Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews 2021

In the era of fitness freaks and health enthusiasts, it is no wonder that training regimes have evolved equivalently and innovatively. One such training is Cross Training that involves a set of dynamic activities like sports, recreational therapies, exercises, outdoor & indoor routines to equip you with a balanced and holistic health.

It is quite clear that carrying out such dynamic health training must have its own do’s and don’ts especially if you have wide feet. Well, in some cases, people with wide feet may be considered as persons of strong personality and high fitness by others. However, in actual, having wide feet can be troublesome as it is not only difficult to find a right pair of shoes with proper width and foot support but also wearing a pair of normal shoes can cause injuries and fractures leading to more problems and pains.

So, whether you are a newbie to cross training or passionate about achieving overall health through cross training, there is no need of getting panic with your wide feet. Sit back, relax and scroll through the given list of Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet. You can get yourself a perfect pair of both – comfort and safety easily.

Reviews Of 10 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Coming from a globally renowned footwear brand; Nike, the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer lies in the list of premium & fashionable footwear products considering its value and durability.


Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is man-made and thus exhibits great detailing in its thread work. It is imported with a sturdy synthetic sole. More precisely, the midsole of the shoes are made up of Phylon foam that provides comfort and cushioning to the feet. Since the sole extends full length, the feet feel inner support throughout the wearable and thus these shoes are highly preferred for training.

Apart from this, the outsole of the shoes is made up of solid rubber which is not only durable but also has the ability of providing traction over different surfaces thereby ensuring a good footing with embedded safety. As far as the outer look of the shoes is concerned, it possesses a mesh shoe tongue for high breathability so that your feet get prevented from unnecessary sweating and wetting. Also, the leather upper of the shoes gives support with great perforations to maintain airflow in the shoes.

In addition to this, a heel pull tab is provided that helps in wearing and removal of shoes. The best part is that the shaft drives through the low-top up to arch and thus holds the foot gently and securely. Being one of the most preferable shoes in terms of value and durability, it is available in a number of colors.

  • Available in a number of colors
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Airy due to soft and breathable upper
  • Fits true to size with great comfort deal
  • Perfect for both – training and casual wearing
  • Squeaking may appear depending upon foot pressure
  • Price range may not fit all pocket sizes

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

New Balance, a brand driven by athletic vision stands great in the list of providers of cross training shoes keeping in mind its perspective of letting the feet fit to the shoes instead of vice-versa.


New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer is 100 percent leather shoes. In other words, it has great life span and quality. It is imported with a rubber sole that ensures ease of foot movement with high flexibility. More deeply, the shoes are cushioned holistically viz. from all angles which reflects great amount of foot safety and long-lasting comfort.

In addition to this, the shoes is equipped with a special ABZORB technology which is inculcated in the shoes through heel crash pad and thus offers an ability of absorbing crash and impact while training with a great combination of compression resistance in sync with padded cushioning. This makes the pair of New Balance Men’s Cross Trainer as one of the preferred choices for cross training.

Apart from all, in order to prevent your ankle from any kind of irritation while training or casually wearing, the shoes is provided with dual density collar foam that lets you do what you want to freely. Moreover, with the premium leather upper of the shoes, closure through lace-up and the brand reflection through N logo in compatibility with great flex grooves throughout the length of the outsole, the New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer is a deal of everyday style and comfort under affordable cost.

  • Made up of premium leather
  • Holistically cushioned from all angles
  • Provided dual density collar foam for in-depth ankle support
  • Crash absorbing technology for foot safety
  • Pocket and Routine friendly
  • May not be preferable if you like mesh shoes
  • Highlighted N logo may seem gaudy in few color variants

Feetmat Women’s Sneakers Athletic Running Shoes

Known amongst majority as a popular and fashionable footwear manufacturer, Feetmat’s Women’s Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Air Knitted Athletic Running Shoes are a great pair of foot accessory for people with high fashion sense and with a desire for soft foot comfort.


Feetmat Women’s Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Air Knitted Athletic Running Shoes are made up of fabric and anti-skid rubber sole. Due to this, the shoes possess great foot comfort and minimum weight with high flexibility and elasticity. The softness of the shoes allows one to freely bend the feet as per requirement. Moreover, with resistance to slippery areas, the shoes provide foot stability and safety.

Since the shoes upper is made up of a breathable mesh, there is really a minimum chance of sweaty and smelly feet post training. Moreover the ultra-lightweight of the shoes makes it a go to shoe for any kind of activity which is a prime feature to watch for in the cross training shoes. Therefore, it stands out as a great choice in that search.

