Best Running Shoes for Extensor Tendonitis Reviews 2022

Foot pain can be an annoying peeve for some but debilitating for others. While there are many causes for different foot pain types, one of the most common is a swelling in the extensor tendons that goes down from the leg muscles to the feet. This can have the potential to negatively impact your way of life, perhaps so much that you have looked for an article like this now.

Don’t you worry, though. Having something like Extensor Tendonitis is not the end of the world, and most of the time, it’s mostly caused by overexerting your feet to what it’s used to. One of the best ways to help treat and prevent this is by having good quality footwear that supports your feet.

So here is our list of the best running shoes for Extensor Tendonitis that is sure to give your feet a much-needed break:

Reviews Of Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Extensor Tendonitis

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20

The Adrenaline GTS 20 from Brooks is a stylish yet functional pair of shoes made for female runners. It provides a great blend of stability and support, cushioning your feet while being flexible enough to let your feet do their job.


The Adrenaline GTS 20 comes in a broad set of different shoe sizes. When it comes to colors and styles, this pair of running shoes are available with a few dozen other choices. You can be sure that they have something that not only looks great but also fits any sports outfit you want.

It comes equipped with DNA LOFT Crash Pads, which does well in cushioning your feet and absorbing the shock from every step. This helps minimize the stress in your feet. It also works with BioMoGo DNA technology, which allows the shoe to adapt to your feet as you run. These will get you running further and reduce any chances for injuries on your feet to occur.

The shoes themselves are made with a new modernized and optimized design. This new streamlined structure allows the Adrenaline GTS 20 to keep a firm and secure fit while minimizing the shoe’s profile. It also comes with a Guiderails Holistic Support System, which helps you maintain your stride and keeps your knees from experiencing excessive movement.

  • Available in a large array of sizes and color designs
  • DNA LOFT Crash Pads that cushion your feet
  • BioMoGo DNA technology that adapts to you as you run
  • Guiderails Holistic Support System to minimize knee injury
  • Modernized design that delivers a great fit
  • Stock shoelaces may need to be replaced early
  • Too tight of a fit unless you choose one that is half-size larger

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 22 Running Shoes

The Gel-Nimbus 22 is a pair of USA-made runner’s shoes equipped with a battery of technologies that provide outstanding overall performance. It is an exceptional mid-tier choice for those who want shoes that they can wear throughout the day and still use them on short and long runs.


ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus is available in plenty of shoe sizes ranging from 6 to 16, with wider versions for each size. It also comes with various color sets so that you could pick one that fits you the most and makes an excellent pair for young teens.

The GEL Technology Cushioning System is the main feature of this product. It provides a great quality of shock dampening, which helps minimizes the forces on your feet while allowing you to perform a wider set of movements with a dampened risk of injury. This is paired with its Trusstic System technology, which results in overall lower weight for these shoes, reducing the load on your feet.

Other added features include SpevaFoam 45 Lasting, which lines the insole of the Gel-Nimbus. It grants improved comfort and puts less strain and pressure on your feet. FlyteFoamLyte and Propel Technologies dramatically improves the elasticity and cushioning of the product even further.

  • Equipped with ASICS’ Gel Technology Cushioning System
  • Superb lightweight footwear due to its Trusstic System technology
  • All-around cushioning and comfort with SpevaFoam 45 Lasting
  • Made with comfort and performance in mind
  • Available in many different sizes, widths, and color sets
  • Laces tend to fray after a few months of use
  • Actual shoe size is slightly smaller than rated

3. Dansko Women’s Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker

The Paisley from Dansko Women is a pair of running shoes designed for activities in rustic outdoor environments. Still, it also holds itself well in day-to-day use. It works well for casual jogs and more active runs, all the while keeping your feet dry as you go.


Dankso Women’s Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers is made with a mix of suede and synthetic materials that provide an excellent balance in comfort, style, and performance.

It comes in many sizes from Sizes 5.5 to 13, with wider variants for each size. It also comes in 8 different colors to choose from, and it is comfortable to wear and secure onto your feet.

The main feature of the Paisley is its waterproof construct. The upper is made from suede, seam-sealed, and fully capable of repelling water from seeping in. This is especially useful when living in wet and rural areas where puddles on nature trails would be expected.

The suede is paired with DuPont Sorona fiber for improved moisture management, which helps with wearing comfort over extended periods.

These shoes are soft and supportive for your feet as the insole comes with a removable triple-density footbed. This footbed comes with support for your foot’s arch and dampens shock from walking, jogging, and running.

The shoes also feature CleansportNXT for odor management and can accommodate most standard and custom orthotics as well.

