with dance – be it dancers, store owners, professionals, teachers and so on.

Therefore, it seems true to the picture that Sansha products are manufactured only after doing great amount of research and innovation. Sansha’s Salsette 3 Jazz Sneaker seems to be a perfect example of that.


The Sansha’s Salsette 3 Jazz Sneaker has used mesh in its design and formation which gives a smart-n-cool look to the shoes. The shoes are inspired by the Jazz dance form and thus feature a ribbed upper and suede sole in its physical appearance.

The combo of mesh and suede gives a rugged and sturdy look to the shoes in total thereby attracting young female dancers to a large extent.

Apart from this, the shoes offer great comfort in terms of weight and fit as it is light in weight and laces are provided for a custom fit so that you can adjust the shoes as per your choice instead of adjusting yourself in the shoes.

The special lace-up closure eradicates the effort of doing laces every time you wear and remove the shoes. This seems great for anyone who likes to wear the shoes of his/her own choice in a luxurious manner specifically.

Also, the available collar and padded tongue gives smoothness around the shoes so that you can dance to your own tune with high energy without worrying about painful and blistered feet. In totality, with these shoes you can glide over the floor as if you master it completely.

  • Best suited for Jazz dance
  • Easily affordable
  • Rugged and sturdy look
  • No worry of tying laces
  • Comfy fit with strong sole
  • Only moderate arch support is provided
  • May cause damage to heel area if you wear for long dance hours due to lack of cushioning

10. Dancine Ballroom Latin Social Salsa Shoes

What separates the Salsa Dance Shoes offered by an experienced brand viz. Dancine from the rest is that it comes with 100% hand-made guarantee. Also, being recognized as a brand which offers premium quality shoes under an effective cost, the Dancine stands out as one of the most loved people choices in terms of salsa dance shoes.


The Dancine Salsa Dance Shoes comes with an assurance that the shoes are completely hand crafted with superior satin and thus reveals an intrinsic attention to detail itself. To begin with, the shoes carry a five strap vamp with a strong ankle band that ensures your safety and security while dancing and prevents you from losing the grip.

Further, the soles of the shoes gives a big relief as the insole doesn’t let you slip & have bad smelling feet due to its microfiber-breathable technology along with patent foam bedding with steel foil reinforcement within. As far as the suede outsole is concerned, it is meant to give flexibility to your feet.

In addition to aforesaid features, the shoes comes with 3-inches heels which are double layered for reducing noise & skidding while dancing and walking along with giving a comfortable wear for long hours. Moreover, as it is centered, thus it is highly preferable by professional dancers because of its ergonomics.

Ultimately, the shoes prove to be a product of great value for price with in-built performance enhancing qualities so can be the best option of salsa dance shoes for you.

  • Reliable and trustworthy product
  • Ergonomics based shoes
  • Creatively designed considering professional needs
  • Strong foot support with high-end flexibility
  • Extra protection through double layer heels
  • Need to buy additional brush for maintenance
  • May not be apt. for amateurs and beginners

What Things To Consider When Buying Salsa Dance Shoes?

best salsa dance shoes

Although majority of Salsa Dance Shoes are made considering the range of movements involved in the dance, there are few things that you must specifically consider while buying a pair of salsa dance shoes. These are as follows –


The sole of any salsa dance shoes holds great importance as having a shoe with a good sole can not only enhance your performance but can also give high comfort while dancing. However, a shoe with a bad sole can not only cause foot injuries but can also effect leg, hip and arm movements as well.

Therefore, while choosing any pair of Salsa dance shoes you must take care of the sole of the shoe. Now the thing is how to differentiate between a good and a bad sole, well it’s quite simple as it depends upon the purpose you are choosing the shoe for.

Commonly leather soles are used by proficient salsa dancers as they are very soft on the floor and can slip badly if you are a beginner. On the other hand, a suede sole may work better for you if you are new to the dance form as it lets you spin easily by providing a firm yet flexible and gentle footing on the floor.


As Salsa is a dance form of high energy foot and body movements, having a shoe with good cushioning is not only essential but beneficial too.

Reason being, with quick weight shifting, foot movements and fast moves in Salsa, your feet may suffer fractures at toe section, mid-sole area and at the heel, if the shoes you are wearing is not cushioned with a soft material.

Moreover, the shoes should be complemented with a breathable material as additional moisture in the shoes can hamper both your feet and the softness of the shoe.

For this, you must be aware about the material used in the insole of the shoe as shoes with high quality, shock absorbent and blister-free insoles can provide long span of dancing time without any worry of tiredness and pain.

Heel Metrics

Heel is that part of the shoes which takes on itself the major portion of your body weight. Also, it gives height to your body and overall personality so choosing a heel with perfect height and width considering body weight is a must.

Shoes with too much sharpened heel can take you off-balance while dancing and therefore can lead to unfortunate cuts & wounds. On the other hand, a gently flared and centered heel can provide balance to your body while you perform different moves and steps.

People with wider feet and high body fat prefer short heels. As a matter of fact, shoes with heel height up to 1.5 & 2 inches are preferred by amateurs for safe and stable dancing but you can also wear shoes with high heels viz. up to 2.5 & 3 inches etc. if you have mastered the dance form.

However wearing heels with too much height are not recommended for long hours as they can dislocate the body posture and may lead to another health trouble for you and your loved ones.

Value for price

As your choice of Salsa Dance shoes is not independent of your pocket size so you must consider the value for money factor while buying a pair of salsa dance shoes.

It may be possible that you may find shoes with much higher and lower price tag as per your set budget but try to ensure that you get a good value for the mentioned price as sometimes too expensive brand deals may turn out to be a failure and vice-versa.

Having said that, try to get a pair of shoes with high durability, good arch & foot support, quality material, feasible life span and go-to-look so that you don’t have to waste your money for getting a new pair of shoes every time you visit the dance practice. So, choose wisely so that you can dance freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use quick buckle with straps in the shoes?

The quick buckles are provided in majority of the salsa dance shoes for letting you wear and remove the shoes immediately when you desire. Simply hold the buckle hook; gently push it outwards while opening the shoe and inwards while closing the shoe and lastly adjust the straps around your ankle.

It’s that simple and prevents you from getting confused with the provided strap section.

Should I order shoes of same size as that of my feet or one size-up and down?

It totally depends upon the kind of shoes you are choosing. Some closed-toe shoes may fit tight if you have wide feet whereas some shoes may fit loose if you have narrow feet.

The best way is to measure your feet length in noon time as usually human feet fits true to size in noon time due to metabolic activity and is considered as the best shopping time for buying footwear.

Also, do carefully check the physical appearance of the shoes once while buying as you can get some idea about its fit as per your feet to avoid any further misunderstanding.


It is a fact that dance is one of the most fun-to-do and cherish able activities of all. Specifically, when Salsa is there, the beauty of the dance form and the dancer itself soothes both – the eyes and the hearts of the viewers.

Moreover, a good dancer is not only known for his dance moves and etiquettes but for his aesthetics as well and as far as Salsa is concerned, shoes stand at the top spot for reflecting a great aesthetic sense. So, don’t settle for something usual when you can get the best salsa dance shoes and elevate your personality and performance with great name and fame.

Also remember, every audience awaits an epic performance, but only few dancers perform epic. Be one, with best salsa dance shoes.

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