Apart from all, being available in a wide range of colors, the shoes are just like a fashion accessory for your feet. From possessing a stylish and sporty look with no worry of lacing every time you wear it, the shoes provide great arch support to the mid foot and thus are highly preferable for wide range of dynamic activities and hence is a good deal to opt for.

  • Gives a sense of high end fashion
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Best for people with sweating feet
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Soft and anti-skid sole with smart lacing up
  • May not be preferable for hard trainers
  • May seem loose if you are habitual of tying laces

NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes and Styles

NOBULL, a footwear company opted by majority of gym trainers and high end athletes for carrying out their fitness regimes. Its shoes speak for its uniqueness and robustness just like the brand name.


NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes are one of the sturdies pair of footwear that falls under the category of cross training shoes. As the shoes seems to be a piece of art in itself due to usage of one piece of super fabric with in-depth detailing in its construction. Moreover, the material is highly durable along with great offering of breathability and resistance to abrasion. In short, it is made of premium quality material that ensures great durability factor of the shoes.

Apart from this, the shoes has been manufactured keeping in mind the range of divergent sport and fitness activities and thus possess a solid color look with intrinsically embossed NOBULL logo. In terms of outsole, a lug pattern has been followed so that the shoes stay compatible irrespective of the environment and provides high range of traction, foot support and flexibility.

The unique factor of NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes is the usage of additional layer of protection in the shoes. For providing high degree of foot protection, medical guards have been added on sidewalls along with a high carbon lateral. It reveals that special focus has been given to protecting your feet under all circumstances.

  • Usage of Exclusive One-piece Super Fabric
  • Sturdy in quality and comfort for wide feet
  • Perfect for different training activities
  • Solid colors adds both – grace & style
  • Preferable by athletes due to additional guards
  • Pricing may seem high
  • May feel lack of ankle support due to styling

Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes

Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes offered by Aleader is a reflection of pure engineering as the design of the shoes seems intriguing and demands an in-depth eye over it to understand the intrinsic detailing. The brand is popular for its cost effective and design based shoes.


Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes are made up of a synthetic sole that gives it a durable nature. The eye catching feature of the shoes reveals as the 3-layer breathable mesh upper which implicitly grabs attention due to its highly engineered pattern and styling. This mesh not only gives soft support to the foot but also facilitates the foot with air flow thereby preventing sweating and thus smelly feet.

In addition to upper comforting features, the shoes is provided with side PVC buckle that further supports the foot while tough training regimes and activities. Also, the padding available in the shoes in the form of comfortable lining and cushioned sole gives overall comfort to the foot. Moreover, the rebound back is loaded with cushion for supporting the foot in terms of motion and stability.

In terms of design and sole, the shoes look greatly stylish with wave & anti-slip sole. Therefore, Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes are perfect for different fitness and health routines – be it training, dancing, walking or running proving that these pair of shoes is an irresistible deal of comfort and pricing.

  • Highly affordable quality product
  • Three layer breathable mesh
  • In-trend and fashionable
  • Additional support through side buckle
  • EVA design for comfort and skid protection
  • Available only in two colors – Blue & Grey
  • May not be suitable for mud training

adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

Adidas, a name that resonates in mind whenever someone thinks about getting the best training shoes. Undoubtedly, Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe is one of the best offerings of Adidas that serves all cross training purposes for people with wide feet, especially satisfying the ones who perform lifts.


Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe is made up of 100 percent synthetic leather which signifies that the shoes are not only robust in nature but also possesses durability in perfection. The synthetic leather ensures the subtle shine and newness of the shoes along with color. As far as the color variant of the shoes is concerned, it seems high class in its own thereby proving the authority while wearing it in style.

Apart from this, the shoes is imported and is made up of high quality rubber sole which provides firmness and strength to the feet while performing lifts. Since the shoes are provided with a removable insole thus you can adjust your feet as per your own comfort and choice. Moreover, the shoes have great mid sole and toe space which reflects that your feet can fit perfectly in width thereby eradicating any changes of injury and pain to your wide feet.

Lastly, to add into your comfort, the ankle space is lined with mesh and instead of laces, easy to paste band is given so that you can settle the feet in shoes quickly for your performance.