  • Rated to be 100% waterproof
  • Made with high-quality suede and synthetic materials
  • Features a triple-density footbed for foot support
  • DuPont Sorona fiber for moisture management
  • CleansportNXT technology to negate bad smells
  • Uses non-breathable material, might be uncomfortable in hot weather
  • Not suitable for more intense activities

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4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) Running Shoes

The Gel-Cumulus 20 is the women’s counterpart to the Gel-Nimbus 22. It boasts similar performance while being designed for women runners. This pair of running shoes are dependable and comes with features that live up to the ASICS standard.


ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 comes in a dozen different color style choices. It also has plenty of size choices to choose from, although it is recommended to select a half-size bigger than your usual shoe size to avoid that awkward situation of having your shoes fit a bit too well.

The main feature of the Gel-Cumulus 20 is its Impact Guidance System technology. The I.G.S. works by having contours at the shoe’s stiff rubber sole that enhance the foot’s natural gait.

This dramatically improves mechanical efficiency with every step and helps maintain your natural cadence. It results in allowing you to run faster and for longer.

Like the Gel-Nimbus 22, this pair of shoes also comes with SpevaFoam 45 Lasting that lines the shoe’s insole. This is paired with FlyteFoam Propel technology, an ASICS proprietary foam formulation that increases bounciness. An OrtholiteSockliner is included along with reflective sections for increased comfort and security.

  • Comes in many form-fitting shoe sizes and stylish designs
  • Impact Guidance System Technology for mechanical efficiency
  • Excellent foot support and comfort with SpevaFoam 45 Lasting
  • Tough and durable rubber sole with excellent grip
  • Comes with an OrtholiteSockliner and reflective surfaces
  • Ordering half-size larger is recommended
  • Insole may be stiffer and more rigid than previous Cumulus shoes

5. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

The Wave Inspire 15 from Mizuno is a pair of running shoes that offers a competitive array of technologies that sets it apart from most other running footwear. But not only is it great for performance running and intense cardio, but it is also great for day-to-day use.


Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoes are perfect and form-fitting shoes that come in a decent size selection from 7 to 16. The shoes themselves look quite fashionable with a look similar to sneakers. It comes in multiple stylish colors and is made with a mix of textile and synthetic materials that offer durability and good quality.

These shoes come with a new engineered mesh that conforms and adapts to your feet’s  size and shape. This results in a much better fit and wearable design. This also comes with the advantage of the upper of the shoes being made with breathable material, making it well-suited for running.

Mizuno Wave technology compliments this mesh design thanks to its ability to provide excellent cushioning and stability. Running with the Wave Inspire 15 will feel extraordinarily responsive, mainly thanks to its U4ic midsole and U4icX heel wedges. Not only will these shoes support your feet during brisk runs, but they also keep them cushioned during everyday use.

  • Designed specifically for runners looking for comfort and performance in their shoes
  • Engineered mesh that adapts and conforms to the shape of your feet
  • Mizuno Wave technology provides excellent cushioning, stability, and response
  • Made with high-quality materials and a breathable upper
  • Great comfort and support to your feet
  • The wide version may be smaller and narrower than previous models
  • Not suitable for rough trails and roads

6. New Balance Men’s Zante v3 Running Shoe

The Fresh Foam Zante v3 is the third incarnation of this fashionable line of running shoes. It takes what is the best from the v2 and improves upon it while keeping its fresh look. It is the right choice for those who want a pair of shoes that looks good and feels good.


New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Zante v3 is a pair of running shoes with a profile similar to a sneaker while featuring a bootie construction. It is easy to wear and remove but not tricky to fit and fasten to your feet. It comes in plenty of sizes from size 7 to a size 16, with wide versions each. You can be sure you can keep yourself looking fresh with these shoes as it comes with 10 different colors sets for you to choose from.

The shoes themselves are made with a durable rubber sole. The midsole itself is made with New Balance’s Fresh Foam, which provides more than adequate cushioning and comfort for your feet. This is not only because of the Fresh Foam material quality but also due to the dual-density design in the midsole.

  • Made with New Balance’s Fresh Foam material
  • Simple and stylish design that’s great for casual wear and exercise
  • Large selection of sizes and colors to match your feet and style
  • Dual Density midsole for added comfort and feet support
  • Fashionable profile with its sneaker-like design
  • Shoe is a bit narrower than the shoe size, so it is recommended to get the wide version
  • Not suitable for more intense running nor for running on rough terrain

7. ALTRA Men’s ALM1948G Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe

Specifically made for performance and comfort, the ALM1948G Paradigm sets the bar high with its practical yet superb design.


The ALM1948G is a considerable choice for those looking for footwear that is focused on performance. It boasts a wide selection of shoe sizes from size 7 to size 16 so that you could get a pair that fits your feet just right. You can also choose from four different color sets.

The shoes are designed around performance, particularly in helping with the natural kinematics of your feet. Thanks to its Altra EGO midsole, the arches and ankles of your feet are greatly supported and cushioned from impact. This gives your feet the feeling of being adequately supported and minimizes any unnecessary strain in your feet.