  • Royal looking renowned branded product
  • Complete value for price
  • Subtle and sturdy for wide feet
  • Perfect for doing powerful lifts
  • Fits true to feet size
  • Limited color choice
  • Delivery may vary as the product is imported

PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Foil Training Shoe

A global sport footwear brand, PUMA is known for technical innovation and inculcation in its products since long. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Foil Training Shoe is an example of the same due to ingrained arch innovation for more comfort and relaxation for long hours of wearing.


PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Foil Training Shoe is imported with its 100 percent synthetic fabric and a rubber sole that gives longevity and durability to this pair of shoes. Being a product of popular footwear brand, this pair of shoes also exhibits uniqueness due to its outer appearance, arch support and eco &ortho friendly manufacturing.

As a matter of fact, the shoes are all laced-up thereby removing the burden of tying and opening laces again and again. Also, with reflection of logo of the brand PUMA around the sides, vamp, tongue, lateral toe and counter of the shoes, it attracts the attention among the mass and in crowd thereby making you stand out with grace. In addition to this, the shoes possess a breathable upper mesh that allows great air flow for comfortable and long hours of wearing without any trouble in feet.

Apart from all, it is equipped with an EcoOrtho Lite sockliner and EVA midsole. Moreover, an innovative bubble and shock absorbing technology has been used in the shoes for providing great cushioning. Lastly, an ArchTec is given for arch support along with inclusion of EverTrack rubber that has been placed in high wear areas to resist abrasion.

  • Bubble Technology provides great cushioning
  • Abrasion resistant due to EverTrack rubber
  • Eco and Ortho friendly with provided Lite Sockliner
  • Breathable mesh for long wearing hours
  • Shock absorption for preventing foot injuries
  • May seem loaded with too much logo branding
  • Limited color choice can turn you off

Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes

Talking about training shoes and leaving Reebok behind is like an action that is impossible to perform. Being a legendary shoemaker brand, Reebok has been outstanding throughout the generations by presenting footwear with high versatility and usability. One such product is Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes.


A pair of Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes represents itself as a combination of art, science and technology. Being designed and manufactured in such a way that these pair of shoes provides immense comfort, elevation, run ability and stability to the foot, it is highly preferable by sportsmen – be it athletes, gym trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, it stands in the list of best cross training shoes for variant activities and purposes and can prove to be a deal of great benefit for you as well if you are looking for your wide feet.

In terms of its sole, the Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes are made up of rubber sole which gives flexibility and durability to the shoes leading it to a high class product. Apart from this, the upper of the shoes makes use of Flexweave woven textile that provides stretch and resilience to the shoes along with strength to the foot for performing high energy training. Also, the recyclable material of the shoes with EVA foam cushioning not only makes you feel light and comfortable but also gives a sense of respect for nature and own self-esteem, thereby makes you feel like the hero of your fitness place.

Especially, with a firm grip, width and gliding transition, the shoes are perfect for intense workout and cross functional trainings especially for boosting your performance and fitness.

  • Performance booster due to unique design
  • Equipped with high quality EVA foam
  • Light weight with Flexweave & Premium Upper
  • Perfect for intense trainings
  • Highly durable and renowned brand product
  • May seem loose fit to people with narrow feet
  • Pricing may seem too high due to its X-factor

adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Zen Cross-trainer Shoe

Another product of a worldly famous brand of shoes; Adidas, the Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Cross-trainer Shoe is perfect for people with wide feet and high demand of complete relaxation and ultimate comfort.


Being equipped with a special feature of massaging nubs at the cloud foam embedded foot bed, the Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ultra Zen Cross-trainer Shoes provides ulterior comfort for training and casual wearing. The shoes are made up of mesh and thus are completely breathable and support high ventilation rate. Therefore, the chances of getting smelly feet are minimal.

Along with this, the shoes make use of rubber sole that provides elasticity and life to the sole for long term usage. Since, the shoes provides a wide fit in general in the toe and forefoot area, thus it is compatible for people finding normal and cross training shoes. In short, it is suitable for both – narrow and wide feet with great foot space.

In addition to all this, the outsole of the shoes is highly durable and lightweight due to injected EVA.

  • High foot relaxation and recovery
  • Spacious and roomy for comfort fit
  • Special massaging nubs at footbed
  • Sneaker style with slide
  • Ultra soft cloud foam
  • Ease of getting wet as made up of mesh
  • May seem too pricing for a casual shoes

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe Trainer

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe, an offering of women centric footwear brand Ryka can be one of the choices for cross training shoes with unique anatomical introductions considering shape of feet of women.