This makes it great for those who have issues with Extensor Tendonitis and those who regularly spend most of the waking day on their feet.

A dynamic support combo is also included in these superb running shoes. The StabiliPods and medial Guide Rail features help keep you maintain balance and stability as the shoes themselves guide your feet as you run. This helps minimize the possibility of injuring your feet and knees.

It will also improve your performance and allows you to go further. It is of little surprise why it is a favorite of marathon runners.

  • A favorite among avid runners, especially for those going extra-long distances
  • Excellent foot cushioning and support thanks to its Altra EGO midsole
  • StabiliPods and Guide Rail features dynamic support
  • Well-suited for everyday use, especially for those with foot problems
  • Ultra Lightweight yet durable design
  • Has a narrow toe box that could be uncomfortable for some
  • Not suitable for off-road trails

8. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 8 Running Shoe

A great running shoe that is a favorite for some avid runners, the Kinvara 8 Running Shoe from Saucony is a good choice for both casual and hobbyist women runners. It is a lightweight pair of shoes that does a great job in cushioning your feet not only when running but also for day-to-day activities.


The Kinvara 8 is a pair of running shoes that really lives up to its classification as every facet of its design is dedicated to giving you a great deal of performance as you run. It comes in size 5 to size 12, although lacking any wide versions.

But thanks to its meshed design and internal strap system, these shoes are sure to have a proper fit to your feet. It also comes in five different snappy color sets that make it a great pair even for casual wear.

These performance shoes are made with 100% Flexfilm with a tough but cushioning rubber sole. Flexfilm is a flexible and breathable material that gives these shoes its structure and support.

This is paired with Saucony’s EVERUN Topsole, which provides for continuous cushioning of your feet.

Another excellent feature is its internal strap system that embraces the midfoot. This gives it an added level of fastening of the shoe to the feet, which prevents the shoes from moving around too much, allowing you to have a surer step as you run.

  • Made with 100% Flexfilm for structure and support with less weight
  • EVERUN Topsole provides continuous cushioning
  • Internal strap system embraces the midfoot and keeps the shoes nice and snug to your feet
  • Durable rubber sole that is good for most surfaces
  • Breathable material that helps keep your feet comfortable and cool
  • Too much of a tight fit for some
  • Lacks some of the shock-absorbing features of other shoes

9. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Structure 21 Running Shoe

A men’s performance shoe from Nike, the Air Zoom Structure 21 is a beautiful union of both function and form. It is made to give you a feeling as if you are (almost) walking on air thanks to its cushioning quality while keeping your eyes trained on you as you run the track.


The Air Zoom Structure 21 comes in a somewhat limited set of sizes, from size 8 to size 11. It also comes in four different styles that are definite head-turners thanks to its bright neon green color.

The shoes are made with purely synthetic materials of high quality and a rubber sole that can handle smooth pavements and rough asphalt with little issues. It features Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology that allows the shoes to adapt to your feet’s contours without being too tight to cause unnecessary pressure to your extensor tendons.

The midsole features a full inner mesh bootie that wraps around each foot, enhancing the experience of breathability and gives a sock-like fit even if you wear these shoes barefoot. It is easy to take on and off these shoes thanks to the notches on each side of the tongue.

The Dynamic Support system is also located here, which helps you transfer your movements to the ground while keeping your feet safe and cushioned.

The sole itself is made with compression-molded Phylon and Cushlon foam, fused together in such a way that they mix together and result in a superior dual-density cushioning system.

  • Made for casual wearers and professional athletes alike
  • Fits your feet firmly thanks to Nike’s Dynamic Fit technology
  • Superb feet support and boast a fantastic dual-density cushioning system
  • Excellent breathable inner mesh in the midsole
  • Dramatically improves your feet’s ability to transfer your forces into movement
  • It is a tight fit, perhaps too tight for those with wide feet
  • Lacks size choices

10. Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Sneakers

This is a pair of sneakers that are explicitly designed to help those with foot problems. Made by Orthofeet, these shoes are guaranteed to relieve your feet and heels from pain caused by issues such as Extensor Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.


These orthopedic women’s sneakers come with an extensive set of shoe sizes, from size 6 to size 12, and narrow, wide, and extra-wide versions. Although the color choices are limited, these sneakers come in plenty of size choices so that you can choose the right size that fits your feet properly.

These shoes main feature is their orthotic insoles, proven to help with the pain caused by a strained plantar fascia in your feet. These are also great for those with Extensor Tendonitis. These ergonomic soles dampen shocks and impacts that could otherwise strain your feet and ankles.

The uppers of these sneakers are made with a mix of knitted and stretchable fabric that conforms to your feet’s shape without adding pressure down on your extensor tendons. Its soft fabric interior is gentle on your feet and provides good cushioning along with its orthotic insoles. It is also comfortable to wear and can be made as firm or as loose as you can comfortably want.

  • Design specifically for orthopedic issues
  • Extensive selection of shoe sizes and widths
  • Premium orthotic insole for proven pain relief
  • Wide toe box and non-binding design for alleviating pressure on bunions
  • Provides comfort and relief from pressure on your feet for extended periods
  • Offers limited performance for more intense running
  • May wear out quickly when often used in rough terrain

What is Extensor Tendonitis?

Extensor Tendonitis is an inflammation of the extensor tendons, located just under the skin of the back of your hands and just beneath the top of your feet. These tendons are vital as they connect the bones of your fingers and toes to the muscles that move them.

This ailment is common and can be caused by a large number of things. The most common cause is that the tendons were being overused. For your feet, this often means you spend a lot of time standing, using improper footwear for a given activity or sport, or that your footwear is too tight on your feet.

What Key Features To Look For When Buying Best Shoes for Extensor Tendonitis?

Best Running Shoes for Extensor Tendonitis

Extensor Tendonitis is one of the most common injuries that happen to runners. They are casual joggers or athletes running marathons. It is essential to make sure that you have the proper set of footwear. This is because having this type of injury would not only negatively impact your ability to move but could also lead to worse injuries and reduce your performance and your enjoyment in running.

So here are the following key features to look for to make sure that the running shoes you want for your feet are the right fit for you:


It could not be further stressed how important it is for your running shoes to properly fit your feet. If your footwear is too tight on your feet, it will place excessive pressure on your feet’s extensor tendons. It would also result in too much force being applied to your toes and could even injure them.

Having shoes that are too loose on your feet is also a problem. If not properly secured to your feet, your shoes will move around as you run. This makes it difficult for you to get a proper cadence while you jog or run, negatively affecting your pace.

Any supports within your shoe might even injure you as it no longer functions properly. There would also be an increased risk of tripping as you run, which could lead to even greater harm.

Design Features

Not every pair of shoes are the same. Some do the job just fine by keeping your feet protected and providing the bare minimum in support to your feet and ankles. Other running shoes offer many design features and technologies that deliver holistic support to your feet and ankles. It is often best to get what you think you need, plus a little bit of extra just in case.

The chances of you developing Extensor Tendonitis can be significantly reduced if your feet are supported. You have the right shoes for the job. Go for a pair of running shoes that features supports for the arches in your feet and your ankles.

This is especially true if you experience inflammation in your extensor tendons from spending long periods on your feet often. If you are an avid runner, look for running shoes that feature shock-absorbers and other kinetic features that take a load off your feet.


It is essential to know what you need. Running shoes with better and higher quality features tend to be more expensive, after all. While this is vital to those on a budget, you can also save up a pretty penny and feel the most benefit if you get the right pair at the right price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat and prevent Extensor Tendonitis?

One of the best ways to treat Extensor Tendonitis is to give your injured hands or feet time to rest and recover. This is because Extensor Tendonitis is typically caused by overexertion of your hands or feet, so this simple home remedy might just be what you need.

When it comes to preventing Extensor Tendonitis to actually occur, it is best to know your limits regarding exercise and spend your time on your feet. While it is good to spend time being active, remember that moderation is vital and that your body will tell you what it feels to be its limits.

It also greatly helps to have shoes that provide adequate support for your feet and minimizes shock whenever possible.

If you feel that Extensor Tendonitis is negatively impacting your quality of life, please do not hesitate to inform your doctor about it.

Can a cold compress or using ice packs help treat Extensor Tendonitis?

Yes, using a cold compress or ice on your tendons can help treat the pain and help quicken your recovery.

This works because the drop in temperature along the parts of the extensor tendons that are inflamed would begin to develop a numbing sensation that reduces pain. Cold compress can also reduce your extensor tendons’ swelling, providing further relief and relieving any pressure to the area.

Are there any exercises to help treat or prevent Extensor Tendonitis in my feet?

Yes, some exercises help with your Extensor Tendons in your feet.

You can stretch the muscles and the extensor tendons by kneeling down and have your ankles lay flat against the floor.

This can help improve the recovery of your tendons if they are inflamed. Another exercise is simply by walking and running. As long as you do not overexert your feet, you will gradually strengthen your extensor tendons.


It is essential to take care of your feet as even seemingly minor injuries such as Extensor Tendonitis can potentially bring down your quality of life. The items featured in this list are some of the best running shoes for Extensor Tendonitis, and for a good reason.

These shoes are lightweight and available in form-fitting but not too tight on your feet. It cushions and supports your feet and ankles, with some having added features to help prevent knee injuries as well. It just goes to shoe how much of a difference a great pair of shoes can have. And we hope that we have helped you find some relief and security against these standard foot issues.

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