The pair of Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe is made up of pure fabric depicting a mesh upper for providing foot comfort and air flow. Also, for further support, the shaft of the shoes moves throughout the length majorly low-top from arch. In addition to this, the flex-foil and direct fuse layers embedded in the shoes provided immense support for movement and stability of the foot.

In addition to all, the shoes possess padded collar and a simply designed tongue for impressive yet sober shoe outlook. Moreover, the dual impact midsole of the shoes give an additional cushioning at the heel and forefront area of the foot. With a traction outsole and precise return insole, the shoes take care of your feet on variant surfaces with stable yet smooth footing.

Ultimately, the USP of the shoes speaks out of its given pivot point that makes every training twist and jump easy along with the anatomical design as per the feet shape of women to ensure additional arch and heel support.

  • Insole is impacted with dual capacity
  • High density midsole foam
  • Provided with pivot point for twist & turns
  • Anatomical design supporting arch & heel
  • N-Gage EVA ensures shoe shape retention
  • Preferably used for machine training only
  • Rubber sole may suffer damages while intense workouts

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What Key Things To Look For when Buying Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet?

best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

Undoubtedly, buying a perfect pair of shoes not only demands understanding about the must include shoe features but primarily about the feet itself. This is absolutely true in case of wide feet specifically as you must select that pair of shoes which not only gives you a value for money but also comfort fit and durability. Thus, there are few key things that you must look for when buying cross training shoes for wide feet –

Check your feet type –

As feet of every human being swell once in a day around noon, don’t categorize your feet as wide type considering the temporary swelling. Buying a pair of cross training shoes as per that measurement may lead to an ill fit pair for yours feet. Rather, when you are completely relaxed and at peace with your body, examine your feet. If it falls under the wide feet category as per fixed measurement foot scale, then only move towards buying cross training shoes considering your wide feet.

Shoe Arch –

Since people with wide feet tends to cover more space in comparison to people with narrow feet, it is always suggested to ensure the right shoe arch for your feet as any deviation from the same can cause discomfort and rashes over the top of your feet. Therefore, choose a perfect shoe arch for yourself out of common trio of – normal arch, flat arch and high arch.

Quality of Shoe Material –

As cross training involves a range of different activities with further inclusion of dynamism and intensity, thus getting a right pair of shoes that has been made to last longer in the intact shape is must. Other than this, the outsole should be anti-slippery as having a slip resistant outsole can prevent you from getting any uncertain injuries and fractures. Along with this, the insole of the shoes should be acquired with comfort providing cushioning and great foot width & fit. So, choosing a quality product is must for wide feet.

Technology Innovation –

As cross training is an innovative and in-trend fitness regime which has been evolved over the time using various mix and match of training and fitness methodologies, the same should be assembled in the shoes that are manufactured for cross training. Particularly talking about wide feet, having a pair of such cross training shoes that not only protects your feet but also boosts your performance with provided elevation, stability and top-notch comfort is like adding a feather to your personality in today’s technology time. So, try to get yourself a technology based product that proves to be the best cross training shoes for wide feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do cross-training shoes fit equally to men and women having wide feet?

Well, as far as the cross training shoes for people with wide feet is concerned, shoes manufactured by some brands may fit men and women to an equal extent in terms of width, otherwise the shoe size obviously vary as per the foot size and for that matter, the shape and size of feet of men and women vary anatomically. So, while choosing shoes, along with considering the gender, you can also judge from the provided images or pictures of the shoes.

  • Can people with narrow feet comfortably wear cross training shoes made for wide feet?

While considering shoes for wide feet, there is one prime factor that differentiates it from shoes made for narrow feet and that is feet spread area or room for placing the feet. So, if you have narrow feet and want more space for spreading your feet in the shoes, you can comfortably choose a nice pair of cross training shoes for wide feet considering your size and shape of your feet.

  • Does one pair of cross training shoes can be good for all sports type?

Usually, majority of cross training shoes have good traction and foot cushioning which can prove to be effective in majority of involved activities like walking, running, jumping, dancing etc. However, you can also find some specific activity based cross training shoes like Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe which is most preferred for powerful lifting only.


As cross training is in-trend for helping people in gaining a great overall health and fitness along with raising the standards and intensity of their performances, so don’t lack behind if you are also passionate about getting yourself on-rolls with this regime even if you have wide feet.  With a list of best cross training shoes for wide feet in your hand now, it is no more difficult to chalk out that pair of shoes which can not only elevate your feet in terms of comfort and fit but also your whole life. So, don’t delay and order now.

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